The King Game


EXO-M & EXO-K are finally done their debut promotions.  Under the surprise of SME, Both groups have finally gathered in Seoul and was granted a 1 week vacation in the SM Villa.  What the boys didn't know was that they weren't the only ones that was given a break after a long promotion period. Riann, a well known asian actress would be joining them as well.

The 13 of them are free to do and go whatever they wish for the next week, that is until the 9 pm curfew hits.  Once night falls all 13 souls are restricted within the SM property.  The first couple of days was fine but when the 4th night hit, all 13 were bored out of their minds.  So Kai's made an interesting suggestion to play the King Game.  Well all of them agree?  What will happen? Who will be facing off who?


What is the King Game?

How to Play: All participants must draw pieces of paper, of which one is labeled as the "king." Similar to the American game of truth or dare, the king gets to give out orders to any member of the group to which they must follow. After the order is carried out the pieces of paper are drawn again and a new king is appointed.[11] [Taken from Wikipedia]


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This is interexting. /:) Please update! :)
HeartGold426 #2
Great story so far~ ^ - ^ I really like it.
Ami-chan #3
i really like it so far!~ please keep writing! I look forward to your updates!~