That Place Was Where I First Met You..~



This is a story about a girl named Min Cho Hee

a freshman transferee student in Royal Music Academy

she applies to that school just because of the cute uniform

and without knowing that the school was previously an all-boys school.

The kingka of the school, the class president, Jung Jin Young

doesn't seem to like her and keeps on teasing her around with the other boys.

Would the girl can get along with the boy?


*kriiing kriiing kriiing*

*yawn*   *gets up and stretch*

waaa~~ It's the first day of school~~

I'm so excited to wear my new cutie pie school uniform kyaaa~~

I'm sure that I would totally look cute cute cute aing~♥ kekeke

better get going and better get ready ^^

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Somia2319 #1
WAAAH!! I love this story!! <3
Chapter 6: Penguin dance? ._. Gotta recap on that.
Vinnie #3
Aww it's so cute!!!
Saemiy #4
Chapter 33: I like it so much. I finish this in a day. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Although at the begining is hard to understand since it was only conversations, but it gets better in the middle and the end.

The plot is different, i like it ^^.
Im gonna search the manga. Hehe
this is goood!
nice story. i love it!
xx017xx #7
hehehe.. the plot of the story kinda looks like the manga Rockin heaven... but still i'm gonna read it.. fighting author!! fighting B1A4 .. Fighting BANAs!! <3s lots
mayonnaise #8
the end? ToT ! i really love it !<br />
rockin' heaven? uoh!
rockin' heaven?
shaz244 #10
lol!! love it <3