Music Core Meetings (Last Part)

I Got Married... To Teen Top?!
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Shady Girl - SISTAR
Narrator’s P.O.V:
The other three people focused their gazes on you. You furrowed your eyebrows, “Me?” You asked confusedly.
The four approached you. One of the girls socked the surprised boy’s arm. “God, Onew.” She rolled her eyes. “Jiyeon!” Onew grimaced at her and she just shrugged and looked at you, “Annyeong.” She grinned, expecting you to know her.
You meekly waved. “Hello.” Jiyeon stared at you, obviously surprised. The other boy coughed audibly. “Are you filming a show?” He asked. You nodded. “It’s We Got Married.”
“Aha! So I was correct! You’re ________-sshi, am I right?” Onew piped up proudly. You nodded, giving a friendly smile. “You know us, right?” Onew gestured to the four people. You shook your head. Onew’s eyes widened, “You don’t know us? SHINee? T-ara? Miss A?”
You gave him a sympathetic smile, “I’m not familiar with any idols except for Teen Top, Infinite, and I just met Dalmatian today.” You replied and added, “I just moved from USA a few weeks ago.”
The other boy looked at you, surprised. “Well then, nice to meet you, _______-sshi. I’m Minho, SHINee’s rapper.” “And I’m Lee Jinki, stage name -- Onew. I’m SHINee’s leader.” Onew gave you a cute peace sign.
“I’m Jiyeon from girl group T-ara. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Jiyeon gave you a happy smile. “Hi, my name’s Suzy. I’m from JYP Entertainment’s girl group, Miss A.” Suzy shook your hand. “Annyeonghaseyo! I’m _______, Teen Top’s virtual wife.” You waved.
“Which member in Teen Top are you ‘married’ to?” Suzy asked you curiously. You blinked up at her, “All of them.” Suzy, Jiyeon, and Minho’s jaw dropped, “All of them?!”
Onew shrugged, “It shocked me at first too, but they all look good together.”
You nodded, “I know that WGM usually only has one boy and one girl, but I guess that isn’t the case for me.” Minho nodded, “I see.” Jiyeon waved to the camera, “Viewers, please support and love the Teen______ couple a lot!”
After chatting with them for a while, you forgot to ask them where Teen Top’s waiting room was. Luckily, you saw a familiar blonde head rushing over to you. “Sungjong Oppa.” You said, putting your conversation with Suzy, Jiyeon, Minho, and Onew to a halt.
“Yah, I was looking all over for you!” Sungjong frowned, sighing. You stared innocently at him. “What for?”
“Did you forget that you were supposed to go meet up with your hubbies? L. Joe hyung was nagging me to go find you!” He huffed. “Omo! I forgot!” You hit your head with your fist. “Ms. Forgetful.” Sungjong rolled his eyes.
You waved to the four people and walked with Sungjong. “Did you seriously forget?” He questioned. “I was originally asking them for directions to Oppas’ waiting room, but I forgot.” You frowned at yourself. “Is that true?” Sungjong asked the PD. She nodded.
“Wha--? Oppa, you don’t believe me?” Your jaw dropped. Sungjong shook his head, signaling a no. “Not in the least.” You feigned anger, “Grr.”
After apologizing to the Teen Top boys, Sungjong left. “I became lost after wandering around.” You admitted sheepishly to the boys. They laughed and you rested your head on Niel’s shoulder. “Mian.”
Niel aww-ed. “Forgiven already!” He cooed at you. You grinned at the camera and put up the peace sign. *Victory~* You thought. The seven of you chatted about the performance and you kept telling them that they were amazing and you were praising them the whole time.
“Jinja? I’m going to check this week’s episode!” Ricky warned. You nodded. “Why? Am I not trustworthy?” You pretended to sniffle. “Not in the least.” Chunji replied.
“Aish, you guys.” You frowned. “We’re just joking.” CAP laughed. “I know.” You replied, changing your frown to a smile. “Well, we’re all changed out of our clothes. Ready to go to our home?” L. Joe stood up and stuck his hand out, offering to help you up.
Your heart felt warm after hearing them call the house ‘our home’. Unknowingly, a sweet smile took place upon your lips. You reached your hand and placed it in L. Joe’s.
“Yeah. Let’s go home.” You agreed.
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gonna check this later huhu
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iiamjaydee #2
Chapter 17: Its amazing! Iloveyour stories! :) My bias are Ljoe and Chunji xD i would like to have more interactions with Ljoe haha. My favorite song of the moment is Supa Luv ! :) my favorite chapter is "Call me Oppa"
Pairings will be "You and Infinite" :) hehe

I really love your stories! I just finished reading "My Secret Nerdy Boyfriend" haha and now I'm reading this :) iloveit! Keep up the good work author-nim! FIGHTING!
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Chapter 62: I read this story again and I still love it..Please make more Teen Top fanfics.. ^-^
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LOL thanks for your hilarious comments! :D
Chapter 62: I find it kind of weird for her to get pregnant with EACH ONE OF THEM ! First time I see this ! But I loved the story a lot <333 Thanks for writing this~~