2ne1 released CRUSH on Jun 25 2014 and the theme of this music video setting is showcase two different sides.On one side the is luxury,rich,money and a formal side of them, while the other side shows them in the underground,punky,hipster style a more informal side to them.But ultimately this song is about there is no most beautiful but it depends on your taste in style.This song is the debut for the title "Crush" ablum , it was also released after many short version of songs such as COME BACK HOME, HAPPY, MISSING YOU, FALLING IN LOVE, DO YOU LOVE ME, GOTTA BE YOU MV.From many comments i heard there is a conflict between Cl fandom and Dara, Minzy & Bom fandom because some agree that she is the main character, while others don't.Sorry but my story makes Cl the main character, no hard feelings. Get it? Nvm Hope you enjoy my second ever 2ne1 fan fic.Please support me!!! Blackjacks


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CRUSH (Japanese Ver.) MV

Cl (main character)




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DO YOU LOVE ME MV (Short ver.)

MISSING YOU MV (Short ver.)

HAPPY MV (Short ver.)

GOTTA BE YOU MV (Short ver.)

COME BACK HOME MV (Short ver.)

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A rich women (Cl) walks around the streets in the middle of the nights waiting for a cab, when something in a jewelleey shop catches her eyes.She slowly aproaches the glass, taking a closer look.As she look into it, she couldn't move away from it.Like something was attracting her to it, just like a magnet.Then she was brought into another world, where she saw two different worlds and finally understanding something that hit her after so many years of not living the way she wanted to.


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