The Matchmaker


Title                       : The Matchmaker

Pairing                  : KyungMyun

Genre                   : Romance, Friendship, Sad

Characters          : Joonmyun, Kyungsoo, Kai, Kris, Kyuhyun, Donghae

Warning               : It’s a fanfics.

Summary             : Joonmyun is a matchmaker who is quite well known on his campus. He had never fallen in love or dating before. Until one day he met Kyungsoo, someone who makes his heart throb of love and disregarding something he should do instead.



This is the second one (Kyunmyun’s love is in the air XD). It will be chaptered fic, but I promise to update it as fast as I can.

I hope you like it, if you could please leave a comment so I’ll know what you guys think about this fanfic.

Enjoy <3


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WeAre1InAMillion #1
Chapter 2: Omg...can anyone hand me a napkin???
WeAre1InAMillion #2
Chapter 1: What... I bet Kyungsoo will surely understand this
Chapter 3: the feels. my feels. right at the spot! so sweet! 〒_〒
T-araFans #4
Chapter 3: Wooow!!! Nice story...
This is so sweet...
kimdyyo #5
Chapter 3: Hwaaaa this story is so goooooddd!!!
Oh my god!! Sudo forever!!
At first I though that Junmyeon's client is Kai hohoho
I love the ending part the most
The way Junmyeon purposed to Kyungsoo~ I can't contain my feelings >,<
Nice story~ and I though u should share more Sudo stories
Let's spread their love
KimSuho_DoDiO #6
Chapter 3: hahaha nice story~ happy ending yeaaay~