The Selfishness of Our Hearts.

Jonghyun rolled onto his side as he felt the other one stir under their sheets. ‘You’re not leaving, are you?’ he asked sleepily.

‘You know I have to work,’ Key replied with a sigh. He started removing the sheets from his body, but a sudden grip on his arm brought him to halt. ‘Jjong, not now, please,’ he pleaded.

The older one ignored his plea and left a trail of kisses along his neck, his warm breath brushing against his soft skin. ‘You work so much lately. You need to relax,’ he whispered into his ear. Not waiting for a reply, he moved over, his strong body dominating the lithe one. He went right back to his neck, kissing and gently, feeling his boyfriend’s body tense up under him.

‘See? You need this,’ he reiterated as he grinded against him.

A loud moan escaped Key’s bowed lips. ‘Jjong...’ he breathed. Before he could add another word, his lips were captured into a hungry kiss. Unable to resist, he let Jonghyun’s tongue take over his mouth while his fingers threaded through his bleached hair.

‘I seriously need to go,’ Key heaved, once their lips parted. He watched as Jonghyun’s jaw contracted. He felt bad for doing this to him again, but he had no choice. ‘I’ll make it up to you tonight, okay?’ he assured as his hand caressed his cheek.

Jonghyun groaned before rolling back to his side of the bed. He was angry. He missed spending quality time with his boyfriend. He wasn’t the type to ask for much, but he still needed a little bit of attention.

‘Jonghyun, please don’t be mad at me,’ Key begged.

A sigh left his plump lips. ‘I’m not mad... Well, yeah I am, but it’s just because I miss you,’ he explained as their eyes locked.

Key inched closer and their lips met again for a sweet kiss. ‘I miss you too,’ he said before getting up.

Jonghyun watched him walk away. He was still pissed, but there was nothing he could do about it now. Either he went back to sleep or he found something constructive to do with his time. ‘Maybe I could call Minho,’ he thought. Ever since the other day, when he had left for that supper, Minho hadn’t contacted him. And he was usually the one to do it first.

Picking up his phone, which was always by his side on his nightstand, he selected his number. The first ring had him on edge; he was scared of falling on an angry Minho. But then it kept ringing and no one picked up so he hung up, feeling a little sad. Knowing that he would end up sulking, he got off the bed and started his morning routine.

He wasn’t planning on leaving the house, but he still wanted to look good just in case. After brushing his hair and putting on some decent clothes, he walked up to their living room. Now that Key had left, he needed to find a way to kill time. He looked over at the TV; he knew he’d get bored after five minutes. Then, he looked over at his laptop. It just reminded him of school so he dropped that option. In despair, he walked over to the bookshelf and rummaged through the books. His eyes suddenly caught an odd looking book. Well it wasn’t odd, it just stood out because it didn’t have a cover; it looked like a script.

He pulled it out and looked at the front page. His eyes widened as he read the author’s name. ‘Lee Jinki?,’ he gasped. He flipped quickly through the pages and found out that it wasn’t a script, it was a novel. A 411 pages long novel. Jonghyun had never been much of a reader, but he was definitely curious now. Of all the things they had talked about the other night, never once had Jinki mentioned that he was a writer.

Slouching on a sofa, he started reading. The first few pages had him gathering every bit of concentration he could, but soon enough he was hooked. And then he read, and read, and read, falling in more and more into the story.


Jonghyun jumped, startled by the sound of Key’s voice. He hadn’t even heard him enter.

‘Are you deaf?’ The brunette walked closer to him. ‘I’ve called your name like three times already.’ He sounded tired and slightly irritated.

‘I’m sorry, I was...’ Jonghyun looked down to the papers. ‘Reading,’ he finished as he got up. Wrapping his arms around his lover, he greeted him with a kiss. ‘You look exhausted,’ he pointed out as his eyes travelled across his face.

Key snorted. ‘Yeah, I had to deal with a capricious client. She would always find something wrong with the dresses I proposed and wouldn't leave until she found the right one,’ he explained, weary.

‘And did she?’ Jonghyun inquired.


‘Find the right dress,’ he precised.

 ‘No. I told her we could meet again tomorrow,’ he said with a roll of his eyes.

Jonghyun laughed. ‘I’m sure it’ll go better tomorrow. You’re an incredible personal stylist.’ He set a hand on his cheek. ‘Never forget that,’ he stressed.

‘I won’t,’ he replied with a soft smile. He looked over at the sofa. ‘Is that Jinki’s novel?’ he asked, surprise illuminating his face.


‘You’re reading it?’ he expressed loudly.

‘Well yeah, I found it and I was curious so I started reading,’ he explained, not sure if he should be apologizing or not.

‘Oh. So how do you find it so far?’ the brunette asked.

‘It’s really good,’ Jonghyun answered, relieved. ‘I mean it’s really sad and all, but I couldn’t stop reading.’

‘I’m glad you like it. I’ve never actually read one of his novels. Just his short stories. That’s probably why he hands them over to me,’ Key observed.

Jonghyun frowned. ‘What do you mean?’

‘My brother is very insecure when it comes to his writing. Well actually, he’s pretty insecure about a lot of things, but with his writing its worse. So knowing that I won’t read them feels safe I guess.’

‘Did he ever publish?’

‘No, he just prints them and then they end up here,’ Key replied.

‘Why doesn’t he just keep them?’ Jonghyun asked, confused.

‘He seriously thinks his stuff is crap so when he’s done with a story it’s like he wants to forget about it after.’ Key shrugged. ‘I’ve talked to him about it many times, but he still won’t own up to his talent.’

‘I see...’ Jonghyun mused.

‘So what’s that story about?’ Key asked.

‘Hmmm... It’s basically about a man who gets his heart crushed by his lover so he decides to kill him. But even after his death, he’s still obsessed with him and ‘talks’ to him,’ Jonghyun explained.

Key snorted. ‘That doesn’t surprise me.’

‘What do you mean?’ the older one asked for the second time that evening.

‘His main characters always resemble him. A man who loses it after getting his heart crushed? That’s Jinki all over.’

‘Seriously?’ Jonghyun uttered.

‘Yeah. He never meets the good guys and then he grows attached to them too quickly and then they break his heart. I’ve always had to pick him up after those heartbreaks so he wouldn’t let himself go completely. That brother of mine is extremely sensitive,’ Key stated with a sigh.

‘Well he’s lucky to have you then,’ Jonghyun said with a smile.

‘Yeah, but I’m lucky to have him too.’ Key yawned. ‘Jjong, I know I said I would make it up to you but...’

‘It’s okay,’ he interjected. ‘I wanted to read some more anyways,’ he reassured.

After sharing a goodnight kiss, Key left. Jonghyun picked up the book again, but his thoughts were taking up all the space, making him unable to concentrate. He was really intrigued. He definitely wanted to find out more about Jinki now.


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