Safe place.

The Selfishness of Our Hearts.

Jonghyun checked himself in the mirror. He looked rather proper with his white shirt, black and grey cardigan and his black skinny jeans. His silver hair also looked irreproachable. It was coiffed nicely, showing the shave sides of his head. Nonetheless, he turned and turned, checking out every angle of his body; he really wanted to look perfect. 

A cracking sound on the wood floor made him turn his gaze towards the door. His boyfriend had a huge smile on his face as he stepped closer.

‘Jjong, you look amazing,’ Key said before planting a kiss on his cheek.

The older one smirked and wrapped his arms around the taller one’s waist. ‘I want to make a good impression.’ He then laughed nervously. ‘I don’t want your family to hate me,’ he finished as he held his boyfriend into a tight embrace.

Key sighed. ‘Stop worrying, baby.’ He nuzzled his neck in a soothing way. ‘They’re going to love you, I promise.’

Jonghyun pulled back and stared into his dark eyes. ‘Okay.’ He inched closer again and captured the other one’s lips. The contact appeased him, leading him to deepen the kiss. Delicate hands settled to the back of his neck as he pressed their bodies together. Nothing else mattered now; he wanted more. His hands found their way to Key’s belt, but his next step was brought to a halt.

‘We need to go,’ Key breathed. His face was flushed and his lips brightly reddened from the kiss.

Jonghyun groaned. ‘Just let me have you. I’ll be quick,’ he whispered against his ear. He heard Key’s muffled moan and smiled. ‘It’s no use fighting me, you should know that by now.’

‘Jjong, being late wouldn’t make a good impression,’ the younger one reasoned. He then caressed his cheek. ‘Later, okay?’

Jonghyun rolled his eyes. ‘Okay, but I need to use the bathroom then.’ He walked away, slightly irritated.

Key snorted. ‘Okay, but don’t take too long.’


The car stopped in front of a huge colonial house. It was the first time Jonghyun was seeing one like that. From the get-go, Key had told him about his family’s wealth and even though the latter hadn’t gone into the details, it wasn’t hard to believe. His boyfriend shopped excessively.

This on the other hand was on a whole other level. The house was magnificent and he could already imagine how amazing the interior looked. But by the time they were standing in front of the front door, his astonishment had died and his hands had gotten sweaty. He was even more nervous now. He had always had the perception that people with money were harsh and judgemental. And right now, his mind was holding on to that.

The door finally opened, revealing a smiling middle aged-man. His eyes almost disappeared as his smile got wider.

‘Kibum,’ he exclaimed.

‘Father,’ he replied politely. Key reached in for a hug which the man immediately gave into.

Jonghyun’s eyes widened. He wasn’t mentally prepared for this. He waited there in fear and when they pulled apart, Key’s eyes met his. ‘Father, this is Jonghyun. Jonghyun this is my father,’ he said.

The father in question looked him up and down and then held out his hand for him to shake. He did just that, simultaneously bowing his head in respect. ‘Nice to meet you, Mr. Lee,’ he uttered, trying to look composed.

The man smiled. ‘I’m glad to finally meet you.’ He gestured them to come in, which they did.

As Jonghyun as expected, the interior was astonishing. Everything he had pictured was there: a gorgeous chandelier, a curving staircase, a monumental wood table, fancy paintings and a level of cleanliness he had never seen before in his life. Valets took their coats and domestics wandered around, doing this and that. They finally arrived to the salon, where tons and tons of people were chatting and laughing.

Their arrival caused most of them to stop their conversations and gaze at them. His boyfriend’s name echoed across the room as they approached to greet him. Then, it was the introduction part. Key would say ‘This is Jonghyun’ and then they would reply, ‘It’s finally nice to meet the man we’ve heard so much about.’ It was nice to see that Key’s family was so accepting. It was a nice change from his family.

After what seemed like an eternity, all the introductions were made and he finally allowed himself to go get a drink at the back of the room. Various drinks were aligned on the refined table, but Jonghyun picked out rum as always. He watched as Key travelled across the room, catching up with everyone. He sighed. Sometimes, he wished he had his social ease.

He downed his glass. The warm sensation that ran through his body instantly made him relax. He turned to pick up the bottle again, but a hand on his made him jump. He took his away, eyes falling upon the person the other hand belonged too.

‘Sorry,’ the young man uttered. A beautiful eye smile illuminated his face; he looked embarrassed.

‘It’s okay…’ Jonghyun replied a little taken aback. He had never seen this person before, but yet his face looked familiar. He stared at him, trying to figure it out. Then his gaze went down to his hand that was pouring rum into a glass.

‘It’s my tactic too,’ the stranger said as he passed him the bottle.

‘What?’ Jonghyun asked, as he poured himself another drink.

The other one laughed and ran a hand through his blonde hair. ‘Drink and stay in a corner,’ he explained.

‘I… well yeah. That works for me,’ Jonghyun acknowledged. ‘I thought I had been introduced to everyone. Who are you?’ he asked, curious.

The taller one held his hand out. ‘I’m Lee Jinki,’ he said with a dazzling smile.

Jonghyun’s eyes widened again. ‘You’re Kibum’s brother,’ he voiced, shaking the other one’s hand.

‘You know me?’

‘I’m Kibum’s boyfriend.’ Jonghyun watched as Jinki’s smile grew wider. And then it clicked. He knew why his face seemed familiar. He had the same eye smile his father had been flashing earlier.

‘I’ve heard so much about you,’ the blonde said.

‘I’ve heard a lot about you too, Jonghyun echoed. Key had talked about him countless times, making him curious to know more about the man. Now that he was facing him, he could see why his boyfriend loved his brother so much. He just had this warm aura to him.

Before he could say another word, Key suddenly appeared, wrapping his arms around his brother’s neck. Jinki held him tight, a sweet smile cracking his lips. ‘Long time no see, Bummie,’ he pointed out as he pulled back.

‘It’s your fault for leaving for so long,’ Key retorted as he playfully hit his arm.

The older one laughed. ‘Well yeah, I’m sorry about that.’

‘I see you’ve met my boyfriend,’ Key observed as he wrapped an arm around Jonghyun’s waist.



‘What can I say, Kibum? You’ve always had great taste in men,’ the other one replied with a laugh.

Jonghyun felt his cheeks heat up in what he hoped wasn’t an apparent blush.

Key laughed too. ‘Well yeah, but this one is really special.’

‘I’m really happy for you, little brother.’ Jinki pulled him in for another hug before adding, ‘I should go socialize with other people now, you know, so I don’t get scolded later.’

He walked away, leaving them alone.

‘So what do you think of my brother?’ Key asked eagerly.

‘He’s really nice.’

‘I’m glad you think so. Well, come on, we need to go talk to other people too,’ the brunette said as he grabbed his arm.

‘Yeah,’ Jonghyun agreed reluctantly before being dragged away from his safe place. 

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