I know I shouldn't be adding up a story because I still needa finish my other one and I barely update. But I got inspired by  the dramas and movies I watched LOL

Well.. I hope you

enjoy it? ^^


"oh...! When are they ever gonna get tired? My lungs are soon gonna explode."

I salute those paparazzis for running non-stop while holding humongous cameras with them that's tied around their neck. If it was me, I would have cracked my neck, and die just like what happened to Hyun Jyu Ni noona-the actress- when I killed her by cracking her neck. Well I'm talking about the drama, Iris. You know how I'm a murderer there and killed the best hacker I betrayed? Yeah..

Well back to real life. I've been running for 10 minutes and these guys. Oh. may. gahh. I just want a private life even just for a second. Even with an afro wig and big specs, they recognized me. Well, who wouldn't recognize the pure T.O.P? That's Top everyone, the pure innocent TOP. I looked back and saw them 40 feet away from me. I'm tired! I saw a vehicle ahead parked on the left and went behind it, making it look like I turned left. Cool right? I find it cool. I thought you only see this in movies, but it really happens in real life.. shingihada[it's amazing/cool]!

When they started running to the left, I started running back. Looking back, just to make sure, they're not following me anymore, I'm running as fast as I could to go back to my house. I don't want them to know where I live cuz If they do, they'll be outside my house 24/7.


I heard a voice and felt like I bumped into someone. I turned around and saw a girl almost falling when I pulled her arms. When I pulled her, I felt and saw with my two sparkling, pretty eyes how my lips touches a stranger's lips. Her eyes are big and brown and never did she close them when we 'kissed'. Her hair is brown, wavy, messy, and long. Long enough to pass by my hands that are holding her arms.

"Click, click. WAAA! DAEBAK!"

AIISSH! HOW COME THEY'RE HERE?! AREN'T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING ALL THE WAY OVER THERE?! I pushed back, let go of the girl and started running when I stopped because of the guilt I felt. I looked back to see the paparazzis coming towards the girl, and so I went back to grab her hands and dragged her with me.





*Rapper Of Big Bang

*Yekno the infos about him. yeah. I'm sure you dooo. ;)

Son Mi-Aen

*A 23 year old Director noob [It's only been a year since she graduated from Seoul University]

*uhh.. she's a girl. 

LOL I'm joking! I'm really bad at forewords.

Big Bang

G-Dragon [<3 AHA sorry I just really like GD^^]






&& other idols.




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purpleswaggGlam #1
Chapter 26: Oh no. I hope she's ok.
Onepenny #2
Chapter 26: Oh no! At least her caregiver will be damn hot!! Sponge bath anyone?
Chapter 26: Ooooohhhh hospital time! XD I wonder what seunghyun's reaction will be by then... Update soon please xP
FolderName #4
Chapter 26: uh oh~ not good
mrsmlegver #5
Chapter 25: It's totally hilarious how he called the other kibum when he was suppossed to called another kibum, hahaha
FolderName #6
Chapter 25: he called the wrong Kibum and heck his rant when he's the one on the wrong~ he's cute ^^
Chapter 25: hahaha omg I crack up on the part where Seunghyun called the wrong Kibum xD
Awesome fic!!!! Update soon please <3 :)
FolderName #9
you're updated ^^ and LoL she left Joon..