The World of Sims


Presenting, the Glorious World of Sims! Now, with never before seen ultra-realistic graphics and a truly in depth, personalizable experience! Choose your avatar based on over 7 billion people! The World of Sims-Be Someone You Could Never Be!

Note: The World of Sims is not responsible for any deaths that may occur to avatars: only the controller can be held responsible for his or her avatar's actions.


To those who don't know what the Sims games are, here is a brief description:

The Sims is a life-simulation video game in which the player controls avatars that he/she creates and can interact with many different objects/people: for example, the player can click on a bed to tell his/her avatar to sleep, click on a person to tell the avatar to converse with that person, or click on a fridge to tell the avatar to eat from the fridge. This video game is more of a sandbox game, and therefore does not really have an objective.


Rated M for implied (no actual scenes).


A link to a video highlighting the creation of the avatar part of Sims:

A link to a video highlighting the gameplay aspect of Sims: 

And some gameplay:

(starts off at character creating, then at 6:10 moves to building a house, then at 6:39 he begins interacting with the characters)


DISCLAIMER: This story is purely a work of fiction. I do not claim ownership of any of the members of SNSD.

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KimTY_99 #1
Chapter 1: Oh my God I thought it would have a ing happy ending but no. That's... that was.... It was so UNACCEPTABLE, but it was so well-written that I have to keep going. But I must say, even though you crumpled and tore my insanity (I'm kidding) this story is wonderful.
I'll never see my favorite game the same anymore.
iamout #2
Chapter 1: you broke my otp ohmygod and my view for sims this is absolutely hard to take in ohmygod
but but but but you really write well and I kept going because I wanted to have a positive light until the end

but yes yes yes this is great though. good job.