Crayon Pop! [2389 Words]


When we have a brother, we can't choose our couple by ourself. It terrible and make us become a stranger.




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"Ouh God, Who Is that? He is JungKook my boy. No! He is walking to me! Arrgghh!" Shouted TaeEun made her one class looked at her. "TaeEun-ah! Are you dreaming again? What wrong with you?" Her teacher asked her strongly. She shaked her head.

"Alright, guys. Our time are end. So, I will meet you guys tomorrow. Dont forget yours homework" The teacher told to her students. "Alright Mrs Han. Thank You Teacher!" The students thanks to Mrs Han. The teacher walked out from the class. Tae Eun still with her sleepy eyes. 

"Hey TaeEun, your brother is waiting outside now" Told her classmate. She nodded. She weared her sweater and go out from the class and go to the outside of the school. Her brother is waiting in the car. "TaeEun-ah, palli. We have to go to mom's office!" Told her brother on the phone. "Yeah I know, Just be patient please?" Told her. 

While she walked to the car, her ideal type boy was crashing her made her books were throwing around. "Ouh I am sorry I didn't notice you" Said him. He helped Tae Eun to wake up and took the books for her. She just nodded and saw him. cannot speak. It closed strongly. Ouh my God, he is infront of me now! But why my mouth cannot open? Whispered her.

Her brother waited her long. "Where did she goes? Kya, mom told me to quickly. Ouh my Gosh!" He saw his youg sister with Jungkook. The boy that second popular in their school. "It cannot be happen. Tae Eun-ah!" He shouted to her loudly made Tae Eun realized. Tae Eun walked quickly to the car while Jungkook was looked at her.

She is Kwon Ji Young's younger sister? Whoa! She is cute. Whispered Jungkook. In the car, Tae Eun's brother become a mumbler to her. He was terrible than her mom. She just quiet and listened her brother's mumbling.


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