Alone in the woods

Roll Like A Wolf


A/N: the M is just for the mention of blood 

Tao sniffed the cold wet ground continuously in search for lingering scents of his pack members. His eyes flashed left and right nervously for any signs of movement, being in a stranger’s territory alone was frightening. Tao had panicked when he woke up alone in the forest. He didn’t even know how it was possible that he had been separated from them in the first place. All Tao remembered was running with the pack as they split up. Only Luhan, D.O, Baekhyun and Tao went out as the search party, as Xiumin was in charge of patrolling their teritorry. Covering as much ground as possible, their only option was to split up. Luhan and Baekhyun had to return back home because they were worried about Xiumin defending against unexpected rogues by himself. But Tao insisted on continuing, even though the pack was likely to pick up the search the next day. Luhan only agreed when D.O offered to keep looking with him, and had to promised him that they would be back before sunset. But somewhere along the way they had been separated. Tao just hoped that they were all safe.


Tao panicked at the thought of Sehun being lost; it was so uncharacteristic of him to just disappear. He knew that Sehun wouldn’t abandon him; they had been raised together, grown up together and had suffered together. They were inseparable. It took time for them both to adjust back to pack life because of what happened before...

He shook back the memories that threatened to break him and pushed them back down into the deep abyss of his mind, with the thought of finding Sehun safe. Tao had to make it back before the sun set. Being in a stranger’s territory during the night wasn’t the best idea. He restrained himself from howling for D.O, knowing that another wolf could hear him.


He continued silently down the path, freezing when he heard the thudding of paws against the ground. He had been proud of the fact that he was the best with his senses in his pack; he wasn’t the beta for nothing. Even though he was the youngest, he had been able to climb up through the ranks due to his intimidating looks, fighting skills, and senses. How he got separated from them was a mystery to him. He was never careless, but he was oblivious half the time. Tao laid low amongst the bushes hoping that they would provide him with protection from prying eyes. As the sounds slowly disappeared, Tao relaxed again and continued his search.


Tao decided the best thing to do was to find a good hiding spot and wait out the night, who knows what could happen to him when the packs come out to hunt and he was wandering around. He was in a daze of where he was, so searching for a way back home would be safer in the morning.

Out of sheer luck, in the clearing of the forest, he found hollow tree, surprisingly big enough to fit him, only just. He curled up into a ball and waited, for the darkness to swallow the already dim sun. Tao’s thoughts flew to Luhan and D.O and the rest of his pack members, worrying if they were alright, if D.O had managed to make it back to the pack safetly, if Sehun had a place to sleep tonight. So many 'ifs' were running through his head it hurt Tao tried to stay awake as night started to fall, but the stress of losing one of his pack mates and his pack had started to take a toll on him. He found himself drifting of to sleep around midnight, hoping that luck would be on his side.



The golden blond alpha stalked through the hunting grounds of his territory searching for a place to spend a little alone time. Every night he would wander off by himself and trying to relieve the stress that came with being the alpha and eldest of the pack.


He felt the light breeze brush through his fur, combing stray hairs into line. He enjoyed walking by himself, soaking in the sounds and scents of the night calmed him.

And with the light breeze a strange scent wharfed in his direction, causing him to perk his ears up, alert

He soon realised that it was the scent of a wolf.

In his territory.

His anger silently boiled at the thought of a rogue in his territory, his moment of relaxation disappeared as he bolted silently through the forest, following the scent. But the more he inhaled the stranger’s scent, the calmer he felt. Although the alpha was displeased with an intruder, he was curious as to who would enter without permission, his pack was the dominant pack of their region. Anyone who was not invited.

Is dead.


He continued through the trees, branches lashing out at him. He skilfully dodged and agilely slipped through the cracks between the trees, despite his size.

As the scent thickened he started to slow down into a slow jog. Panting at the strenuous exercise . He reached a clearing, large trees surrounding it in a tight hug. He scanned the circle for signs of movement, even though he could smell him he couldn’t see him, and Tao had his black pelt to thank for that. The alpha laid low in the tall long grass of the clearing, in case of an ambush from a rogue wolf. His eyes perked up at the sound of light snoring and relaxed minutely. Cautiously, he approached the sound slowly, reaching a hollow log. At first he stay nothing and was confused, still hearing sounds and the scent stronger than ever. He squinted his eyes through the dark and nearly fell backwards when he noticed the up and down motions of a black fur ball. He cautiously sniffed him to let his scent sink in, wondering what to do. The blonde eyed the male curiously wondering what had brought him here.


The black wolf suddenly shivered at the cold breeze of the night, and whimpered in his sleep. The blond alpha sensed the intruder’s unease, and vulnerability.  The younger’s body radiated of loss, fear and panic. Normally he would have killed at the sight of anyone other than his pack mates in his territory. He and his pack were notorious in their area for their harsh and strict rules. But for the first time ever, the blonde alpha male felt an overwhelming sense of protectiveness over the sleeping figure. He continued to watch him, tossing and turning in his enclosed prison of dreams. The older male felt a stab of pain at the distress of the younger and instinctively nudged him gently on the side and his cheek. Only surprisingly then did the black male finally settled down.


The moment the younger had settled from his nightmares, he started shivering again, not use to the change in weather. The blonde alpha looked around and sprinted off towards his target, returning with a collection of broken branches and leaves grasped his his jaws. He pulled it over the vulnerable looking male, hoping it would keep out most of the wind.


The golden blonde resisted the urge to wake him up and whisk him back to his pack and make him one of his own. The outburst of such an idea made him falter. But he knew from the scent of this wolf that he was already part of a park and by the looks of his markings, had strong bonds with them. Knowing that the younger male would never be happy with them if he had taken him back. The alpha turned around with heavy, reluctant footsteps he left the younger male alone, conscious of the fact that when the first light came he would be gone.


Even though he barely even knew the male, he experienced something he had never felt before, something that words couldn’t express. Every step he took further away from the black male and invisible force tugged him backwards. He clenched his teeth and broke out into a sprint, hoping that the wind would wash the strangers scent away. A howl ripped through his chest, confused at the emptiness he felt. His cries were answered by the worried calls of his pack; he knew that he would be bombarded with questions. But he knew that if he were to alert the other wolves of the black males presence, there is no knowing how his pack mates would react to an intruder. Not to mention the change of personality in their alpha, aware of his cold nature.


He sped home hoping to avoid the onslaught of questions, trying to erase the image of the slender black wolf, alone in the cold dark night. Praying that no harm would come to him, before his departure.



The sound of raindrops woke Tao, stray drops splashing onto his nose. He groaned as he glanced up at the dark grey sky, dropping like fine sand in an hourglass. An image of a wolf flashed in his mind, like a memory from a half remembered dream. Tao tried hard to remember what it was, but the more he focused on the image, the more it faded away. As he moved to get up, he realised that ferns had been covering his body. Confused he slowly moved them aside with his muzzle and squeezed out through the hollow. 


Tao knew that the wet conditions were a disadvantage to him. He would be leaving tracks behind. But he hoped that he speed and agility would save him if he were to cross paths with other wolves. Tao had to move fast if he wanted to get out safely. His plan was to quickly get his bearings by retracing his steps back the way he came from. Tao noticed the winds picking up from the swaying of the trees to the rhythm of the rain. Picking up the trail where he left off yesterday, he started his trek.


He started off with a slow jog, nose to the ground, barely being able to pick up anything at all due to the rain. He felt a chill through his spine and his body heating up, but ignored it, thinking that it was the early morning exercise that was causing his body to overheat. Tao rhythmically spread out his tracks, keeping his footing light as possible. Pushing through the bushes that whipped past his face, with a lingering scent he couldn’t make out. Mud flew from his paws and onto his body fur, adding a chocolate tint to his charcoal black fur. The wind at his face as he bent through the undergrowth, twisting and turning skilfully through the trees. Tao effortlessly leapt over a fallen log and landed in the puddle, splashing silently through.


Tao was so engrossed with keeping his tracks light, scent weak and silent, he had failed to realise that from the moment he left the hollow two pairs of eyes had already been following him, hungry for a hunt. Even though he had been carefully enough to check, he had made the fatal mistake of only thinking of inspecting the wind that blew in his direction. Tao’s usual survival and killer instincts, rendered useless under the stress he was in. Tao was out of luck, the wolves tracking him were two of the best fighters in the pack and were also mates. Giving them the best possible tactics and teamwork skills. They understood so well that they didn’t even need signals from each other to know what the other was thinking.  The blur of burnt red and brown mixed in with the blob of bark brown, as they weaved against each other. Meeting in the middle then crossing over again in an intricate dance as they closed into their target. They glided over the landscape, knowing all the turns and trails of their territory.


Tao’s ears perked at the sound of approaching footsteps to little to late, his second mistake of the day. Without hesitation he dug his heels into the ground and broke into a wild dash. He dashed and dodged, agilely missing a head on collision with a tree. Tao continued to stay ahead of his pursers but only just. His footsteps grew desperate, not caring whether he was silent or the amount of water that was being splashed around. The wind blew harder and the rain started pelting down stronger. He continued bolting through forest, the two males hot on his track. Tao knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his pace up much longer, but he had to keep moving. He had exceptional speed but his stamina is what usually failed him.


His breath began to grow heavy, his heartbeat quickened and his head began to spin. Tao mentally fought with himself and his body, urging it to move forward and faster.  Trying to muster enough strength to put up a fight noticing his pursers quickening pace. He weighed in his mind the option of turning around and take his chances or continue running until he ran out of ground to cover. He quickly disregarded his first suggestion due to the fact he was out numbered and was already mentally and physically trained from the chase.


Thinking was his third and last mistake.


With his focus averted from the pursuit, he suddenly lost his footing and slipped. His front legs betrayed him, as they gave way under the stain. He rolled forward, skidding his back along the harsh rocks. He yelped in pain as the sharp rocks cut open his back. The mud mixed in with his blood as he got on his feet in a flash, whimpering when he put pressure onto his left paw realised something had happened to it. He could barely see through his left eye having the mud spread all throughout his side. As he turned to continue his escape, a small but dangerous looking male blocked him off. Tao, realising that male was half the size of him gave him a glimmer of hope that he would be able to get out of this alive. Tao gave off a warning growl to the bark brown wolf, but the latter didn’t seemed to by phased by Tao’s intimidating aura. Instead he approached the now brown red male with such confidence that Tao started to step backwards. Out from behind him appeared a burnt red brown wolf, obstructing his path. Tao stood deadly still, unsure of what to make of these two wolves. Knowing that he was an intruder in their territory, what ever they were thinking, would not be in his favour.


Suddenly the bark brown wolf launched himself at Tao, catching the younger of guard, and sinking his teeth into this hide. Tao gave a surprised howl and turned to snap at him. But before his teeth could reach him, the burnt red brown wolf sprung into action clasping onto the black males cuff. In spilt second Tao’s size and experience meant nothing. In his condition he was luck to still alive. Tao managed to rip himself from their stronghold grip, but not without sustaining injury. The two wolves circled Tao in a deadly lock, knowing that they should not underestimate, what seemed to be an inexperienced wolf. Tao limped backwards trying to put as much space between them as possible. The two wolves burst forward again, but this time Tao saw it coming and leaped over the two with much difficulty, turning around and clamping down hard on the tail of the bark brown wolf’s tail. He cried out in pain and surprise as he tried to turn around.

“Chen!” the burnt red brown wolf cried in anguish.

He turned to Tao and tackled him down with his momentum. Even then, Tao refused to loosen his grip on the wolf named Chen, his blood speeping through Tao's teeth, staining his muzzle. Tao managed to use his good legs to push the aggravated male off his chest and into the mud. Only then did he let the tail in his mouth go and turned to run.


He left the two behind, ignoring the searing pain from his body. Tao’s relief was short lived as a wolf as large as him appeared out of nowhere from the shadows of the woods. The wolf’s flame orange pelt shone against the dull scenery that complemented his lemon yellow eyes. This wolf had been watching the fight unfold and only interveened when his packmates failed. He was suprised at the black males strength, holding off two of their best fighters in his state. He smirked just before closing in and knocking Tao off his feet. This time Tao was not so lucky, he skidded across the mud on his side and his head collided with the tree.


His sight grew hazy as he saw the orange male approach him and roughly grabbed him by the cuff of his neck and dragged him off. Even the pain of his injury and neck dulled as he let go of his consciousness.



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