Connecting the two Deers

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It is known to the world that EXO's Luhan and SNSD's Yoona are called as the Deers. Luhan and Yoona have so many similarities to the point where the two unexpectedly caught doing the same thing by the fans. The fans assume they are close or some may called the two as a couple. However, Luhan and Yoona are too shy with each other and will only assume each other as their acquaintance, not more than that. This totally frustrates Sehun who keeps on watching them from aside. Sehun, who want Luhan to know his true feelings towards Yoona and Yoona to fall for Luhan starts to pair up this two every chance he gets.Will it be Sehun's dream come true for Luhan and Yoona to be together? Is it truly Sehun's dream to see the two deers together? Will it come true for the two deers to be in love with each other?

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"Yoona-sshi and I are too awkward. I don't even know why I ended up behaving differently with her." -Luhan




"I can smile and laugh without worrying with the other EXO members, but with Luhan it is a whole different thing." -Yoona



"I just want to make them realize their feelings. It should be the best, isn't it? Or am I wrong?" -Sehun


So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls' Generation) 





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Chapter 37: and everything was going so beautifully well :,(
well this adds so much realism to the story and gives it more dynamic
hope that the characters are able to overcome this
was nice reading this again <3
nanalyli #2
Chapter 37: When I saw that this was updated I was so happy!!!
DeerLY90 #3
Chapter 37: Wow~ it's been a long time, i can't believe that you update the story. Btw, i know you'll make luyoon separate just like what happened now.. Then, i guess maybe you'll continue with yoonhun for the rest chapter? And i know this story is about connecting the two deers but since it's hard for luyoon now, then i guess yoonhun will be better right? It will be a plot twist then.. Hehe.. It's just my opinion. But you know what, i don't really care what the story will be like since i love luyoon and yoonhun so much lol~ and i miss this story sooo much too! please update soon, fighting! ☺
ElisBaek #4
I like the story ^^ goodluck with this!!!
felina #5
When do you update? please update soon
Chapter 1: when do you plan to update? ;;;;
farhah99 #7
Chapter 4: Ah...I really2 love this story <3
Please update! I'm not forcing,but please
smtown64 #9
This is not the end rite? I just finished re-reading this story... I hope you can continue this.. please.. now you're back so im waiting for you to update this masterpiece and also 'our deer yoona' fighting author-nim^.^
dazzhwangahra #10
Chapter 2: please make a yoona-sehun moments! ><