Coffee Maker [1607 Words]


Coffee is just not black. It same with love. Always make us happily.



The Cast

Chaerin Lee


As a doctor and daughter of doctor in Seoul Hospital . Love coffee. Cheerfully child.


Jun Myeon Kim

He had to disguised as a coffee boy for Chaerin Lee by her dad because of his mother although he is doctor too. He is gentleman.


Mr Lee

As a daddy to her daughter Chaerin Lee. Very take care of his daughter.








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I need coffee now! Shouted Chaerin to her daddy Mr Lee. "I know my dear, I will find you coffee machine for you soon. So please dont worry about that" Calmly Mr Lee. She shaked her head because she want coffee maker not coffee machine. She felt that her daddy is so fool. Daddy I am so sorry because I am said that you are so fool. But it true. Her heart whispered.

"Daddy, I dont want coffee machine!" Shouted her. "So, what do you want?" Mr Lee weird. "Pfftt, I just want coffee maker. That only" Told her. Her daddy nodded and tell her to do not worry because he will find it for her soon.

"Thanks daddy! Finally I have coffee maker for my own. No one can have it" Chaerin happily.


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