We all wish for this thing called love...


Then that one person comes along...

And you fall, you fall hard into this person's everything.

This person hold your heart as gently as possible.

You trust this person with everything you have.

There is not one doubt in your mind that this isn't real.


You get butterflies in your stomach everytime you see him.

You smile like it's your first time ever smiling.

You look at this person like you've never looked at anyone before.

And that person does the same.


And then they're gone.

They disappear without one word said.

And you slowly but surely find out the truth about this person...


and you heart crumbles to pieces bit by bit.


And you die inside.


And you feel like everything was really nothing.





"It's like once you left, my world stopped and fell apart in that very second."


"The man.. who... who I feel in love with...

Why would I cry over him?

What's the p-point?

He's nothing to me now..."


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Ooh, can't wait for the first chapter!
Sounds interesting :) update soon :)))!
leexolova #3
this looks so interesting~ update it soon please ^^