Perfect Man (Sequel of Dream Boy)


It's been months since Hyemi has been in love with the guy of her dreams, Baekhyun. Within months of dating, they both are engaged. Hyemi wants a perfect wedding for her and her perfect man.

Their 12 friends support their love. Except for one person. What happens when she comes back to see him? What happens if she and Baekhyun are related? What happens before Baekhyun and Hyemi officially get married? 
More drama comes than before. She is more powerful than Hyuna, Baekhyun's ex. She will try anything to get Baekhyun to change his mind about his marriage with Hyemi. Baekhyun will have to make a decision. Her or Hyemi?

Will Bawerp continue?


you (kang hyemi); A loyal girl who is engaged to Baekhyun. Best friend with Chanyeol. Cares about her friends and will do anything to please anyone.



chaemi; Just a cute 17 year old girl. Baekhyun's cousin. Hyemi's new friend. Sehun's girlfriend. Will do anything to keep Hyemi and Baekhyun together.


baekhyun; Hyemi's fiance. Used to be cold, still is, but only towards strangers. Lives in Chanyeol's house with Hyemi. Loves animals.
suho; A sweet, kind gentlemen. Known as the guardian angel of the house.
kai; A child-like teen who loves video games. Can be shy towards strangers, but very sarcastic and playful towards friends and family.
chanyeol; Your best friend who's kind and smart and loves ramen. Owns a cafe.
tao; Very quiet, can be a gentlemen at times. Takes advantage of his aeygo.
chen; A gentlemen, but flirty. Silent but annoying.
kris; Shy and funny, loves to be with his family. Least seen around his friends
do; Quiet, mysterious but flirty. Likes to mess with Hyemi and Baekhyun
luhan; Was cold, when moved out, now lives with family and girlfriend.
lay; Least talkitive. Loves to dance. Treats Hyemi like a sister
xiumin; A hamster like boy. Steals girls hearts with his dancing skills. Likes to eat and puff his cheeks, pretending to be a baozi.
sehun; Uber tall to be a maknae, loves to dance and drinks tea. Says he can be a maknae "if" he wants to. Dates Chaemi, and cares for his Hyemi noona.


hyemi's list of the most perfect wedding;

♦001} perfect dress
♦002} perfect place

♦003} perfect photoshoot
♦004} perfect guests
♦005} perfect honeymoon
♦006} perfect man

Title: Perfect Man (Sequel of Dream Boy)
Main characters: Kang Hyemi (OC), Baekhyun (EXO)
Minor characters: Rest of EXO members, fictional characters

Current poster: baconnism- @ ℘lanova™
Old poster and background: infinternity ; graphicshoppe
Character chart:
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Started: 120621
Ended: 120630
Prequel: Dream Boy
Author's Note: Dream Boy has been successful! Now I will write the sequel! Hope you guys will enjoy it! Just posted this story up and within minutes, tons of people subscribed! You guys are true Bawerp shippers! <3 For new readers, I suggest you should read the prequel before reading this one. ^^

okay, I'm just going to say, I at writing wedding things. xD I've only been to 3 and I hardly paid attention to most of the ceremony, so ish update. D:

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mmyramos2004 #1
Chapter 17: this made me cry.It broke my heart
Chapter 19: Do your job author-nim~~
Chapter 6: Welcome to OHMYGOD!!!! >.< that one was hilarious. ROFL
KookieSeo5 #4
Chapter 18: The fanfic was good but I really want to whack Jihae in the face
Exofangurl1274 #5
I really ship bawerp alot..lolol...
one of the shipping i can never forget
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 28: Love this story so muchh<333 , I ship Bawerp^^ , off to read the third installment~
Chapter 28: I ship Bawerp so much couldnt stop reading this since Dream boy gahhh <3
Chapter 28: This fanfic is so adorable!
I've been reading the prequel and this for the past few days. It's so good!

I love Bawerp!

I'll be reading your third installment~
Lovely0303 #9
Chapter 27: Perfect Fanfiction! The Bawerp couple is so adorable! I love the plot of this fanfic!
But most of all I love Baekhyun!!!!!! <3