She was just a school girl when she was given a chance to be an idol. What would happen?
Would she accept the chance? If she would, would she have a glamorous life?
If her life was glamorous, how glamorous would that be?
Is being an idol everything for her? If it was not, what else does she need?


"Are you sure you can rap?" President Yang Hyun Suk, of YG Entertainment, laid down on his seat as he asked with uncertainty.


Before him stood a high school student who wore a pair of thick-rimmed glasses with her hair was tied loosely. The school uniform was neatly ironed. Instead of wearing a school skirt like what the rest of the female students would wear, she wore long baggy pants. Her books that she held on earlier were placed at the side.  As she stood before of him and the other judges, she nodded her head yet no word left . She was in an audition. She was invited to YG entertainment as she was recognised from Youtube. Videos should have shown her face right? Not this time, her videos contained her voice and flashing of some random pictures.


"Please show us your talent," Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim continued, breaking the wall of ice in the room.


She took off her nerdy glasses, and then she pulled down the rubber band that secured her hair. She put on her shades and then she was perfect. She shut her eyes and rapped out confidently. The judges impressed in which they stood up and applaud.


“You are accepted!” His voice ceased applauds that came from the judges.


Life is about chances and once you are able given the chance cherish it...


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