Chapter 54

Experiment Of Love
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Author P.O.V


"Waa. Oppa! Your house is so boring!" Grumbled Jiyeon before taking a sip on her hot chocolate. That time, three of them, L.Joe, Chanhee and also Jiyeon were at L.Joe and Chanhee's living room at the downstairs. 

"Who asked you to come here?" L.Joe said nonchalantly while reading his newspaper. 

"You're no fun. Oppa, now is weekend. It would be so boring if we doesn't do anything." Jiyeon grumbled again. 

"Then, what do you want me to do? How about we play hide and seek?" L.Joe asked before grinning towards his dongsaeng. 

"Yah, oppa!" Jiyeon shouted. Chanhee laughed when he saw the two siblings. On such weekend like this, he and also L.Joe didn't always stay at their mansion. He went to east, while L.Joe went to west. But, because of Lee Jiyeon came there staying with them, both of them didn't have other choice than staying at the mansion together. "Unnie." Jiyeon whined while looking at Chanhee.

"Yes, dear?" Chanhee asked.

"Unnie, let's go out." Jiyeon persuaded him. 

"Ask your oppa." Chanhee answered, easily. 

"Oppa..." Jiyeon whined and turning her gaze towards her oppa. 

"Ask your unnie." L.Joe answered. 

"Eee. Both of you is such a same. No wonder you guys could be a perfect husband and wife." Jiyeon said annoyingly as she think she was got play from his oppa and unnie. Her face turned into gloomy. L.Joe and Chanhee bursting into laughter. L.Joe then closed his newspaper before putting it back on the coffee table. 

"Fine, my dear dongsaeng. Let's go out. Where do you want to go? I can bring you anywhere. Stop it, don't sulking anymore. You will not be pretty if you keep sulking. If your boyfriend looks at this, I bet he will find another girl for him." L.Joe persuaded his dongsaeng. Chanhee just stared at their behaviour. With only some words, L.Joe's dongsaeng already melted by it. Chanhee could see how was L.Joe's love towards his dongsaeng. He suddenly thought about something. If one day, L.Joe didn't fulfill what was his wish, and then he sulked with his husband, could L.Joe persuaded him like the way he persuaded his dongsaeng? 

What the hell. Why he wanted his husband to persuade him? L.Joe didn't have any feelings towards you, Chanhee ah. There is no way he wants to persuade me. He thought while nodding his head a few times. What the hell that I even bother to think about it? Such a nonsense. Chanhee suddenly shook his head. 

"Unnie..." Jiyeon called. Chanhee woke up from his deep thoughts. When he raised up his face, he saw two faces were looking at his direction with their blank faces. And that time, Chanhee suddenly realized he had not been in the world for about one minute straight. Chanhee could see L.Joe's gaze towards him. 

"What is it?" Asked Chanhee, calm. 

"I asked, you want to go to Lotte World or not? Just a while ago, you nodded. But then, you shook your head. What is your truly choose, unnie?" Jiyeon asked. 

"I don't mind. I just follow." Chanhee answered and smile towards his dongsaeng. 

"Yeay! I can play ice skating!" Jiyeon cheered and clap her hands cutely made Chanhee and L.Joe smiled. 


"Unnie, let's play together!" Jiyeon invited while busied herself to tie up the ice skating shoes. On such a weekend like this, there were too many species that called humans were playing at the ice skating rink. But, to Jiyeon dissapointed, Chanhee shook his head. "Aish, it wouldn't be great if you're not join us. Unnie, let's go. That would be such a waste if you're in here, but you're not playing. We already paid for it, unnie." Jiyeon invited again. 

"I don't know how to skate." Chanhee admitted honestly. He really didn't know how to skate. Well, actually. Nope. He had a black history about that ice skating thingy. 

"You can learn. Let's go unnie. We go take the shoes." Jiyeon said. Then she pulled Chanhee's hands to take Chanhee's shoes. 

"I don't want, Jiyeon ah. I would be embrass if I fall down later. I don't know how.. Really." Chanhee said. He afraid if the history repeated again to him. 

"It's okay, I'm here." L.Joe who just came back from the toilet, interrupted them. 

"That's right. Oppa is here." Jiyeon said and pulling her unnie's hand towards the shoes's counter. Whether Chanhee wanted it or not, he had no other choice than to follow Jiyeon to the counter. 


"Yah.. Let's go!" L.Joe felt like he wanted to knock off his head on the wall. He asked Chanhee to follow him to the rink for a countless time already, but Chanhee still refused to follow him. When he already entered the rink, Chanhee glued himself on the wall and refused to follow L.Joe to the middle of the rink. He felt so annoyed by Chanhee. His dongsaeng was bored waiting for Chanhee, so she went first to the rink and enjoyed herself. 

"L.Joe, you just go. I don't want to play." Chanhee answered.

"Don't make me angry. If you still don't want, I will carry you bridal style. And it'll make you embrass. So, don't challenge me, Chanhee." There was no other way, so L.Joe had to threaten his wife. He used a nice way towards Chanhee at the first place, but Chanhee still stubborn himself didn't want to follow. That was why he had to threaten Chanhee whether he liked it or not. 

"I'm afraid. I fell down once before." Yes... That was what happened to Chanhee when he was in his primary school. He fell down on the ice skating rink's floor until it made Chanhee's right hand broke. After that, he didn't brave enough to try it again. Phobia because of that. 

"I'm here, Chanhee. I won't let you fall down. Until when you want to hang your life on the wall? Do you ever know that you've been block many people that came here to play? Let's go!" L.Joe said again. He grabbed Chanhee's hand. Chanhee had no other choice rather than to follow his husband. But then, he felt like he can't balanced himself and wanted to fall down. Quickly he grabbed his husband's arm to make him stable like before again.

"L.Joe ah.. I'm afraid. I don't want to play." Chanhee whined. His voice seemed like he wanted to cry anytime.

"You're a coward, seriously. It such a embrass for you. Can you see over there, five years old kids could play very well and doesn't acting like you here?" L.Joe said while pointing towards the kids direction who in their speeds in skating. Chanhee shook his head. Waaa, I don't want. I want to go home. I don't want to play. He thought. He didn't feel embrassed at all towards that five years old kids that L.Joe had pointing for. If L.Joe showed to him a baby can skating, he still kept his intention didn't want to play. He loved his soul. He didn't want to die yet.

"Don't want..." Chanhee whined again.

"Let's go... You just follow me. One..." L.Joe said and started to count, still forcing Chanhee to join him and Jiyeon.

"Don't want... Let's get out of here..."

"Two..." L.Joe continued in his counting. Chanhee shook his head fastly. He suddenly felt L.Joe was slowly letting go of Chanhee's hand on his muscular arms. "Three..." L.Joe counted for the last time and pull Chanhee with him to the middle of the ice rink.

"L.Joe!" Chanhee yelped while being pull away by L.Joe towards the middle of the ice rink. Luckily, that Chanhee's loud yelp was drown because of there were so many people there and with the loud music played. L.Joe laughed when he saw Chanhee closed his eyes tightly.

"You won't die if you play this." L.Joe mocked. Chanhee then opened his eyes. L.Joe was slowly pushing Chanhee's hand away from his arms. Chanhee then pouted in his afraid state. I know you're so pro in skating! He thought. "Chanhee, now, you have to try balance yourself. Relax." L.Joe commanded.

"What if I fall down?" Chanhee asked.

"If you fall down, let's fall down together." L.Joe promised. Chanhee looked at L.Joe's brown eyes. Touched?

"Fall down is hurt okay."

"We hurt together." L.Joe attacked made Chanhee lost his words. He tried to make his emotions stable first before he tried to balance himself. Because of he knew how to skate when he was young, all of that was easy for him. He didn't take too much time on balancing himself. "See? I know you can! Now, one, two, three, do follow me. Understand?" L.Joe asked, acted like he was a professional coach. Chanhee nodded his head. "Act casually. If you feel like you want to fall down, quickly rebalance your body." L.Joe commanded again. He then pulled his wife's hand while he was step backwards slowly. And Chanhee tried to skate slowly with following his husband's steps. But then, he felt many people were looking towards their direction.

"L.Joe, people are looking at us." Chanhee said. L.Joe then looked at his surroundings. That was true. There were bunch a group of girls were looking towards their direction.

Suddenly, one of the girls came towards Chanhee and L.Joe. "What a heaven day. Nice to meet you, L.Joe." Chanhee's lesson was stop in the middle of the way. Because Chanhee was still in his lesson, L.Joe pulled Chanhee along towards him so that Chanhee could cling his hands on L.Joe's arm if he wanted to fall down. Then, L.Joe looked at the girl who disturbed their lesson. 

Aish.. There would be always someone will disturb my peaceful. He thought. Eunji.. One of his ex girlfriends. She once asked L.Joe to move into her house. Of course L.Joe will refused it. Eunji kept force him and make L.Joe felt annoyed. So that was why, because of that thing, they broke up with each other. Eunji's requests really made L.Joe felt suffocated. Eunji was still alive, huh. 

"Annyeong, Eunji." Chanhee controlled himself from bursting into laughing when he heard his husband was mocking the girl named Eunji there. The girl's face immediately changed into gloomy when she sensed L.Joe was mocking on her that way. In her forcing state, she answered the greet from L.Joe. Her heart felt in boiling when she saw Chanhee was clinging too much on his ex boyfriend there. Since when L.Joe changed his taste? Chose this kind of nerdy guy instead of a hot yet y girl like her? 

"I miss you, L.Joe." She confessed. L.Joe tighten his grip on Chanhee's slim waist. Errr, what the hell with all of my ex girlfriends. If we bump into each other, they don't have any other words to say. They always says 'I miss you, L.Joe.' What an annoying. They don't have any other words to say instead of keeping saying I miss you towards someone's husband? He thought. 

"Meet my wife, Lee Chanhee." L.Joe introduced Chanhee to Eunji. He never even bother to hear Eunji's confessed when she said she missed him. Chanhee smiled whole-heartly towards Eunji. He wanted to shake hand with Eunji, but Eunji didn't accept his offer. Instead, Chanhee got a deep glare from Eunji. Eunji showed her disgusting and annoyed face towards Chanhee. Chanhee pulled his hand back while trying to calm his boiling heart down. Such a girl. He thought. 

"Your wife? Huh, I didn't even expected he is your wife. Like this your wife's appearance? Low class. Your taste is so bad, L.Joe. It doesn't suits at all with your love to enjoy behaviour." Eunji cursed Chanhee nonchalantly. What the . You're such a rude girl! Watch your damn mouth over there, girl. Do you want to feel how to skate with your damn teeth here? Calm down, Chanhee... Calm down....

"That's in the past. I'm old now. This is the time I have to give all of my love towards the people who I truly love. And accept the way I am even though he already knew about my bad past. Who accept me, fully. Who accept me bad and kind. And who doesn't looks towards my property and my appearance." L.Joe answered. He still had an opportunity to mock Eunji on his last words. 

"You're a hornbill, L.Joe. How can you could chose the wrong sparrow? It doesn't match at all." Eunji cursed again. And once again, Chanhee kept himself from attack the girl. Yah, sparrow is cute okay? Then, what is yours? A parrot? Why human loves to curse other people? Chanhee shook his head, sadly. 

"I rather choose a sparrow than a rooster." L.Joe attacked nonchalantly. Chanhee can't controlled himself anymore. He bursting into laughter after he heard L.Joe's words. He already knew who was the rooster that L.Joe mentioned earlier. And it turned out to be more funny as the 'rooster' in front of him was showing to L.Joe her kind of dissapointing face. 

"Huh... What a fact is, he's the ugly guy that you ever met in your life, L.Joe." Eunji continued again. Her heart felt so burn when L.Joe cursed her just a while ago. And for a revenge, she purposely cursed on the guy in front of her that broke her damn dreamt for making L.Joe was her.

"And what a fact is, he's the only guy that I know, who can take care very well of his dignity." L.Joe replied.

"Er, never mind. I want to go skating with my friends there. Annyeong." Eunji excused herself. She didn't want to stay there anymore, seeing those two lovey-dovey couple in front of her. It made her felt so annoyed and mad!

"You're such a playboy, right L.Joe? There will be some girls or guys approach you when we're going somewhere." Chanhee mocked his husband when Eunji already went away, leaving both of them there.

L.Joe grinned towards his wife. "Well, a handsome people like me, of course many people want to know about me." He said then furrowed up his eyebrows a few times towards his wife.

"Uweeekkk." Chanhee said and made a puke face.

"Well, you can do that whenever you want, Chanhee. But, once you fall in love with me, I am sure you'll dream about me every night." L.Joe said, smiling cheekily.

"I don't want a nightmares." Chanhee attacked.

"Unnie... Who's that?" Jiyeon who was skating towards both of them in a fast speed, asked and made both of the husband and a wife's conversations dead immediately.

"Your oppa's girlfriend." Chanhee answered nonchalantly. He then glared towards his husband beside him.

"Ex, jagiyy." L.Joe corrected the words that came out from Chanhee's mouth.

"Yes... Whatever it would be." Chanhee answered and roll his eyes.

L.Joe laughed. Chanhee felt annoyed and give L.Joe his mad face. L.Joe just grinned towards him while Jiyeon already bursting into laughter when she saw Chanhee's mad face. She knew Chanhee was jealous over the girl there.

"Well, I want to continue my skating. Don't want to disturb lovey-dovey couple here." Jiyeon said before leaving Chanhee and L.Joe alone.

"Let's... Continue our tutorial." L.Joe invited. Because of Eunji, his lesson with Chanhee was stop. So L.Joe continued his teaching on Chanhee. After a few lesson, Chanhee can skated himself without L.Joe's helping even he can't skate with L.Joe's fast speed. Chanhee can't help but to feel happy when he can skated himself after a few years past. And he thanked his sifu, L.Joe. "It's not that hard. Right, Chanhee?" L.Joe asked. Chanhee just nodded his head. Now he can skated himself without clinging onto L.Joe anymore. And what more proud was, he didn't fall once at all during his lesson with his sifu, L.Joe.

"Eunji is looking at us." Chanhee said when he suddenly looked at one corner. Eunji and the gang. L.Joe also looked at Eunji after Chanhee said that.

"Hmmm. Time for the show. Let's greet her with our greatest acting perfomance." L.Joe said. After that, he grabbed Chanhee's right hand.

"As what?" Chanhee asked, blankly.

"As the most-most happiest couple in the world." L.Joe said and bursting into laughing before pulling Chanhee skating along with him. Chanhee also laughed. L.Joe and Chanhee made two round of skate before went towards the middle of the rink and stop. They felt tired already.

"Tired." Chanhee said and let out a tired breath. He roaming his eyes around his surroundings. When he looked at a bunch of a group girls, his gaze immediately stopped at them. He realized it. He realized they always looking towards his husband's direction when they made a round of skating just a while ago. When he was skating beside them without L.Joe, he still could overheard what they had been talked among themselves.

"That oppa is so handsome. If he smiles, I am the one who looking at him could melting also. He's so gentlemen when he was teaching his wife on skating.." All of that girl's words made the group agreed on it. And one of them added, "I saw he was taking care of his wife and won't let his wife fall down. It would be awesome if I could get such a hubby like him.." 

Chanhee didn't even expected at all that both of them could grab people's attention to them. It would not be impossible if any people could get attracted to his husband. "What do you see?" Asked L.Joe. 

"You see that girls group over there? All of them always looking at you. I think they already melting with you, maybe." Chanhee said. L.Joe bursting into laughing. Chanhee admitted, he loved seeing his husband always laugh and smile. He saw L.Joe laughed honestly. And his dimple that appeared on his face, made L.Joe more handsome and charming than he usually be. Eh, what the hell with me? Am I in that girls group, suddenly praising on my husband? You're insane, Chanhee! 

"They're looking at you, Chanhee." L.Joe attacked.

"Me? Oh no way. You are. They already melting with your tend smile. And they said, oh! That guy is so handsome. I would be lucky if I am his girlfriend." 

"They're looking at you. They said, if only I could be in that unnie's place, it would be more awesome. I would get such a handsome hubby. Such a lucky... A heaven for me if I could hug that unnie's handsome husband..." L.Joe said and smirk towards his wife.

"Yah! Nonsense! Enough.. I want to get out of here." Chanhee nagged before rolling his eyes. L.Joe bursting into laughing once again. Chanhee left his husband and started to skate wanted to get out from the rink. His mind started to nag. Why would he praises himself? I know he's handsome but why he has to be so arrogant? Huh. What a husband. Suddenly, Eunji skated towards Chanhee with a fast speeding. Eunji smirked to Chanhee when she arrived in front of him. But, Chanhee can't get the truly meaning behind Eunji's smirk. He thought Eunji just wanted to smile at him. So, he smiled back. But, then, Eunji skated towards Chanhee. He didn't have a chance to walk away as suddenly Eunji bumped into him. Chanhee's body made a great turn before he hugged someone to prevent him from knocking down on the ice floor.

He felt a little panicked for a while. He hugged the person's body even tighter. He didn't want to let go of the body as he was afraid he might knocked down. Luckily, he didn't fall down. If not, his bad past would happened again and he won't ever going in that ice skating rink anymore. "Chanhee, are you okay?" That someone asked. Chanhee raised up his face. And to Chanhee relieved, he actually not hugging someone random. He hugged his husband's waist. He hugged L.Joe's waist. L.Joe then helped Chanhee to get up slowly. "Did she hurts you?" Asked L.Joe again. He roaming his eyes on Chanhee's body to make sure Chanhee was okay and didn't get hurt.

Actually, L.Joe saw how fast Eunji was skating. And her aim was, Lee Chanhee. His wife. He was late. He didn't arrive at the on time to pull Chanhee towards his embrace so Eunji could not bumped into him. But, he felt relieved that Chanhee didn't fall down on the ice floor. "No, I'm okay. I'm fine." Chanhee answered. He let go of L.Joe's body. Then, he skated towards the exit gate while L.Joe was watching from a far.

Oh my, how I could hugged him just now? That was so embrassing! It's true.. Hugging L.Joe is a heaven.... Yah, Chanhee! What you're talking right now? Arghhh, you're insane, Chanhee. Insane! 

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