GOSH! [1257 Words]


He always keep looking at me. No matter happen. He want me to be his own. Does he will get me one day?



The Cast

Gong Min Ji


>She is the most popular artist in Seoul City

>Stucked off with her fanboy

>Diva person

Kim Jong In


>He is the most popular model in Seoul City

>As a fanboy to Gong Min Ji

>Naughty person


She was tiredly had a fan meet in Seoul for her new album. But she was more tiredly with the fanboy. His nickname is Kai. The most popular model in Seoul. It make Minzy strange to him because a model become a biggest fan to her.

Her unnies always be her supporter to relax from stucked off with that fanboy. Especially Chaerin unnie. She told that they have to be patient with the fans. They are our supporter for them. But for Minzy, it opposite from what Chaerin unnie had told.

She did not mean that fans were trouble for her, but it about the fanboy who is never give up for be her own.

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