Chapter 4: Flashback: Last Memorable Moment

It's Goodbye

You were still in a deep sleep when your phone suddenly rang. You grumbled and tried looking for your phone. No where, you sat up and looked around. Then you noticed it was on the desk stand. You picked it up and opened it. One new text message. You viewed the text message and it was from Sehun. 

Good morning^^....if you are reading this and you just woke up mianhae for disturbing your sleep...but...around 9 please come to the park near your house :D....i'll be waiting^^



*What would he want?* you thought. You shrugged it off and jumped off from bed. You headed into the bathroom. You took a shower and washed your face. Then when you came out you put on the towel and headed off into your room. You closed the door behind you, and started looking for an outfit. When you finally found one, you put it on. Then you checked the time. 8:40 a.m.. You figured you should be heading out. You walked down the stairs, and your parents werent awake. You decided to leave a note.

Umma....Appa, i'll be heading off first. Sehun wants to talk to me right now so i hope you wont be shocked when im not around. Haha....i hope you'll read this note. Also, good morning^^~



You read over the note and nodded. Then you put the pen down and left. You then put on your shoes. *Hmmmm...should i wait alittle so i wont be so early?* you thought. *Oh well..i dont want him to wait long!* you thought. Then you left and locked the door behind you.

(The outfit on the left, and your shoes on the right) :D

You headed down the street. Finally you reached the park, and you saw Sehun waiting there on the bench. You thought of a plan. You sneekily went behind his back. Slowly you walked closer. When you reached him, you covered his eyes with your hands. He jumped at the touch. You giggled alittle.

"Guess whooo!!" you yelled.


"Mianhae!" you giggled. You then walked around and sat next to him. His heart started to race faster as you were sitting close to him. *It's now or never* he thought. You looked at him.

"Eun-" he got cut off.

"Today's a beautiful day isnt it?" you said. He sighed and nodded. You kept on talking and talking. He grew annoyied and picked up his hands. He cupped it over your mouth. You stopped talking.

"EunJi, listen to me..." he said. He released his hand from your mouth. You looked at him.

"Sehunnie?" you asked.

"EunJi...i fell inlove with you...from the time we grew up together until now..." Sehun confessed. You looked at him in the eye. *a confession?* you thought. He held your hand, but you pulled away.

" do you feel?" he asked.

"Mianhae....i...only feel like your my Oppa..." you said. He looked away. *Is this how she really feel?* he thought. *Mianhae scared..* you thought. He looked into your eye again.

"Gwenchana...Eunnie" he said. Then he walked away from you. *Mianhae Oppa...jebal...dont leave me!* you thought. You watched his back as he left. You bit your bottom lip. You felt bad now. The next day, you couldn't find him anywhere. You even went to his house, but no answer. The house was dark inside. *Oppa...where'd you go....* you thought.


Author's Note:

Sad? i know T.T..Poor Sehun...lalalalalalala......but i had to keep it with the storyline so forgive me!!! if she accepted him here then there's no drama T.T.................................................................Forgive me...............................T.T...........................................ANYWAYS...... TODAY IS TEEN TOP'S 2ND ANNIVERSARY YEYEYEYEYEYEYEEY 2012.07.10!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love,


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cactusinexo-l #1
Chapter 3: Kinda up set, cause later on in the story some didn't tell Sehun why Eunnie didn't want to date Sehun.
Cicilia_357 #2
Chapter 17: I read this story and..
DAEBAK!! I like your story very much! :)
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Chapter 38: Unnie,I really love this story!! Argument is my bias and at some point of this story I hated him. I wish eunji unnie wakes up.
Chapter 38: Authornim u made me cry T,T..hehehe but i love ir story.jjang!! (Y)
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 3: Wow my last nme is also xiong! R u somewhat dreaming of becomin a kpop star? Im askin becuz many ppl wanna become a kpop star especially if they kno alot bout kpop!
Ahhh!! I loved it! Omg I feel as though she needs to be with Luhan like PRONTO and get over her Sehun feels....even though my bias is Sehun but i just can't deal with him in this!!! xD Gonna start your sequel now!! :D
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so sad but so cute...bittersweet TT_TT
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