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A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.
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January 1st. Happy New Year! 2014 has been a great year and I hope 2015 will be even better. The Twelve Days of Winter event has ended. Thank you all for your support and please enjoy these twelve layouts.

December 25th. Merry Christmas. It's been a great year here on AFF for me and I hope for all of you too. This shop / gallery is now over a year old and I'm so happy knowing how much it has grown. Today Cerulean reached 700 upvotes. Just...wow and thank you. Thank you, all of you for the kind comments, messages, support, and love you shower upon me. I wish all of you the best and may the remainder of this year be a miracle every minute.

December 18th. Hello friends and happy holidays. Well, yall know me, I never revamp but it's the holidays and all the layout shops are revamping and I'm in the spirit too. So please enjoy and look forward to a special holiday layout series. Scroll down for a sneakpeak at what's coming up.

June 21th. Solstice Writing Contest open for entries. Check it out here.
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Cerulean Themes is dedicated to bringing you layouts for all the purposes you could possibly imagine. Certainly, we'll try to meet your expectations and improve ourselves as time goes on, so come along now, and let's see if we can find something suited to your styles.

Hello there darlings, name's Lila, or you could just call me by my username if you prefer. Just a layout coder looking to share my works with you all so I hope you enjoy and feel free to chat me up if you want to talk about life or anything really.

Please don't rush me with anything. I'm extremely busy doing nothing everyday ^^; Okay actually I've got homework and stuff so please just be considerate.
Rule #1. Subscribe. I'm kidding, you really don't need to if you don't want to, but be a good person if you want to make me feel good. And let's be serious, how are you going to know when I add cool, new layouts if you don't subscribe?

Rule #2. Comment if you're using a layout, no need to ask for further permission.

Rule #3. Don't remove the credit. Coding's not easy folks.

Rule #4. Yes, it is ok to edit the layouts and tweak them to your heart's desire. But please do not remove credits.
I'm trusting yall to be good people, that's why I provide these codes in the first place. So, let's trust each other and have fun, but let's be serious, if someone "steals" my codes or designs, this shop will become closed to everyone. Don't ruin it for someone else. If you see someone using my layouts, please shoot me a pm.
001. Layouts are free.
002. I'm not taking requests.
003. Begging won't help
004. Ask if you need help.
005. PMs are answered quicker.
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Happy 2015! Thanks for 4000+ comments and please have a fantastic start to this year.


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Using Butterfly Blood~
Chapter 52: Hi, I will be using the Enchanted Eden Shop Layout. Thank you so much! :)
using lovely legend, thank you!
Chapter 52: Using the Allkpop template. Thank you!
Chapter 52: using red midnight, thank you!
using blood lantern. thanks!