Comfort of the Stranger

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Changmin asked himself for…how many times he didn’t know; he lost count, how did he come to like, no, fall for Kyuhyun. Yes, he admitted what he felt for Kyuhyun was not a simple infatuation by now since his heart was in too much pain to say it was just a silly crush so get over it, people.

Lots of people might think it was quite a cliché how he came to love Kyuhyun despite his attitude that sometimes made Changmin wanted to slap and kiss him at the same time. It started in the second year of middle school, this feeling of his.

He was out buying groceries for dinner and somehow ended in a deserted alley, his groceries scattered around him on the dirty pavement. He remembered feeling fear overwhelmed him at the time as he was faced with three male strangers that towered over him. He had whimpered and was frightened to the point of tears until a loud voice came from the end of the alley. The three strangers’ attention was on the owner of the voice immediately and Changmin had allowed himself to slump against the wall in relief.

Turned out, the voice belonged to Kyuhyun and well, Kyuhyun had somehow rescued him from being beaten to a pulp. He didn’t remember how Kyuhyun managed to fight off his attackers on his own but Changmin decided it wasn’t so important when Kyuhyun had smiled down at him and helped him to stand. His hand that grasped Changmin’s own was warm and his smile was even more so at that time and thus, Changmin found his heart beating erratically for the boy that had saved him.

After that, they parted just like that, with Changmin standing dazedly in the dark alley all alone for a few minutes; Kyuhyun nowhere in sight. Changmin didn’t even get the chance to ask his saviour’s name so when he saw Kyuhyun for the first time in two years at the start of his school year in high school, to say he was giddy was an understatement. He was ecstatic to finally meet him again but it seemed like the boy had forgotten him and so, Changmin was able to only look at the boy from afar even though they were classmates because he was afraid he would make a fool of himself in front of the boy. Changmin was contented with just that before but now, he wasn’t so sure about that.

It hurt when Kyuhyun confessed his love to someone that was not him. He thought that he might have a chance to make Kyuhyun noticed him but then, that stupid jerk had to go and crush his tiny ray of hope along with his heart by saying he loved Sungmin in his presence even though he was unaware of Changmin being there at that moment.

Changmin sighed dejectedly. Fate was so cruel sometimes. What did he do in his past life to deserve this? It had always been his dream when he was younger to find a perfect girl to marry that could give him beautiful children and live happily ever after but no, he had to be gay and fell for Cho Kyuhyun, the insensitive jackass that was out of his league.

Changmin moaned piteously and thumped his head softly against the bark of a tree that he was currently leaning his back against. He had managed to escape both Kyuhyun and his best friends for lunch break. By escaped, he practically jumped out of his seat as soon as the bell that signalled for lunch break chimed and ran out of the classroom. He did feel guilty though at the gobsmacked expression on Junsu and Jaejoong’s face because they really wanted to know how his date went but he really wanted to be alone after the shocking revelation of Kyuhyun’s true feeling towards his childhood friend.

Changmin had bolted from the scene before Kyuhyun nor Sungmin could see him after he gave out an involuntary gasp and had wandered aimlessly around the school until the first bell rang. He had barely made it into the class and avoided Jaejoong and Junsu’s eyes.

Changmin fiddled with the grass and sighed for the nth time. Suddenly, a huge shadow casted around him and Changmin looked up to a sight of a male smiling down at him.

“Hey, mind if I sit next to you?” He asked, his voice soft and gentle.

Changmin shook his head despite his wariness and scooted over to make some room for the other boy. The boy lowered himself next to him and they sat in silence for a while until the boy broke it.

“You look down. Did something happen?”

Changmin was startled at the question and he stared at the stranger that looked older than him and who was smiling gently at him while he pondered whether to tell him or not. Well, it didn’t hurt to share and he really did need someone to talk to before he became more down and he got the feeling that the older boy was a good listener.

“I…earlier this morning, Kyu- I mean, someone that I like…he confessed to someone else.”

The boy beside him looked very surprised at the exclamation and turned his whole body to face Changmin, “Really? Are you sure?”

Changmin blinked and nodded. The boy seemed baffled at his answer before regaining his composure.

“And…?” he prodded.

Changmin frowned.

“How do you feel about it?”

Changmin flushed and he looked down. He fiddled with his thumbs and took a deep breath before deciding to be honest about it.

“I…was shocked and it hurts too. A lot.” Changmin finished quietly.

“You love him.” It was a statement.

Changmin took a glance at the boy beside him. There was a soft smile that adorned his face and Changmin felt comforted by it.


The older male hummed and leaned back against the tree, “I don’t think you should worry.”

Changin tilted his head in confusion over his words but the latter only gave a tiny knowing smile that was so eerily Gaeun’s.

“The person you like, is it Cho Kyuhyun?”

At that, Changmin’s face concealed no surprise and the boy gave an assuring smile.

“If it will make you feel better, Sungmin and Kyuhyun are only childhood friends, Changmin.”

Changmin stared in shock at the other’s words. How did he know his name and more importantly about Kyuhyun and Sungmin?

The boy glanced at him and his lips quirked, “Well, the bell’s gonna ring soon so I’ll take my leave now.”

The boy got up from his place beside Changmin. Before he could think about it, Changmin reached out a hand to grab the boy’s wrist.

“W-who are you?”

The boy gave a small smile.

“You’ll know soon, Changmin. I’m sure we’re going to meet each other again in the near future like a lot.” The boy chuckled and pried his wrist gently from Changmin’s grasp and turned to walk off.

Changmin stared hard until the boy disappeared from his sight.

Changmin was pondering over the identity of his sudden consultant from earlier when he felt his phone vibrated. He stopped walking and looked at the device in his hand after he took it out from his pocket. Kyuhyun’s name flashed on the screen. Changmin clutched his phone tightly as he hesitated before deciding to answer. Running was not the solution.


“Where the hell are you?”

Changmin scowled and he felt his anger rising at Kyuhyun’s tone.

“Why should it matter to you where I am? I’m only your fake boyfriend after all,” Changmin spat bitterly.

Kyuhyun went silent. Changmin tried to ignore the painful clenching of his heart at the latter’s silence and took a deep breath.

“What do you want?” Changmin hated how weak he sounded and how his voice shook. Since when did he get so emotional?

“Just…Just get back to the classroom.” Kyuhyun’s voice was a little gentler this time.

“Why? There’s still time before break ends.”

“Max.” There was warning laced in Kyuhyun’s voice and a tinge of…worry?

Changmin sighed and relented, “Alright. I’m heading there n-”

Changmin never got the chance to finish his word because a cloth was pressed against his mouth and he instantly felt dizzy. The world swirled in his vision and Kyuhyun’s voice was the last thing he heard before everything went black.

SURPRISE SURPRISE. A new character appeared!

So, who do you think it is, Changmin's sudden consultant?

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