Chapter 1

The Melancholy Sound of the Guitar

It was a Monday morning. The sun shone brightly and warmly into the room, as the air, mild and refreshing, flowed through the open window. And out under God's blue heaven, where fields and meadows were covered with greens and flowers, all the birds rejoiced. While joy and contentment were everywhere outside, in a small room lived sorrow. A beautiful girl with long, straight, brown hair was lying on her single bed, staring at her old guitar that was sitting in its stand beside her bed.

The more she looked at it, the more she felt the need to touch, to slide her fingers over its smooth surface. Her guitar spoke softly when she strummed the notes to what the great ones wrote. Her guitar helped her sing beautiful words with every chord and string she touched. The guitar meant so much to her, but ever since her lover had broken her heart, the girl had never touched her guitar again. She had lost her passion for playing it. Without him, it all felt wrong. She missed hearing the sound of his guitar. She missed his soft brown eyes that would look at her with love. She missed his smile, his laugh. She missed everything they did.

She was an orphan girl. Her mother died unexpectedly after giving birth to her, while her father died when she was seven. That guitar was the legacy left for her by her father, who had been a street musician. Her father had been the one to teacher her to play it. The girl had always been close to music, being able to remember the beats from music she heard on the radio and singing them. The music had made her exactly who she wanted to be, no longer afraid of what people would think or say. When she turned twenty, she left the orphanage and began following in her father's footsteps, busking on the streets. The money that she earned from busking was enough to fund her daily life.

Tears fell from her eyes as memories of him swirled through her head. One summer night, she'd met a group called the Brilliant Star Band that had performed at the street food stall where she had been eating. That summer night, she felt her heart beat like a big bass drum for the first time in her life, as she made eye contact with the attractive guitarist. He had light-brown hair. He was one of the handsomest men she'd encountered in a long time. He was the lead guitarist in that band. Ever since that night, after busking, she'd always go to the bar to watch their performance. As time went on, the girl and the guitarist discovered they had the same great passion for music and guitar.

One night, the guitarist came to her spot on the street corner near the Seoul Station, and he expressed his feelings for her through his music. Without hesitation, she accepted him. Since then, they had been inseparable; they even stayed together at his apartment. She had received a lot of love and attention from him—he had truly showered her with so much affection that she'd felt she could never find anyone who would treat her better. Every morning he'd make breakfast for her, and every night he'd make dinner for her too.

However, sometimes they argued over small things like when he bought the wrong toothpaste for her, or when he didn't come home, but they tolerated each other and their quarrels only took a few hours. Unfortunately, their one-year relationship ended one and a half months ago. That night they had a great argument because she refused to have with him. She told him that she would only do that after they got married. He got really angry after hearing her words. 

"Park Jiyeon! I feel bored in the relationship. Don't act so innocent. Now get the hell out of here! Don't ever show your face to me again!" he shouted into her face before tossing her out of his apartment.

The moment he threw her out of his apartment, her world crumbled into a million little pieces. The girl had never thought that the boy would have asked her to do that, since he'd always respected her. Although they stayed together, they didn't sleep in the same bed. They just hugged and shared kisses, no more than that. She hugged her pillow tightly upon recalling those memories. 

As she closed her eyes, another memory played through her head. At that time, after dinner, Jiyeon sat on the couch next to her lover watching his hands move over his guitar strings. She listened as he strummed the strings, his left hand forming different chords. He repeated the pattern, and it sounded beautiful. She couldn't stop grinning as he sang the words which seemed to come from somewhere close to his heart:

Guitar... When it's played,
It's like our love.

When the strings are plucked gently,
It sounds so soft and lovely.
When the strings are strummed rapidly,
It sounds so loud, yet attractive. 

Although sometimes we argue,
Our love won't easily fade away.

He stopped playing and looked into her lovely hazel eyes. "Jiyeon, do you like it?" the guy asked softly.

Jiyeon nodded. "Yes, I like it," she replied as she looked back into his eyes. Her gaze moved down his face to his lips, and suddenly her body seemed to move of its own accord. She leaned in and kissed him tenderly on the lips. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt him return the kiss.

He pulled away, looking at her blushing face. He brushed her hair away from her eyes and said, "Now it's your turn to sing."

Giving him a sweet grin, she positioned her guitar on her lap and began to strum. The strings of her guitar seemed to dance; it vibrated as she played. She stared at his smiling face as she sang her heart out: 

I want you to know that I want to be with you forever
Because I have never felt like this before.
Words can't begin to describe
How you make me feel.

I feel safe in your arms, and I know you'll always be around to protect me.
How lucky I am to have you by my side.
How lucky I am to love someone
Who makes me so special. I am blessed beyond words.

You're my heart's string.
Once you let go of my heart, it will be shattered—

The guy leaned over and gave her a soft smooch on the lips, causing her to stop playing. "I am very lucky my love for having you, and I thank God for bringing us together. I will never let you go. I'll always be there by your side," he whispered against . Moans vibrated between them as their lips moved against one another, pressing and .

After several moments of lip smacking exploration, they pulled apart. Her lips were red and somewhat swollen. "Are you okay?" he enquired.

She nodded a bit and answered, "Yeah, I'm fine." 

"Let's make our love song," the boy said with a sincere smile reflected in his bright eyes, her face. His brown eyes had that sparkle that she couldn't live even one day without. The girl gave him an enthusiastic nod.

His nimble fingers started plucking the strings randomly, and Jiyeon smiled as she could hear beautiful harmony—kind of like the tones of a wind chime. He hummed his heart out as he continued to pluck the strings:

Each time our eyes meet and our lips touch,
There's no point in denying I love you so much.

Jiyeon began strumming the pick across the strings, playing a simple C chord. She grinned widely at producing such a lovely sound. Strumming rhythmically across all the strings, she sang her heart out:

My heart reaches out to you each time I hear your name.
My mind is stuck on you and will always stay the same.

Jiyeon paused and gave him a serious look. "What's wrong?" the boy inquired.

"Myungsoo, it seems like we aren't making a song but a poem. If our line combines into one stanza, it has a rhyme scheme," Jiyeon replied with a small grin.

He ruffled her hair. "Not all poems have a rhyme scheme. Our hearts beat as one so that's why our lines rhyme," Myungsoo responded, giving her a cheeky smile. "Did you ever hear that a poem is a lyric waiting for the music?"

Suddenly, a loud high-pitched scream was heard outside her room, which caused her to get back to reality. The girl couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face; she tried and held them back, but she couldn't. She gripped the sheets tightly in both fists and screamed into the pillow. She was blinded by the fact that she was still in love with him. She wanted to get back together, but at the same time she wondered if he still loved her, wondered if he still wanted her, if she was still the beauty that he once saw.

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Chapter 5: i cried over this dad-daughter talks T.T
it such a beautiful conversation
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nah, kidding hahaha

oneesan, i love love love your update
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stacyberd #2
Chapter 4: Poor jiyeon i really felt her pain its so sad.
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hey did you guy hear about L's dating rumors I hope is not true cuz I really really love myungyeon...feeling so sad T-T
L_Chan #4
Chapter 3: How dare you make L a bad character? Just kidding:) Anyway, the way you described the guitar touched my heart:3

The guitar is noticeably lifeless...

As her hand reached for the neck, the guitar seemed to glow...

From those sentences, maybe I'm thinking too much, but I have to say that the guitar is not just a dead thing, but it has a soul. Its soul and Jiyeon's soul are connected.
The guitar can feel whatever Jiyeon feels :P
The first sentence, the guitar was sad because its owner was feeling down.
The second sentence, the guitar was happy because its owner was feeling a little better.

So I hope Jiyeon will end up with her guitar XD
Don't make her end up with L or Byunghun - What's his role here?
L doesn't deserve her. I despise him here ☹
Chapter 3: myung is a jerk and a meanie, -3-
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Chapter 3: myung is such a jerk here..why is he being so mean like that? arrghhhh poor jiyeon. u hv to be strong n show him u can keep ur life better w/ out him n make him regret! ouch i just too hate myung here lol XD
Chapter 3: so mean !

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Chapter 3: Oh,myung are sooo mean,he really hurt jiyeon,why he is like that to her?hes a real jerk here..poor yeonnie
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