The Wedding Breaker



Her appearance at his wedding caused him his reputation and status. Who is she? What's her purpose of ruining his wedding ceremony and who was it that had sent her? He's going to get to the bottom of things!

All these while, many prettier and ier girls came into his life, but why is she the one he's so desperate to have? Why is she the one in his heart and mind? What has she done to him? Could a sign?




“First, I’d like to apologize for ruining the ceremony, but before Lee Yuri marries Kris Wu, I think she has the right to know who her husband-to-be actually is…”  - Kim Nina


"You've only made one mistake, Nina...You stole my heart." - Kris Wu







A new story by Elfish95 (currently known as Pixie-Tink)


Story credit: Elfish95 a.k.a Pixie-Tink

Adapted from: The Wedding Breaker, a Malaysian novel by Evelyn Rose

Beta author/proof-reader: Bunjai

Poster credit to: Bekah931215 from ღ Strawberry Poison ღ Graphics Shop


(A/N) This story is inspired from the novel mentioned. I got the idea and all that from the novel and decided to do my own plot/version of The Wedding Breaker. If you think I am plagiarizing, do tell me and I'll quickly remove this. I don't want to be called a plagiarizer/plagiator so do save me if I am. Thank you! 


## I know, I haven't finished a few of my stories. But that doesn't mean that it'll stop me from writing now. A story featuring Kris of EXO and OC. I will randomly fit the other members into the story later. Do comment and subscribe. Thank you. ##






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Fri, May 9th marks the end of TWB. Thank you all so much, minions. Mama loves you! I'll see you in my next fic!

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Chapter 39: Aww..daddy kris is soo cutee. Well i never read the novel ver. of The Wedding Breaker but i heard that its good. So i can't say that your story and the original verrsion have similarities or not but i think i like your version more! :)
Chapter 39: *sigh* this story is so good! I can vividly imagine all the scenes in every chapter.. all the fluffiness was well written too. Wished i knew what happened to Yuri though
Thank you so much authornim! <3
Chapter 7: hahaha..just love Nina reaction again..hahahah
Chapter 4: hahaha reading it again....
Angelz0715 #6
Chapter 42: This story is so amazing and I love it so much!!!
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 39: So I read the first half of this story last July, and only got to finish the remaining half today (school *cries*), but that aside, WOW! This story is so fluffy that makes me think of cotton candy and clouds! I love how it deviates from the typical rich-man jerk male lead cliche and Kris' character development is really commendable. I also love how there was no over-the-top drama with evil moms, ex-girlfriend antagonists, forbidden what-not, deadly diseases -- in short, i like how simplistic yet realistic this story depicted the love of the two characters and focused on their internal battles. Overall, I LOVE IT! I may be a late reader, but this is a really beautiful piece ♡
[deactivated] #9
Re-read this because this is just a very good story. Good job, authornim!
Chapter 39: Wow this is such a new plot in this story. I like the romantic kris here since most of the time he ends up being unreasonably y through out the story. But you have balanced it out really well. A great story tbh