A Transparent World


He was walking aimlessly around the streets of Seoul. For some reason, this day looked so much prettier than others. The warm orange colored afternoon sky decorated with many soft, pure white clouds...The fresh green trees of the park which was filled with blithe families... Even the bright colored signs of nearby shops and the busy people rushing to get home looked mesmerizing. The whole picture looked perfect, captivating, beautiful... Everyone and everything fitted perfectly in place...


...Except for him.



While walking past an alley, he heard some clattering sounds. His curious mind ordered his body to follow the mysterious sound into the alley. Everything there seemed ordinary, nothing out of order.


...Except for that random leg sticking out from behind a trash can. That’s not normal.

He inched closer and closer to the weird leg, hoping not to find something that would make him his pants. Instead, he found a girl. She wasn’t very scary herself, but her injuries were really something. How could a young teenage girl get so badly injured? She was bleeding, had cuts and bruises all over, definitely not right.

How did he know she was a teenager? Her uniform. The more he looked at it, the more familiar it seemed. Finally, the realized it was his school’s uniform. He suddenly recognized the girl as the school’s popular troublemaker, Kim Hyomin. There were many rumors of her being involved in gang fights, but he had never believed any.

...Until today.

While he observed her for quite a long time, the girl’s eyes slowly fluttered open. Her vision was blurry, but when she could finally see right, she almost fainted again.

He was confused as to why she had suddenly turned so pale. It was like she had seen a ghost or something. Her eyes had widened in fear.






Annyeong~~ This is my third story, once again featuring Busan Wonbin (why can I only write Daehyun stories?)

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Credits to The Royal Azalea for the amazing poster :D




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hyo_511 #1
Chapter 5: Nice story XD i like the story so muchhhh
Chapter 5: OMG THIS IS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL WHY DIDNT I COMMENT BEFORE IDEK BUT I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY SKFJSJCKDJDJ I subscribed when I was on the hospital but read it when I came back home OTL but whatever ok I love this fanfic a lot omg why do you keep writing such amazing stories T__T
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Hi there! Your poster and background are ready for pick up. I hope you like it, if you have any issues about my work don't be shy to say so. :)
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