In The Air


A collection of markgyeom fics inspired by their real moments together in real life, explaining what possibly happened in the background. For markgeom stans like me who want more of them, and for ahgases in general who want to read some fluff! :)


1 - Instant ) Yugyeom thinks Mark hates him. Mark feels like it's about time he did something about it--thankfully, Yugyeom is naturally worth falling for.

2 - Incense ) Yugyeom is more than troubled by the fact that he's not Mark's "victim" of his very popular kabedon.



Hey guys! It's my first time posting a GOT7 fanfic, although it's not the first time I wrote one.

I'm really in love with markgyeom so I hope you like this story (and the pairing)!

This will be updated regularly from now on. Please leave a comment for me once you're done reading <3

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