Voice 목소리


Can you see me? Can you hear me? Do you hear my voice calling you?...

She, the wallflower, the one that always stands on the back, the one no one knows. He, the silent star, may not talk too much, but attracts girls like a magnet. Will these two silent kids get along? Will any of these kids show their voice to the world?





 Jung Daehyun 정대현The Silent Star

Yoo Youngjae 유영재 The Clever Chingu


Park Eunji 박은지The   Nerdy Fangirl


Lee Sunmi이선미The Wallflower


Bang Yongguk 방용국The Badass Oppa


Kim Himchan 김힘찬The Byuntae Oppa


Moon Jongup 문종업 The Dancing Machine


Choi Junhong, aka Zelo 최준홍, aka 젤로 The Cutest Rapper


And many, many others!


First official story, yay! ^.^

There’s still so much to learn, but the story starts on March, so why not start now?

Goals for this story:

          1) Make a realistic story. The thing that, in my opinion, separates dramas from real life is that some things in dramas just won’t ever happen in real life. Take ‘You’re Beautiful’, for example. None of us would actually go and pretend to be a guy. Also, Taekyung and Minyu are linked family-wise (their parents had a connection), same with Heartstrings. I’ll never really meet a guy and later on find out that my mother had an affair with his father.

          2) Improve my English. I’m not a native speaker, so I know I’ll make mistakes at times. I know I use a lot of comma splices, so I’ll try to improve. I’ll also try using vocabulary words from my English clas s.

          3) Have my dramatic ________ scene. It’d be a spoiler, so I can’t say what goes on those lines. IT’S NOT SOMETHING DIRTY!!! I’m not the kind of person who writes . I’m an innocent white bunny... But basically, the whole story was made so I could have that scene. I thought it’d be cool, so I had to invent a whole story to see it come true.

          4) Enjoy! I like writing, I think its fun, I’ve written several stories, and some aren’t even kpop related. I hope that anyone who reads this story enjoys it, too.


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Chapter 1: Lmao this is weird who's Lee Sunmi. T^T
aegyo-kid #2
Chapter 65: Finally finished re-reading this story!!!;) it's 3:25 AM in our country haha. I really wanted to finish this before i sleep. ;) thanks for a good story author-nim. So many conflicts but everything was solved. You should have added some cheesey stuff with Jaeeun couple thought. And what happened to Himchan? I think you should right extra chapters though... like what happened to the rest of bap members and to bongcha. But if you don't want to it's fine :) reading this again is definitely the best choice i made :D
aegyo-kid #3
Chapter 18: Author-nim so did the bullies drop a pot on haneul or a desk? It says in the previous chapter that it was a pot but it says desk here
thatasian07 #4
Chapter 8: Daehyun's eyes when he did that hair flip in that gif thoooo. xD <3
syayuuri #5
Chapter 65: Ah I love this story :D
Chapter 65: Se acabó :( this is the end .... this fic was amazing I really like it
Chapter 65: First of all: T^T The story ended~ Uwaaa~
Next:The ending is cool and the best~ Even though it was simple but its still sweet! I'm very satisfied in its ending~
Blablabla: I will miss this story.. Sorry bcoz I just arrived from the Philippines last nyt at 3 am~ and only now I finished reading it~ U are my favorite author ever !! Friendly and sweet~
#2Blablabla: The note after the story in the chapter 64 totally touched my heart! I totally agree with it!
#3Blablabla: I will miss u a lot authornim^^ Thank u for replying all my replies^^ I wish u luck for ur school days! And sorry if I had said some mistakes or wht so ever~ lol.. Its been fun knowing u authornim~^^
Chapter 65: Your story was amazing author-nim. I hope you make another one, maybe of Zelo? I don't, he's my bias so ... you know =) anyway, deabak and hope you to have more stories =D
nasomi2011 #9
Chapter 65: Thank you, Authornim. This was a wonderful story, a wonderful concept, and a wonderful cast of characters. I hope that whatever you plan on writing next will get lots of love and support! Thank you for such an amazing story! :)