Before 'to the fore'


It's a great day to begin with. Choi Siwon, the act-dol of Super Junior, whom just arrived in Shanghai a few hours before from London, sat on his seat calmly looking forward with a smile on his face. It was the second official press conference for all the parties involved in the movie 'to the fore' but it's the first for him. He was ready head on for the questions that are going to be bombarded towards him by the press later on when the very event starts. Despite the cool image of his, he was very nervous. He had acted in many drama and movies, attended lots of press conference for both the acting and also for Super Junior as well before this and he managed to hide that side of him very well. He felt a buzz from his phone. It was a message notification, he casually take a look at it and a smile begin to form across his face. In an instant, the beating heart of his that was racing due to the nervousness, slowly subsided. Once the presscon starts, there were alot of questions that were being asked about the movie to his other co-stars and as expected, he couldn't run from the bombarded questions that were being asked for him to answer next. 

"I'm from Timeless.(an online newsletter) This question is for Mr Choi Siwon. 'Will we see more of you acting in sports related movies? Since during one of the scene in the film, you've gotten hurt. And what were playing through your mind when you've also had, as we understand, the SMTown tour with your groupmates a few days after, here in this very city when you got hurt?" 

It happened months ago. They were about to wrap up the filming in a couple more weeks but due to the accident that he had, it was being postponed once again. The injuries that were predicted to last for a months, healed faster than that, surprisingly. Trying his best to set the words properly in his head and with his signiture smile, he begin to sit up from his previous position and placed his hands on the table top in front of him, and he said, "Well,..."



This is my second one-shot. This is solely as per being tagged Soowon. One of my favourite couple, Sooyoung-shi and Siwon-shi. 

This story is based on my gut and imagination. this story is Soowon story. I will add in characters but for the characters that are not added in here please do not mention them on the comments below. i hope you'd enjoy reading this and i am sorry for the flaws made.

Since this is my second one-shot story and i hope you'd enjoy the story that I'd be writing, I, hereby, declare that the whole of this story that i've written as Copyrighted under the terms of the copyright laws. I'm trying to protect my work as an amatuer writer in AsianFanfics. I've read many fanfics that had been copied from another and its really sad that some people just don't know how to appreciate the work of others and the time that they're spent on writing and planning a story. The storyline is truly based on my imagination and gut. Any similarities are just coincidence and i truly apologize to those who are reading this for the flaws made. Disclaimer, i do not own any of the actors or even the movie 'to the fore' i am just witting a one shot solely using my imagination. Thank you and enjoy reading 'Before 'to the fore'.' © All right reserved. 



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CosmicGennie #1
Chapter 1: So sweetie
adahgogo7 #2
Chapter 1: Gosh..another SooWon's stories from you. I love was simple yet it is beautiful. I couldn't wait for your upcoming stories..
Fighting author-nim. I will always support you!!