Loving you


"Are you ready?"

The lady who was still seated on the edge of her hospital bed just nodded. Being in the hospital, caged up for a month and a half and regaining her conciousness after her long sleep should give her a reason to be glad that she is going to get herself home. But that was not the case. Anyone would have noticedhow her smile was not the usual ones she would give. The sense of relief and pure excitement to finally head back home was not found written across her face. 

"Honey... It's time to go. Everyone's waiting for you."

The lady who was still stiff in her position, tried all her might to answer her mother but all she managed to say was, "ahm..Wh-.."

Suddenly, the door to her ward flung opened, halting the words that she was so close to spit it out.

"Hey- I'm sorry that i'm late. Come, i'll help you!" exclaimed a lady who walked in with a fitted jeans, peplum shirt and a pair of pumped heels.

Her mother smiled warmly and walked closer to her put her arms around her waist, securing a grip on her as she slowly moved herself to the portable chair that was being pushed in by the familiar lady who had just arrived. After settling in comfortably, the portable chair started to move as the pushing was being applied. 

"Yuri-yah, immo is going to settle the bills first. If you don't mind can you help me push her till the waiting area front ahead and wait for a while since the line is getting longer..." the elder woman voiced out. 

"Consider it done! Don't worry." Yuri said assuringly. 

The journey to the waiting area just before the exit and entrance of the massive building was filled with the blaring voice of Yuri who seemed to be clueless of her cousin's non-existant excitement. 

"Sooyoung, you know in a couple more weeks its school term break and we should go for a short getaway. Yesung oppa's parents allowed us to borrow his holiday villa in Amsterdam. We should go, don't you think? Just like how you wanted before..." Her voice started to trail off and looked down to her cousin who was not responding as how she expected her to. 

Sooyoung dreamt of being in Amsterdam and exploring the whole of europe ever since she was 15. Her dad use to tell stories about his adventure and his unforgetable memories of how he met her mother there. She use to talk about it endlessly during sleepovers on how wonderful it would be to just experience it. Compared to now, everthing just... seemed tone down a little too much. Yuri took a step to the side of the wheelchair that Sooyoung was sitting and squated down, a little taken a back at what she saw happening to her dear cousin. Tears was falling, one by one. Yuri began to panic. She didn't expect her words to bring such pain to her cousin. She only said those words just to make the mood better and to take her mind off the reality for abit. 

"Oh! Sooyoung-ie, mianhae!" She said frantically while digging her slung pouch for tissues. When she finnaly managed to do so, she immediately wiped the tears away of the white puff cheeks and gave her a really tight hug, consoling the hurting soul. Sooyoung took a deep breath and tried her best to stop her sobs. 

A few meters away from them, the older woman from before, the one who was trying her best to control her emotions in front of her only daughter from days ago when she was still in coma, saw everything. She saw how broken her ,once, so carefree baby girl to a quiet and emotionless lady. When she notice her daughter looked up, she immediately hid behind the pillar and wiped her tears which is rolling down her cheeks.

"Eotteohke?" She calmed herself down for a moment and once she was ready, she put on a believable smile and stepped out of her hideout; voicing out, "Uri Ddal, Kaja!" 

Seeing Yuri's expression of guilt, made it even harder for her to keep on that smile she was still wearing at that moment. Looking down, it made it even worst for her to ignore the pain on her chest when she saw her daughter smiling to her; not when she knew how broken she, Sooyoung, was on the inside. 


This is my officially my third fanfic. 'Endings and Beginings' has been put on hold for a moment. This idea came into me and i can't shake it off. This will be my official second time writting a soowon fanfic. I can't write fluff but i'll try. This is a half fluff, half angst kind of fanfic, please get ready your tissues. I'd be updating this fic, once every 2 fridays. It will be frequent if the response is great. But my first priority will be 'My Heart'. 

this story is based on my gut and imagination. this story is a Soowon story and the other character in here are not fix. I will add in characters but for the characters that are not added in here please do not mention them on the comments below. i hope you'd enjoy reading this and i am sorry for the flaws made.

Since this is officially my third story, i hope you'd enjoy the story that I'd be writing, I, hereby, declare that the whole of this story that i've writen as Copyrighted under the terms of the copyright laws. I'm trying to protect my work as an amatuer writer in AsianFanfics. I've read many fanfics that had been copied from another and its really sad that some people just don't know how to appreciate the work of others and the time that they're spent on writing and planning a story. The storyline is truly base on my imagination and gut. Any similarities are just coincidence and i truly apologize to those who are reading this for the flaws made. Thank you and enjoy reading ''Loving You' © All right reserved. 


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