The Melancholy Sound of the Guitar



To survive, she played her old guitar and sang on the street corners.



Desolate, silent and lonely

When the sound of the guitar is no longer audible.

My heart feels weak

When you're far gone.

The guitar is noticeably lifeless;

Will these strings get broken?

I feel as if I can't move my body,

When you are not by my side.




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Chapter 5: i cried over this dad-daughter talks T.T
it such a beautiful conversation
and jiyeon-ah. you still have your guitar and.... me
nah, kidding hahaha

oneesan, i love love love your update
i wonder how can you made this so beautiful
i gave you triple love. so can you update soon ^^
stacyberd #2
Chapter 4: Poor jiyeon i really felt her pain its so sad.
phuonga3 #3
hey did you guy hear about L's dating rumors I hope is not true cuz I really really love myungyeon...feeling so sad T-T
L_Chan #4
Chapter 3: How dare you make L a bad character? Just kidding:) Anyway, the way you described the guitar touched my heart:3

The guitar is noticeably lifeless...

As her hand reached for the neck, the guitar seemed to glow...

From those sentences, maybe I'm thinking too much, but I have to say that the guitar is not just a dead thing, but it has a soul. Its soul and Jiyeon's soul are connected.
The guitar can feel whatever Jiyeon feels :P
The first sentence, the guitar was sad because its owner was feeling down.
The second sentence, the guitar was happy because its owner was feeling a little better.

So I hope Jiyeon will end up with her guitar XD
Don't make her end up with L or Byunghun - What's his role here?
L doesn't deserve her. I despise him here ☹
Chapter 3: myung is a jerk and a meanie, -3-
cericeria #6
Chapter 3: myung is such a jerk here..why is he being so mean like that? arrghhhh poor jiyeon. u hv to be strong n show him u can keep ur life better w/ out him n make him regret! ouch i just too hate myung here lol XD
Chapter 3: so mean !

please update . :>
stacyberd #8
Chapter 3: Oh,myung are sooo mean,he really hurt jiyeon,why he is like that to her?hes a real jerk here..poor yeonnie
please update :DD
Chapter 1: chapter 1 Myungyeon's moments were beautifullll ^^