And then...



Ten boys, ten girls, trapped inside this deadly prison. Why? No one knows, except for the mysterious 'Master' who trapped them in. Can they find a way out? Or will they all die before they can ever see sunlight again?



"Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; One choked his little self and then there where Nine.

Nine little soldier boys sat up very late; One overslept himself and then there were Eight.

Eight little soldier boys travelling in Devon; One said he'd stay there and then there where Seven.

Seven little soldier boys chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in halves and then there were Six.

Six little soldier boys playing with a hive; A bumble bee stung one and then there were Five.

Five little soldier boys going in for law; One got into Chancery and then there were Four.

Four little soldier boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were Three.

Three little soldier boys walking in the Zoo; A big bear hugged one and then there were Two.

Two little soldier boys sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up and then there was One.


One little soldier boy left all alone; He went and hanged himself and then there were None."




Ryu Saebyeok 류새벽

         The sly one. She’s not too fierce, but still undeniably powerful. Cunning, brave, and strong. As her name says it, she’s determined to get out before the dawn.


Kim Sunggyu 김성규

         The old one. Sunggyu is nice and intelligent, but weak at heart. Might be a bit too gallant to want to kill girls, but desperate times require desperate measures, no?


Lee Daeyang 이대양

         The determined one. Lee Daeyang's stongest point is probably her great will power. Like the ocean, she's serene, but when the situation calls for it, will she turn ferocious?


Kang Chihoon 강치훈

         The evil one. Chihoon is both clever and strong, but what does he lack? Humanity. He’s willing to do anything to get him out of this prison, and cares little about the rest.


Oh Joonhyun 오준현

         The low-key one. Joonhyun is as determined to get out as others, but he isn’t as strong. His plan? Use others as his stepping stones in order to reach the top.


Park Haneul 박하늘

         The bright one. Haneul means sky, hence her happy, cheerful demeanor. While being caught in this prison, she’ll still find a way to smile. Not exactly naïve, but not exactly strong either.


Han Iseul 한이슬

        The quiet one. She won’t tell about her past, or why she’s here, or her desire to get out. Iseul simply complies with what others order, but what terrible secret could she hide behind the calm façade?


Jang Dongwoo 장동우

         The happy one. The Jang Dongwoo isn’t mean. He can be thought of as a fool, but he’s actually too good to turn his back on others. But how far will his happy self take him?


Nam Woohyun 남우현

         The strong one. Namu isn’t here for any games, he’s getting out and done. Woohyun isn’t bad, but he knows there are some sacrifices towards winning, and he’s ready to take them.


Lee Howon 이호원

         The agile one. Hoya, as he likes to be called, beats everyone else in strength. Fast, fierce, and strong. There seems to be nothing capable of stopping the Triple Threat.


Hwang Ahreum 황아름

         The pretty one. As her name implies, she’s beautiful. Strikingly beautiful. Strong? No. Smart? No. Beautiful. However, Ahreum knows exactly how to use her only strong point, her beauty, for her advantage.


Lee Sungyeol 이성열

         The clever one. Sungyeol’s strongest point is his brain. He knows exactly what to do and when to do it. He might waste time on little pranks for entertainment, but when he’s serious you better watch out.


Kim Chunsa 김천사

         The weak one. Chunsa lives up to her name. The angel is too nice and too soft to defend herself. She’s a pacifist, unwilling and uncapable of killing others.


Kang Minhyuk 강민혁

         The good one. Willing to kill? Maaaybe... He’s nice enough and would be your friend under other circumstances, but he really wants to get out badly. Still, when needed, his good side will show up.


Kim Myungsoo 김명수

         The mysterious one. Going by the name of L, Myungsoo won’t talk to anyone other than his best friend. Is he determined to get out? Is he intelligent or strong? Does he have a plan to win? We don’t know.


Gong Jandi 공잔디

         The fierce one. Jandi is strong and persistent. Definitely the strongest out of all girls, but unlike others, she lacks in the brain department. Reckless and wild, she’ll wipe out anyone in her way.


Kang Hyokyung 강효경

        The kind one. Hyokyung is brilliant and strong enough, but she certainly won’t kill. She’s the type that will try to find another way around any situation. Fangirly, easygoing and friendly.


Lee Sungjong 이성종

         The cute one. Sungjong is the most adorable boy anyone could ever find. However, watch out for his strong side. When angry, the cute boy can turn into a beast.


Min Yeonae 민연애

         The scaredy one. Yeonae is smart enough to understand the deadly trap she’s in, and she definitely hates it. Yeonae’s too worried on what will happen to her and her little sister.


Min Dasom 민다솜

         The naïve one. Dasom, the maknae, is too sweet and little to understand the grown up game. She’s definitely less intelligent, but more strong-hearted than her older sister.




Annyeong, yeorobun!!! ^.^ It's my second story~~ Hehe~~

Umm... Unlike my first story, "Voice", this story is going to be a lot darker and gloomier... *cries*

It's based on my first thoughts when watching Infinite's BTD. The stupid me couldn't recognize all members at first, so I though all members were in the MV, fighting for their freedom against each other. Turns out it was only Woohyun and L, the other man wasn't even a member of Infinite...  It's also a bit inspired in Agatha Christie's "And then there were none" (hence the title). This book is reeeaally good! And this is coming from someone who hates reading. I'm serious, I read the book in 7 hours!

Well, I've never read any BTD songfics, so I don't know if there's any fanfic similar to this one. In case of that, I DIDN'T COPY IT! >.<

PS: Also, while writing I realized it sounds a lot like Hunger Games... But I had this idea since I saw BTD, WHICH came out before Hunger Games (I mean, the movie, cause the book did come out before... But I never read it!!!). I'm not copying Hunger Games, really!


Still, I hope you guys like this story~~ I liked writing it a lot!




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