Relentless Hope


Some would do anything to get want they want.


DISCLAIMER: This story is purely a work of fiction. I do not claim ownership of any of the members of SNSD and Jessica Jung.

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TaeNysmith22 #1
Chapter 1: This needs a sequel T.T it still needs another update to be completed. :(
Grimmer #2
Chapter 1: This definitely needs a sequel! T_T and what about jeti? huhu
Chapter 1: I enjoyed this story but I couldn't help but be more curious though.. (:
tipco09 #4
Chapter 1: I like this story so much but I'm getting wierd feels. Is this going to turn into a Jeti? I hope not. I don't think my TaeNy heart can take it. Haha! I admire TaeNy's love. I hope Tiffany can bear with the less than pristine side of Taeyeon and I hope Tae has left her occupation.
sicacouple #5
Chapter 1: What happened to Jessie?can you explained to me
Coiste #6
Chapter 1: She was a stripper?! Didn't see that coming... I hope it doesn't affect Fany's thoughts about Taeyeon, but I doubt it will seeing how she has dealt with things so far, being understanding of Sica and her previous relationship, etc. this sounds interesting, complicated and diverse; I'm anticipating the updates!
Chapter 1: oh my God I knew it! I knew it! There was sth odd about all this. Such a plot switch! wanna spill it all out but don't wanna end up spoiling the whole story haha. This was well written and all the details really showed how much effort you have put into it ;)
Chapter 1: So that's why Taeyeon seems to be the perfect girlfriend here.. I knew it. ._.

great story you got here. 감사함니다! :)