In The Air

As people start crowding around and taking pictures of their lot at the airport, Yugyeom makes sure to keep a steady eye on Mark who was walking in front of him. A few people hand them gifts and Yugyeom tries to take them all, but he noticed that Mark couldn't be bothered by anything. He walks past some girls' outstretched arms coldly so Yugyeom takes it into himself to receive the gifts in Mark's stead.

Maybe Yugyeom shouldn't have went ahead and mentioned about home to Mark, he thinks, as he boards the plane and sits in between Bambam and Jinyoung. There's a strange silence that doesn't usually permit itself into the atmosphere but it's there and Yugyeom is uncomfortable because of it. 

He asks Bambam to hand Mark the gifts he collected for him and his friend does it with a flashy smile. He's not ready to see Mark's reaction--sure, he'll be happy with the gifts and the letters, but it was Yugyeom who got it for him and that makes a lot of difference. Tapping at the monitor in front of him, he decides to watch an on-board action movie, distracting himself.

"Something happened that you haven't told me yet," Jinyoung teases from Yugyeom's right, leaning his head against the shut window. Yugyeom would pretend that he didn't hear Jinyoung but the older probably timed his statement during a particularly quiet scene in the movie. Removing his headphones and placing it down on his lap, Yugyeom faces Jinyoung with a puzzled look on his face. He mumbles, "I don't think I'm hiding anything from you hyung?"

"Uh-huh? So can you explain to me why Mark refuses to room together with you?" Jinyoung pushes.

"I honestly don't know and if ever I knew, I wouldn't say it out loud..."

"Yugyeom brought up the taboo," Bambam perches in, avoding Yugyeom's hand which was supposed to claw at his face.

"Aaah well you're dead and I think you should just exchange with me or Jaebum." Jinyoung suggests, patting Yugyeom's back gently. "Seriously though Yugyeom, you should apologize."

"I already did, yesterday."


Yugyeom pouts, "I sent him sorry stickers on Kakao."

Both Bambam and Jinyoung cover their faces in disbelief.

"That's not how I taught you my child!" Jinyoung exclaims, clenching his chest exaggeratedly. "You directly apologize. If you have to kneel then do it. If Jaebum knew about this, he would tell you the same thing."

At that moment, Jaebum rises from his seat and peaks behind him, effectively shocking the 3 of them. He asks with a concerned expression, "What should I know?"

"I...was too loud." Jinyoung mutters, shaking his head and pointing at Yugyeom. "This kid here pissed Mark off and they haven't made up."

Jaebum gave Yugyeom the look and he wanted to disappear right then and there.






The room number printed on the card key to the hotel room indicates that it's located at the very end of the hall, so Yugyeom watches as the other members go inside their respective rooms before him. Jinyoung shoots Yugyeom an apologetic look before closing the door to his shared room with Bambam and Jackson. Yugyeom had seen the same thing when Jaebum got into his room with Youngjae, not before making sure that Yugyeom understood what he was supposed to do.

This was their solution. Mark and Yugyeom to stay in one room as planned so the both of them have no choice but to talk it out.

"Hyung, there's a mini refrigerator here and it has complimentary juice packs inside." Yugyeom croaks nervously, opening the said object and pulling out a bottle of orange juice. He shows it to Mark but the older one was busy rummaging through his luggage for clothes to change into. He does give Yugyeom a glance though, not really a yes or a no, but that's enough of an acknowledgement for now.

Yugyeom settles to just sit on the other side of the king size bed, wiggling his toes that were covered by his white socks. It isn't too cold tonight considering it's already winter. Turning his attention back to Mark, he was still looking for something from his belongings, his clothes for the night neatly placed beside him. Yugyeom crawls to him and asks softly, "Do you need help looking?"

"Nope," Mark simply answers with a shake of the head. Yugyeom shrugs and retreats to his own little corner once again.

"Yugyeom..." Mark mutters, facing Yugyeom who looked like he was revived from the dead. "Yugyeom, I can't find my phone."

"What?" Yugyeom gasps out of habit, quickly moving closer to Mark and scanning the contents of the luggage sprawled and opened across the floor. Yugyeom points to a pocket on the side, tapping Mark's shoulder and saying, "Hyung, I think it's there. Can you check that out?"

Mark agrees to the suggestion and opens the zipper to the pocket. Mark pulls out his phone, in one piece and undamaged, and certainly not lost. He laughs hollowly, embarrassed that it was there and he wasn't able to see it himself. "Thanks," He says with a small smile.

"Hyung, about the other day--"

"Oh, I don't want to talk about it." Mark insists.

Yugyeom pouts and scratches the back of his head, "But hyung, we're not okay. We need to make out."

"Huh?" Mark practically yells, his expression turning from sour to amused in a split second. "It seems that I'm not the only one who's confused, Yugyeom."

"I don't get it hyung." Yugyeom says blankly, unable to get the joke. However when he does, he covers his mouth in shock, dumbfoundingly staring at Mark. "I'm sorry. I meant, you know, make up and talk."

"Mm-hm, and I'm supposed to forget about that?" Mark comments, cracking up upon seeing Yugyeom's flushed cheeks. He closes his bag and moves beside Yugyeom, laughing at his face.

"Hyung..." Yugyeom muttered bitterly, unbelieving of what he just said. It was so weird, and the fact that Mark was taking it so seriously--by laughing like a madman--was even worse. "Hyung I'm really sorry for bringing it up and for this super weird blunder."

"You're so serious. Relax for a bit and just breathe. I forgive you for bringing up home though." Mark replies, smiling up at Yugyeom who smiled back at him in relief. He adds, "There are things I just want to not think about. I miss home but I won't stay mad at you forever."

"I'm glad. I thought I had to kneel in front of you."

"Let me guess, Jinyoung suggested that?"

"Jaebum hyung too," Yugyeom said giggling and Mark responds by shaking his head with an unbelieving grin. "So you wanna make out too?"

Yugyeom fell face first on the bed, wanting to evaporate or disappear; either option would be good. "Please don't do this to me hyung. I'm so embarrassed right now." Yugyeom mumbles into the sheets, adjusting his body to finally just lie down in that position. He feels the bed move a bit and he turns his head to the left, only to see Mark's face literally centimeters away from his.

Mark blinks and smiles gently, whispering, "I just like teasing you."

"But hyung, I don't like being teased." Yugyeom responds, his ears now turning red. He covers his left one with a hand, looking away and gulping to calm down his haywire nerves and heartbeat.

Mark touches Yugyeom's cheek and the younger flinches a bit, pursing his lips, unsure how to react and what to do in a situation like this one. Mark softly reassures, "I can't stay mad at you at all."

"I also can't stand it whenever you're mad at me." Yugyeom replies.

"Now," Mark clears his throat and moves even closer, breath against Yugyeom's face. "About that making out thing."

Yugyeom whines and tries to move away but Mark places a hand behind Yugyeom's neck and stops him halfway. Yugyeom's cheeks felt like they were going to explode, blood rushing to his face as he gazed into Mark's eyes. His chest wouldn't even let him breathe properly and he has no idea why he was reacting this way. "Alright..." Yugyeom says, voice almost a whisper. He his lips in and coats them, effectively puckering them up. Mark chuckles at this and kisses Yugyeom, his hand that was once on Yugyeom's neck now sliding down his back.

Yugyeom smiles against Mark's lips, feeling his hand resting on the small of his back. Mark tugs at Yugyeom's bottom lip and the younger opens his mouth slightly, their tongues meeting in a sweet kiss. Clumsy and unexperienced, Yugyeom shuts his eyes closed as Mark leads, patting Yugyeom's back to somehow calm him down.

Mark pulls away and looks at Yugyeom's face; he's still blushing like an idiot, but that only makes him even cuter than he already is. "We're more than okay," Mark assures.

All Yugyeom could do was to cover his face with both his hands and squeal, "Hyung, that wasn't what I imagined my first kiss to be." Mark shoots up in surprise and cracks up, "What the hell?! Then how'd you want it to go then?"

"At a park where there are trees and nice lights around, something like that." Yugyeom replies. "But at least we got one thing right. It was with you."

Now was Mark's time to act all warm and fuzzy and so he giggles to himself, glad that he decided to kiss Yugyeom. The younger one looks up from his daze and smiles at Mark.

At that exact same moment, the door opens and the members flood into their hotel room, Bambam almost dropping the snacks when he sees Mark's arm wrapped around Yugyeom's waist and Yugyeom's face dangerously close to Mark's, both laughter and disgust welling up in his gut. He wasn't alone in that sentiment--they all howl and laugh at what they just witnessed, Mark now scrambling away from Yugyeom and acting like nothing happened.

Jinyoung looked like he was about to puke but he kept it in, choosing instead to pull at his own hair in shock. " god." He mumbles. "Oh my god."

"Alright alright alright!" Jaebum exclaims, immediately shutting all of them up, but his words only made Yugyeom feel a thousand times worse--"They're boyfriends now. We should accept it. That solution works too, yeah?"






"Lean back a bit." Mark orders, angling his phone to get Yugyeom's face inside the box. "I'm taking it now." He taps on the capture button and sighs in relief; the picture came out perfectly.

Mark hurriedly uploads the photo a minute before they board. He takes one more picture and posts it up, getting ready for the plane to take off. Mark looks to his right and smiles at Yugyeom who was waving at him, unknowing that he posted a picture of them for the first time.

"Hey," Jackson nudges Mark with his toy, earning the other's attention. "About time you guys opened up to each other. That kid can't stop talking about you and when you got mad at him, it was like he couldn't smile anymore."

"Really?" Mark asks, toning down his voice a bit.

Jackson smiles at him and points at Mark's side. He tilts his head, spotting Yugyeom waving at him cutely.

"I love you." Mark whispers, emphasizing the words in English.

Bambam, Youngjae and Jackson squeal a collective "eww". Yugyeom covers his face with the airplane manual he was holding and sinks back to his chair.

And the next day, Mark totally didn't expect it; he had to check a site to find out that Yugyeom commented on his photo.

I ♥ you too









I'm so in love with this pairing that I practically yap about them all day LOL

And just a while ago, Mark uploaded a picture of him and Yugyeom, I seriously still can't believe it T_______T

So yeah I used that picture as my inspiration for this fic (picture here:

This is my first time posting a GOT7 fic. I hope you guys enjoyed it~ Let me know what you think!

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