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Cerulean Themes
Update 5/24: School ends for me in around 2 weeks. I'll be looking forward to making more layouts at that time. Once again, if you have any particular requests or layout designs you'd like to see, feel free to comment them down below or PM me privately. 
Also, note that I DO NOT take requests out of concern for my time and wanting to keep this more as a gallery than a shop. However, I do occasionally make personalized layouts when inspired by comments or for events. There will likely be some sort of summer event so keep an eye out for that :)
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Happy 2015! Thanks for 4000+ comments and please have a fantastic start to this year.


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Using Butterfly Blood~
Chapter 52: Hi, I will be using the Enchanted Eden Shop Layout. Thank you so much! :)
using lovely legend, thank you!
Chapter 52: Using the Allkpop template. Thank you!
Chapter 52: using red midnight, thank you!
using blood lantern. thanks!