We met in Heaven



How is heaven?

I wish I could visit you sometime....

Maybe one day we'll meet again.

Maybe one day I can love you again...

Maybe one day... I won't be alone in this tragic world.

Are you missing me too?



I should've left first...

I could have saved an innocent caring life as yours.

I could have left and let you at least finish your dreams on this world.

Are you mad?


I'll see you soon... 

I promise.







This is you/OC: Hye Eunsung

You're in love with one man. And will always love that one man, Donghae.



He loved one woman, you. He promised to always love you

but he couldn't keep his promise when an accident occured causing

him to never feel "love" again.



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Chapter 4: Sorry i havent commented in a while! Please update soon! i like your story a lot~
melonlove #2
Chapter 4: I like the side 'couple' eunhyuk and yoonhi<3
bubbleteahunhan #3
Chapter 4: I want them to kiss
seoberslove #4
I cant wait to start this! looks interesting <3
love it unni! update soon
isarangu #6
Chapter 4: this is really cute
melonlove #7
Chapter 3: I want her to admit she likes him lol she so does. but i know how she feels <3
luluseob #8
cant wait to start reading! please update a lot so we have a lot to read ^^
sujuie #9
Chapter 3: i like this so far! I hope their love is admitted soon~
bubbleteahunhan #10
Chapter 3: i feel like the feels this is going to give me will be too much. update soon!