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Crayon Pop! [2389 Words]

At their mom's office. Tae Eun once again got mumble. Now it from her mom. Mrs Kwon. She look so beautiful but when she started to mumble. Everyone will closed their ears.

"Tae Eun-ah, I told you to hurried but why do you late? Your brother told me that you were dating with someone at school? It true?" Told her mom. Tae Eun looked at her brother and make an angry face. "It doesn't mom. He was lied. Erhg!" Told her strongly. "What? I am lied? Hey, I saw you dated with the boy infront of my eyes? It that lied?" Jiyoung mad. "No! It not true mom. He lied. We just..." She not yet told her mom but her mom told her to stop. She looked at her brother and told him to wait her.

Tae Eun really mad her brother. Why should I have a big brother that always disturbbing my life? Eww! Whispered her. Her brother give out his tounge to her made she wanna beat him. But their mom stopped them.

At their house, Jiyoung was watching Annabelle while closed his eyes. That really weird to his young sister. He watched the scary movie but closed his eyes? Eww! You are really fool big bro. Whispered her while walked to her room. In her room, Tae Eun swithed on her iPad and search Twitter. She scrolled her account twitter to find her crush. Jungkook. "It found! Yeay! Whoa~ He really cute! But he maybe have girl right? The second most popular in my school after my big bro right?" Sighed her.

She looked at the statement that was just post by Jungkook in Twitter. 


[I had crashed by a girl at school. She is cute. But did she had a boy?]


That statement really made Tae Eun shocked. Her eyes was big and then she rolled on her soft bed. She screamed until her mom knocked her door to shut up. She really like it. "Is he like me? Omo, he said I am cute! Argghh~" Spoke her. Her mom knocked the door again to shut up and do the homework.

She just said yes. She wake up from the bed and closed her iPad. She go to her study stable and open her homework. But she was thinking Jungkook until she forgot to done herhomework. She was falled sleep.

Tomorrow morning, she had bad mumble from her class teacher. She just lend her ears but ignored the mumble. 5 minutes later, her teacher told her to sat down. Her classmate looked at her and asked what she did last night. She told her classmate that she just online Twitter. That made her classmate become weird.

The ring of the school was voicing around that made her class stopped to have rest. It rest time. She walked lonely to the cafe. She took meals and sat down. While she ate her meals, someone was screamed and said that Kwon Jiyoung is coming. She ignored it. But in 5 minutes later, someone was screamed again. But this time is Jungkook. She turned her head and looked at Jungkook. When Jungkook reached at her table, she stand up and had crashed on Jungkook made her lied down on him. She closed her eyes.

"Are you okay?" Asked Jungkook to her. She just nodded. All people were looking at them now. Suddenly, Tae Eun's brother came to them. He quickly wake up his young sister. Jiyoung looked at his young sister and helped her to moved the food that stucked on her uniform. She just looked at the floor without any voice. Jungkook awake and told to them sorry. Her brother took her go out from the cafe.

Jungkook just looked at them. At the outside, Tae Eun didn't looked her brother's face. She scared if her brother mad her.

"Dont do this again" Warned her brother. Then, he left his young sister alone. Tae Eun cried. She walked to the class and sat at her place. "Am I annoyed? What wrong with my big bro?" Sighed her.

3 hours later, the class was end. She got sweater and bag and walked out fom the class. She walked slowly. "Ouh it hot. Today is very hot" Sighed her. Suddenly, there was someone blocking her way. She stucked. "Please go away!" Told her. But the boy didn't move. She up her face and looked at him. Ouh my he is Jungkook! Whispered her. She turned her face backward. "I am sorry Tae Eun, I wanna tell you something. Can we go to the cafe? It hot out here" Told him. She nodded. She walked with Jungkook slowly. In the cafe, she pulled the chair and sat. Same with Jungkook.

"What did you want to tell me?" Asked her curiously. "Ouh, I am just want to say sorry because of ..." He didn't told her yet Tae Eun cut his talked. "Ouh I know. At the cafe right? It okay. Never mind" Answered her. He just smiled. Suddenly her iPhone was ringing. She got the called and her brother told her to go back because he already waited her. " I have to go now. My brother is waiting for me. Sorry" Told her to Jungkook. Jungkook nodded.

Before she left, Jungkook hold her hand. "Erm, if you not care. Can you give me your number phone?" Asked him slowly while smiled. Tae Eun had a bit shocked. She nodded. "Okay, I will sent at you soon. Bye!" Waved her hand to him. He replied thanks.

In car, her brother Jiyoung was quietly. He doesn't say anything  and mumble to her. It weird for Tae Eun. "Big bro! Why do you not mumble today?" Asking her curiously. "That I have to mumble at you every time?" Replied him. She shaked her head. "I dont want!" She said. "So, just close your mout. You are so noisy" Told him. Her face was changed at the same time.

Whatever. Tae Eun whispered.  At house, she go upstairs and switched on her iPhone. She quickly on her Twitter account. She does sent her number phone to Jungkook.


[Here you are. 0035567123. Please dont give to anyone!]


She smiled. Ouh God, I forgot to asked his number phone. I hope he will give his number. Whispered her. She lied down on the bed. She started to imagine if Jungkook want her to be his girlfriend. Suddenly, her mom was calling her to go downstais to have a lunch.

After lunch. She quickly go upstairs and looked her account Twitter. Jungkook not yet reply her message. She walked slowly to the table and do some homeworks. 10 minutes later, she falled asleep. Too tired maybe. She sleep for 2 hours

Suddenly, she heard her iPhone was sang a song of Mr Chu by Apink. She looked the iPhone and there was a message from someone. It from Jungkook. She quickly open the message.


[Thanks for the number. This is my number. Soon I will call you for go walked at the park. Can we?]


She replied yes while smiled brightfully. She lied don on the bed and started imagine it again. Suddenly, her iphone was ringing. It Jungkook number!. She quickly get a call. "Hello, Tae Eun. Can you come to the park now? I will waiting for you" Told him. It made Tae Eun really happy. She replied yes.

She waered prettily and took a selca.


Am I pretty? Whispered her. She took her purse and iPhone and go downstairs. Suddenly, her brother asked her where she wanna go.  He made Tae Eun bit shocked. "Just have a walk" Told her.

"Really?" Her brother asked.


"Yeah, Why?" Asked her scared. "Nothing, you are cute" Told her brother. "Yea? Am I cute?" Asked her happily. "Not. You are not cute" Told him. Her face changed quickly. She left the house quickly. It really terrible big bro. Whispered her.

At the park. She tried to find Jungkook. But she failed. She sat on the bench. Suddenly, there was a hand that had a chocolate on the hand. She turned her head and bit shocked. "Jungkook..." She said. "Hye Tae Eun!" Told him. She smiled to him. "Hey, did you get my number?" Asking him curiously. She nodded. Ouh that great whispered him.

"Can I tell you something? Would you be mine?" Asking him slowly. She bit shocked. "I dont know because my brother doesn't give any boy near to me. And, that why no bor bravily near to me" Told her. He smiled. "We dont know. If your brother can accept me, you will? Asked him. She nodded.

After that, he gave the chocolate to her. She took the chocolate and open it. She give a piece of the chocolate and gave it to Jungkook. Suddenly, he spread the chocolate on her nose. It made her eyes rolling around. He laughed and wiped the chocolate. "I am sorry" told him. "Eee, please dont do this again" Told her childish.

They were having a good time. Suddenly, Jungkook got a called from his mother. "I gotta go now. Bye. See you tomoorrow" Told him and kiss her cheeck. It made Tae Eun cannot move. He waved his hand to her.

Gosh! He kissed my cheek! Arrghh I become crazy now! Whispered her. She was so happy.

At home, Jiyoung saw his young sister was smiled alone made him become weird. "Yaa! Why do you smiled alone? Are you crazy huh?" Asked him. She looked at her brother and shaked her head. "Nope. I am not crazy big bro" Told her. He nodded weird.

She go upstairs and look on her iPhone. She looked at Jungkook's picture and smiled. I like you Jungkook. Whispered her.

Tomorrow morning in Tae Eun's class. There was a bouqet of flower on her table made her classmates a question. "Who gave you this?" Her classmate asked her. Ouh God, they cannot know about me and Jungkook. If they know, I can die by my big bro. Whispered her. She shaked her head and told her classmate she doesn't know.

The rest time begin, all people put their eyes to Tae Eun. She just walked and ignored them. Suddenly her brother Jiyoung pulled her to go away. At the back of toilet, her brother asked her where did she got the flower from. She said she dont know. She dont want her brother know about them.

"At house, I will wait on your answer!" Told him madly. Jiyoung left her alone. She started to scared.

At home, Jiyoung told to his young sister to sat. It lucky because their mom was outstation. "Who gave you the flower? Just tell me. I will not mad on you" told him softly. She quiet. Suddenly, he hold his young sister's hand. "Just tell me" Said him.

"The flower was from Jungkook. Please dont mad to me. He is not fault. He want me to be his girlfriend but he scared of you" Told her cried. "He is kind but he is scared person. Scared to say love with you because of me. He is boy. He could not scared of that. Is he not scared, please meet me and tell me that he want you" Told him to his young sister. She looked at down. "But why do you hate if a boy want near to me?" Asked her slowly. He wiped her tears. "Because I love you. I dont want they hurting you. You are my young sister." Told him softly.

She bit shocked of that. Then, she hugged Jiyoung. "I love you too big bro" Told her.  "So you allow me to be his girlfriend?" She stopped her cried. Her brother shaked his head. "No, he have to meet me first" Told him. She smiled.


At the school, Tae Eun met Jungkook. She told him to meet her brother if he want her to be his girlfriend. Luckly, he met. He is bravely met Jiyoung.

"Hyung, can I make her to be mine" Asking him. Jiyoung nodded. "But you have totake care of her and never hurting her. Promise?" Told him. He nodded and promised. They were hugged. Tae Eun was looking at her smile happily. 

This is what they said love. Love like crayon that make us flying the rainbow. Whispered Tae Eun.







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