My Gangster

Special Chapter: Sehun's POV


“I want to break up.”

Our eyes were piercing right through each other, but her eyes were the first to look away. Somehow, her small action made me feel like I was close to breaking down or that someone had just punched me across the face without a warning, but I couldn’t show it to her. I had to be strong even when I couldn’t be and hearing those five words coming out from her weren’t surprising, but at the same time, I wasn’t expecting her to say those words so soon. It should have been me… I should have been the one breaking up with her, but knowing who I was, I couldn’t get even say those words no matter how much they were itching to be said.

“Oh Se Hun, did you hear me?” She asked me since I wasn’t responding to her.

Even though I was still staring at her, something about the way she had looked and the way I had looked at her was different. I didn’t feel the same way as I used to. She kind of seemed like someone I never knew – someone I just ran into and here we were, pretending to know each other when it felt like we were strangers who had just met. How could there be such a feeling towards someone you once felt like you knew? How could I be staring at someone I loved and feel like they were the last person I wanted to see?

 “Why do you want to break up?” I asked looking over at her as I felt the pain inside of my chest finally start to erupt.

We both knew very well why we were going to break up. I remembered that day clearly; she had gone out, not telling me what she was doing, but I didn’t say anything, thinking that since she was my girlfriend, she would at least think about once in awhile, but things started changing when she met some guy, who she didn’t tell me about until I saw that she constantly texted him. I thought I’d let it go because she said it was just an old friend she wanted to meet up with. I thought she loved me, but when I went out thinking that I wouldn’t see her at the clubs – Jong In dragged me there since he said he wanted to meet some girl he met a week ago – I saw her making out with the guy she claimed to be her friend. Who knew I’ve been lied to this whole time?

“We both know we don’t feel the same way anymore.” She said this so casually, it made me think twice about how she felt about our relationship right at this moment. Sure, she was breaking up with me, but her tone was so careless and if there was one thing she was technically right, it was that we didn’t feel the same about each other anymore. “Besides, I know you were going to break it off with me anyway…” She continued, but this made me laugh because she wanted to make sure that she was the one who broke up with me instead of me breaking up with her; she was sly. “You just… You just couldn’t say it.”

She was right, I couldn’t say it, but it didn’t make any sense to why she would say it before I could. If anything, she could have waited a little more until I had to courage to speak up… But we were becoming strangers by the day, if I even had any right to say that, but I was wrong. Even though I wanted to think that we were strangers, this stranger in front of me knew me very well. She knew me like the back of her hand, and if she were to take a test about me, she’d probably ace it. And even though I was telling myself that I didn’t love her anymore, I was wrong about it all. I loved her. She was my first love; someone who I will never forget.

“You were always bad with words, you know that?” She was the only one talking, but it was only because I was loss for words and like she had commented, I was bad with words. “But you know we both can’t go on like this… And that I… I… I am sorry because I’ve hurt you so many times and now… Now I want to break it off. You, Oh Se Hun, you need to go and breathe… And relax your mind and-.”

Ironic, I’d say.

“Why can’t I be like that now?” I asked curiously still looking at her. The way her eyes made their way back to mine made me feel as if we were on a different planet; I wasn’t familiar with anything that was going on around me anymore. “Why is that you did what you did? I… I thought we were more than happy together…”

“I guess as time passes, we can only know two things; it’s that we stay together forever or we break up.” She shrugged as she let out a small sigh and this somehow angered me more than saddened me. “And I guess we chose the latter for this.”

“You’re saying this so carelessly.”

“I’m saying it how I would want you to say it to me.”

I shook my head as my fist curled up into a ball angrily. She was talking as if I had already made a decision when she was the one putting words into her own damn head.

 “I’m sorry.” She said.

“You can’t apologize for something you wanted to do.” I replied.

“But you’re hurt.”

“If you cared, you wouldn’t have done it.”

“But I do care.” Her eyes didn’t even change when she said this.

“You thought you did, but you didn’t.”

“Stop saying things like that.”

“Then you stop saying things you don’t mean.”

“I thought this breakup was going to be easy.” She sighed.

“Who said breakups were easy?” I happened to roll my eyes.

She scoffed.

“Do you see the irony of this?”

“What?” She crossed her arms and looked at me.

“I should be the one who’s breaking up with you, not you breaking up with me.” I shook my head as I fixed my beanie on my head. “Do you see that you’re the one in the wrong?”

She rolled her eyes knowing that she was.

“We should claim this as mutual.” I had to turn the tables.

“But we can’t.” She replied. “I’m the one breaking up with you.”

“Fine. So I’ll let you say that just because girls always have to break it off.” I crossed my arm and looked away from her, feeling my heart ache even more than it should have. “And since we’re going to go through this breakup, let me just say a few things, if it doesn’t bother you.” I stood up from my couch and looked down at her. “Since we’re breaking up, that means no more ties. Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t come visit me, don’t come say hi to my friends, don’t even think about trying to get back with me, or anything.”

“Okay.” She said rather quickly, which somehow made my heart ache; I kind of forgot it was there.

“You should leave now.” I pointed at the door, hoping she’d leave as soon as she could.

“I was hoping that I could.” She stood up from my couch and walked to the door. As she grabbed the doorknob, she stopped in her tracks and turned back to look at me.

“What?” I asked, hoping that she would leave just in case I would have tried to stop her.

“I still love you.” She said, making me feel like she just stabbed me a million times. “And I will always love you.”

“That’s good to hear.” I said as I turned my body around and walked up the stairs to my room. “Lock the door after you leave.”

I didn’t want to be there when she went out. I was afraid that I probably would have stopped her and begged her to stay when I shouldn’t be even thinking about that. When I heard the door click shut, I fell onto the ground and felt the unwanted tears streaming down my cheeks, telling me how foolish I was pretending that I’d be okay even when I truly knew that I wouldn’t. She was the girl I loved and the girl who understood me the most, but now… Now she was gone.



It’s been a couple of weeks since my girlfriend and I broke up. I’ve been in bed since then. The only time I got up and out of bed was when I needed to use the bathroom or shower – I only showered once that week, but I wouldn’t really want to mention it to anyone. The breakup took a toll on me. I was used to having someone come into my house uninvited and cook me dinner, but now she was gone and there was nothing in my fridge. I was also used to having someone sleep next to me, but now my bed seemed to be bigger than it usually was. I hated that I was used to everything; I felt alone.

As I tossed and turned in my bed, I could hear a sudden commotion downstairs in my living room. I groaned upon hearing a loud, low voice. I knew that was Chan Yeol and Baek Hyun; those two were always yelling about something whether it was about food or it was about some nonsense. Either way, it wasn’t important. I threw my blanket over my head as I prayed that they would leave so I could sleep in peace. I was hoping that Lu Han was there. I’m sure he was probably shaking his head from them being so annoying. Jong In was probably laughing and making fun of them.

“YAH!” I heard my door being opened and the loud voice had belonged to none other, Park Chan Yeol, who suddenly jumped onto my bed and sat on top of me. “Get the hell up!”

My peace and quiet disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

“You reek of , Oh Se Hun.” Baek Hyun was probably shaking his head at me right now. “I bet you haven’t showered since this damn Saturday.”

“It’s already Friday.” Jong In commented. “I think it’s time for you to go shower or do something with your life.”

“Leave him alone.” I heard Lu Han’s voice finally speak up. “You brats don’t know how it feels to be like this.”

“And do you?” Chan Yeol asked Lu Han.

“Chan Yeol, if you ask me one more questions, I’m going to kick your .” Lu Han only sounds manly when he’s annoyed and right now, he sounded manly. “Now, will you shut your mouth?”

“Sorry.” Chan Yeol got off of me; he was probably bowing to Lu Han.

“Get out. All of you.” Lu Han said.

After hearing them all file out of my room, I pulled the blanket out of my face and turned to face Lu Han, who was standing near my bedside. He had his arms crossed and he was staring at me with an annoyed expression. We knew each other too well; he was more than just a best friend. He was my brother. He was always the person who understood me the most and always knew what to say; I enjoyed his company more than anyone’s.

“Would you like some bubble tea?” Lu Han asked me.

I chuckled. He always asked me if I wanted this whenever I was feeling down, but as of right now, bubble tea was the last thing on my mind. I shook my head at him.

“Why mope around over someone who didn’t treat you the way you should have been treated?” Lu Han asked. “Don’t waste your time. If she truly loved and cared for you, she would have never done this.” He reached over and yanked me up by shirt. “If you want to get your anger out, let’s go kick some asses or just stop being so ing stupid by laying around like a ing loser and not eat because of some damn girl who ed you over and man the up.”

I brushed his hand away from me as I laughed at him. He always knew how to put me in my place. “You’re a ing , Lu Han.”

“And you’re a ing idiot.” Lu Han rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I need my best friend back and that won’t happen if he’s ing sulking about some stupid girl.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“I never said it was.” Lu Han lowered his voice finally. “But I never said you were going to do this alone.”

I smiled. “I still think you’re an .”

“It happens.” He shrugged. “Now, will you get the hell up so we can do something?”

“Can you go shower first?” Baek Hyun yelled through the door.

“Shut the hell up, Baek Hyun.” I rolled my eyes and went into my bathroom so I could go shower.



The boys and I went to go get bubble tea and out of generosity, Lu Han paid for mine, which I thanked him, but I knew he did it also because I was still upset over my break up. The boys didn’t try to mention anything along the lines of my relationship, and I was more than thankful for them. While we drank our bubble teas, we walked down in Myeongdong, where we ate street snacks that Baek Hyun bought us, and shopped for new clothes. It was already getting dark out and this made me think about the clubs that were starting to open.

“Don’t even think about it, Se Hun.” Jong In commented. “I don’t have money.”

“That’s why you didn’t reject my offer to buy food, huh?” Baek Hyun scoffed as he rolled his eyes.

“You can’t say no to free food.” Chan Yeol shrugged.

“See, Chan Yeol agrees.” Jong In smirked.

“I wasn’t thinking going.” I said as I chuckled at my friends. “I was thinking that we’d go visit my old man.”

Lu Han nodded his head.

“Let’s go then.” Chan Yeol smiled. “I’ve missed him.”



When we made it to Busan, we had to take a taxi to get to the hospital. We were all anxious to see the old man since it’s been awhile. As soon as we got into the building, the nurses, who we often see, greeted us happily and waved to us; they were used to seeing our faces, but since it had been awhile, they were more than happy to see us. Chan Yeol always awkwardly waved to them while he smiled a little too creepily. Jong In and Baek Hyun always nodded their heads at the nurses and then there was Lu Han, who ignored everyone and walked on ahead. He never really liked the attention on him.

We knocked on the door and opened the door to my grandfather’s room. We slowly stepped into the room and when he saw us, he tried to sit up. I quickly ran over so I could help him. I didn’t want him trying to use all of his energy just to greet us. Lu Han also helped me. I sat besides my grandfather’s bedside while the guys made their selves at home around the room.

“Yah, you brats took a little too long to come and see me!” My grandfather rolled his eyes at all of us, but we only laughed. “Who gave you all permission to laugh?”

“Harabeoji, how could you be so mean to us when we came all this way to visit you?” Baek Hyun pouted, giving him aegyo that he enjoyed.

“Okay, okay. I give it to you guys.” My grandfather chuckled. “How is school going for you guys or are you guys beating up on people again?”

“You know we don’t do that, Harabeoji.” Jong In looked at all of us and we all nodded in unison. “We’re all busy doing homework and studying for tests.”

“Other than lying, what else are you good at, Kim Jong In?” My grandfather teased, which made Jong In’s face turn red. “I’m kidding, you rascal.”

“I’m good at kicking someone’s .” Jong In whispered under his breath, but I’m sure my grandfather didn’t hear since he was already making conversation with Chan Yeol.

“Chan Yeol, you need to learn not to smile like that.” My grandfather pointed out how creepy he looked. “The nurses tell me that you’re kind of… Odd.”

“It happens.” Chan Yeol didn’t seemed bothered by it. “I’m still cute either way.”

“Right.” I scoffed.

“Yah.” He glared at me. “At least I shower.”

My grandfather looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “You haven’t showered yet?”

“I did shower!” I rolled my eyes.

“He showered today, thankfully.” Baek Hyun commented. “The kid has been in bed for a week.”

“Why?” My grandfather asked. “Did something happen?”

“I was sick.” I commented.

“Liar.” All my friends said together quietly but loud enough for my grandfather to hear.

“Oh Se Hun?”

“I wanted my girlfriend to meet you, but she and I got into a fight.” I lied, only because I had to find a way to get out of this mess.

“You said you were going to introduce me to her.” He shook his head at me. “I would like to see her as soon as possible, Se Hun. Go make up with her so I can meet her.”

“Right…” I looked at my friends and they all knew how I was feeling. “Look, Harabeoji, I don’t think –.”

“What was her name? You never told me.”

“Her name…?” I looked at my friends and they all looked away from me.

“Well?” He waited.

“Ahn Soo Jin.” I blurted out and this caused all my friends to look at me in shock.

We all knew who this Ahn Soo Jin was. She was the most wanted girl at our school; she had it all. She was pretty, which I did acknowledged, but I kind of did care for, she was smart, and… And… I honestly knew nothing about her, so I kind of didn’t know what the hype was all about. All I knew about her was that every guy in our damn school wanted her. I’m sure my friends were probably thinking about how stupid I was right now because for one thing, I didn’t talk to her nor did I ever even think about her, but now here I was, claiming her as my damn girlfriend and the old man wanted to meet her. How was I going to do this?

“I like her name.” He said breaking my thoughts. “When will I meet her?”

“I… I w-will talk to her.” I said clasping my hands together awkwardly.

“I want to meet her within a couple of weeks.” He raised an eyebrow at me. “If you two don’t make up by then, I’ll be upset.”

“Right…” I nodded my head as I my teeth. I didn’t know what I was going to do.



“Why did you lie?” Lu Han asked as we took the train back home.

Chan Yeol laughed. “Ahn Soo Jin? Se Hun, are you serious?”

“I couldn’t think of anyone else.” I shrugged.

“You do realize that you’ll never get with her, right?” Baek Hyun scoffed. “Did you forget who she was?”

“Ahn Soo Jin.”Jong In commented, as if I didn’t know. “Fresh meat. Pretty girl. First place in academic s.”

“Thanks, Kim Jong In.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled.

They were right though. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Like Baek Hyun said, I was never going to get with her, but it’s not like I wanted to. I just needed to get her to talk to me and then introduce her to my grandfather once and that’s it, but I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I don’t even have class with her and if I’m lucky, I get to glance at her in the hallways because I never get to see her.

“Well? What are you going to do?” Chan Yeol asked.

“Stalk her?” Baek Hyun suggested.

“Maybe.” I thought about it.

“God, you’re desperate, Se Hun.” Jong In chuckled.

“And do you have a better suggestion?” I asked Jong In.

“Uh? Make it casual? Go say hi.” He shrugged. “I don’t understand what’s so hard about that.”

I rolled my eyes. “She’s going to be too scared to talk to me.”

“It’s because we’re handsome.” Chan Yeol smirked.

“Yes, we are handsome, but you aren’t, Chan Yeol.” Baek Hyun joked.

“Yah.” Chan Yeol glared at Baek Hyun, but he only shrugged, as if he had said nothing wrong.

“I know where her bus stop is.” Lu Han spoke up.

I looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. “How?”

“I saw her get off.” He pursed his lips. “We can at least try to start off somewhere.”

“We don’t have to come along, do we?” Baek Hyun asked.

“You’re all coming along.” Lu Han glared at the guys.

“Ugh. That means we have to actually go to school?” Jong In groaned.

“Stop being lazy.” Lu Han nudged Jong In.

“So when do we start this then?” Chan Yeol asked.

“Tomorrow.” I said.



Lu Han, Baek Hyun, Chan Yeol, Jong In, and I stood near the café and waited to see if Soo Jin was going to be at the bus stop. It’s been ten minutes already and according to Lu Han, the bus was supposed to be here soon, which made me wonder if she was running late or we were out of luck. I was getting frustrated because it was rather cold today and we only had our uniform on. We were all shivering from the cold.

“Are you sure this is the right one, Lu Han?” Baek Hyun asked as his eyes roamed the streets. “Maybe you got the wrong girl.”

“No, this is her bus stop.” Lu Han was the only one who didn’t look suspicious.

Chan Yeol looked like he was spying on someone, Baek Hyun was huddled up in his uniform,  and Jong In was leaning up against the wall as if he was scouting for girls.

“Look, maybe we should just wait until we get to –.”

“She’s here.” Jong In got off the wall and pointed.

“Let’s go…” Chan Yeol walked over first.

For some reason, my heart was pounding inside of my chest when we walked towards the bus stop. It didn’t make it any better when the older men and women started staring at us. I didn’t know where to look, but I decided to look at Soo Jin. Just as I did that, she turned to look at us as well; I’m sure she only did that because of all the attention we were getting – she rolled her eyes at us before turning back around. I wanted to laugh at this, but I didn’t. I observed her out of curiosity. She was as pretty as what everyone described her. She was shivering just like us and it made me wonder if she was that cold; she looked really pale.

As soon as the bus came, we all walked on. I was about to stand up and hold onto the handles at the top of the bus, but an ahjumma beside me pulled me down and made me sit with her. My friends all looked at me, but I shrugged since I didn’t know what was happening.

“Having a handsome young man sit beside me will keep me warm.” She smiled at me happily. “Is it okay if you sat here for a bit before my stop comes?”

I nodded my head even though I was a little embarrassed by her words. “Of course.”

My friends even all laughed, but after I glared at them, they all shut their mouths up and pretended that they didn’t hear anything.

While we rode the bus, I kept staring at Soo Jin. She looked over at us a few times, which made me wonder what she was thinking. I’m sure she was surprised to see that we were even attending school since it had been awhile, but it’s not like she was the only one who was surprised. I was still looking over at her. She looked uncomfortable standing up, but I guess I was wrong. She kind of looked like she was about to cry. I raised an eyebrow as I looked around to see why she looked the way she did.

“What are you doing?” Chan Yeol asked looking down at me.

“She looks like she’s going to cry.” I nodded over at her.

Baek Hyun titled his head. “Looks like someone’s touching her.”

“What do you mean touching her?” Jong In questioned.

“A .” Lu Han said

“Seriously?” I stood up from my seat and squeezed my way through the thick crowd.

When I got right next to the , I waited until he was going to touch her again. In about two seconds, his hands started to rub down her pale leg and this somehow upset me. I grabbed his hand, twisted it around his back and pushed him to the ground. The fell with a thud and yelled out about how I suddenly broke his hand – the man was just making a damn excuse to try to sue me.

“Good. It’ll teach you not to touch girls in the future.” I said rolling my eyes at the man.

I looked over at Soo Jin who seemed like a little girl suddenly. The one girl that everyone wanted was literally wanted by every damn guy out there. I gently grabbed her and turned her around until her back was against the wall of the bus. I wanted to make sure no one would touch her and to see her more clearly, to see if she was alright or in shock, but I didn’t know how to stare at her without feeling awkward. I slowly looked down and saw that she had her eyes closed – I’ll look at her later.

While I watched the road moving past us, I suddenly felt her staring up at me, as if I was some kind of foreign person. It made me feel very uncomfortable.

“Can you stop staring at me?” I asked.

She seemed startled.

“You should have done something. You’re an idiot.” I didn’t mean to call her one, but since I was already speaking to her, I mind as well say what was on my mind. “You should have yelled for help or something.”

She didn’t say anything, which made me feel even more out of place.

“Next time, do something.” I added.

“Did… Did you… Did you break his hand?” She seemed kind of scared to talk to me.

“He deserved it. It’ll teach him a lesson to not touch anyone in the future.” I didn’t want her to think that I beat up on random people for stupid reasons.

It was as if God answered my prayers. The bus had finally made it to our stop. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the bus. I wanted to say something to her again, but I thought today was enough since she was touched. I let go of her and started to walk towards school. I was going to have to find another way to talk to her.



It seemed like luck was on my side today or something. Throughout the whole school day, I heard people talking about how Ahn Soo Jin and that stupid kid, Choi Jae Hyun had made a bet and I happened to be involved. Maybe God was answering my prayers because this seemed to be getting easier and easier. Now, all I needed was for her to talk to me and we could get things settled. She just needed to meet my grandpa and that would be it, right?

Lu Han and I decided we wanted some bubble tea after school so we made our way to the café. Chan Yeol, Baek Hyun, and Jong In were going to join us, but those three were too hungry to come with us so they ended up going elsewhere.

“You shouldn’t take this lightly.” Lu Han commented out of nowhere while we were on our way to the café.

“Take what lightly?” I asked.

“The bet.”

“It’ll make it easier for us to talk.” I shrugged.

“They’re looking at you as a fool for nothing, Oh Se Hun.” Lu Han stopped walking and pulled me back. “Don’t make them make it seem like it’s okay to laugh at you.”

“It’s not going to be like that. Besides, who said I was going to act like I actually like her? I have to make it seem realistic; who likes someone within one day of talking?”

“Then what?”

“I’m only using her.”

“She’s going to bother you from now on.”

“She knows nothing about love, so she wouldn’t know what to do.” I rolled my eyes at Lu Han. “Come on, Lu Han. The girl will stop if I tell her to.”

“Then how are you going to make her go with you to see your grandpa?” He raised his eyebrow at me. “No girl will just go with you. Everyone is afraid of us… They’re afraid you.”

“Why are you suddenly so worried?” I raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t ever like her; she kind of seems stupid… Like an idiot.”

“Because this stupid bet could hurt someone.” Lu Han said in a serious tone.

“You’re saying that I’m going to get hurt?” I was kind of offended.

“No, I’m saying that not only you could get hurt, but Ahn Soo Jin and Choi Jae Hyun could get hurt.” Lu Han walked into the café without me.

I took a deep breath and thought about it. Maybe Lu Han was being a little too exaggerated with, but who knows? He could probably be right too. I walked into the café and just as I did, I felt like every pair of eyes in the building was staring at me. I was kind of uncomfortable with all of this attention; I now understood why Lu Han always avoided large crowds. After we ordered our drinks, we found an opened table and sat down. Just when things couldn’t be even more awkward with all of these people’s eyes piercing right through us, I saw Ahn Soo Jin standing in front of me.

I awkwardly looked up at her, not knowing what she was going to do with this crowd watching us.

“I… Umm… I have something to ask you, Se Hun.” She seemed nervous

It made me want to laugh, but I didn’t.

“I wanted to thank you for what you did for me this morning by… By asking you to be my boyfriend.”

I almost laughed out loud. She thought that this was going to be easy just by asking me out like that? Did she forget who I was? Just because she was the girl that everyone wanted didn’t mean I wanted her and besides, I needed to use her, but I wasn’t going to do it this way; it would make me a laughing stock like Lu Han had claimed.

“You really are stupid, huh?” I scoffed.

“I wanted to repay you… And… You know me…” She smiled at me, as if this would convince me.

This girl really didn’t know anything about love and it was annoying that she would take relationships as some kind joke. Who thinks that they can just ask someone out and believe that they can make them fall in love so easily? She was kind of full of herself, now that I think about it. Ahn Soo Jin knew she was the girl who everyone wanted and I found it ridiculous that even though she was smart, she was a little stupid. Did she not know that I knew about the bet? No one would shut their damn mouths about it.

“You want to repay me by being my girlfriend?” I stood up and looked at her. “Why would Ahn Soo Jin, the top ranked academic student, want to date me? Just because I saved you doesn’t mean that I like you.” I was starting to feel offended for some reason. “You think that if I dated you, I would be happy?”

She shook her head slowly.

“You’re just like all those other people I hate at school.” I shook my head as I went to go get my bubble tea that was waiting for me. “You guys all think that life is just a game.”

After I said what I needed to say, Lu Han and I walked out of the café. I was annoyed by the time we got out; how could they think of me like that? But then again, this was going to be easier than I thought.

“Who’s the now?” Lu Han patted my back and chuckled.

“Let’s see how this Ahn Soo Jin really is.” I said as I sipped onto my bubble tea. “Life is going to get a little more interesting.”




Author’s Note: FINALLY! Did I take too long to post up my special chapter? I’m sorry that it did, but I had been working on it for so long and I wanted to make it as good as possible, but I still failed to do that! Ugh. I hope you guys forgive me for me lagging and all. Also, I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to read or thought it was going to be, but I thought I'd give an insight on Sehun's POV. If I decide in the future, I’ll write more special chapters, but we’ll see how I feel. A big thank you to all of those who commented (I’ve read each and every one of them), upvoted my story, and subscribed as well. I’m truly thankful! Thank you. Thank you! Please read and comment. I'd love to hear about your opinions, so please don't be a silent readerThank you and read with lots of love! Keke~! Muah!


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