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Sora took a single step forward. She reached out and tried to open the gate, unfortunately it didn’t even budge. The silver-haired creature didn't move a muscle. His eyes shamelessly scanned her from head to toe. It looked human, but Sora could feel it in her cells that he wasn't. A shiver ran up her spine. It was a bad idea coming to the mansion after all. 

Sora gulped, it was obvious the unknown creature was bad news. Still, she couldn't resist staying away from it.


‘’It isn’t safe here, leave now you still can.’’

And that’s when Sora’s vision went black.



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minjee4236 #1
Chapter 17: Omg I'm so glad you're back!!! Hope you're doing well. I'm going to re-read all the chapters 😁 it's been a while
Chapter 12: Wow, I just know it now that SM sueing people who use their idol...thanks for your information and I really like this story! It give some horror vibe and mystery but not always horror
Chapter 16: I literally was thinking about this story this morning and then boom here you are. XD
Chapter 16: I was actually thinking about the story yesterday lol heading back to chapter one now
Chapter 16: Thank you for all your effort! I'm supporting you!
Alecxakpop #6
Chapter 15: I will forever wait oh wise one.
Chapter 15: *incoherent inhuman noises* YAAAAAAAAAAAS WELCOME BACK!!
Chapter 15: Heart racing so bad .... Jongin better do something
Chapter 15: You updated on my birthdayyyyyy!!!

Wow it's been a while... I missed this story