Once Upon a Winter Night



Hello everyone! Maeyang here!

I am bringing you a Hunhan one-shot!

Hope you enjoy! I don't want to spoil anything so I will only give a short description~





                                Your eyes.... I know them so well.

     It's like I was staring into an ice cold heart when I first saw those eyes.

                            But they were the eyes that only I fell for. 

The eyes that I would never hesitate to stare into and feel my hearbeat race.




It's like you don't even want me anymore when I see you with him...

holding him like he was your first love.                         

But he wasn't                                              


I was.                                                      

I still am...                                                  








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bubbleteahunhan #1
Chapter 1: finally you updated! i like it so far! update soon
babyhun #2
Chapter 1: awww this is sad~ i feel bad for lulu. whats gona happen?! update soon!
marla245channie #3
Chapter 1: oooo a twoshot. this is interesting~~~ update it soon please!
moonahie #4
when will this be updated? <3
babyhun #5
This looks really good~ I admire hunhan!
bubbleteahunhan #6
UNNI YES! YOU KNOW I LOVE HUNHAN! please update soon! I cant wait! sj,fbsuhfsiudhxc,ihadss!
ohhh~ update! this sounds interesting! i love HunHan XD