Pool Of Dreams - One Shot Request Shop [OPEN]


Hello lingering souls, fellow dreamers,  or whatever you are..

I am Park Hye Rin, you humans call our species the Puppeteers, since I can alter, create, and destroy anything including fate.  I can tell from the look on you face I see a wish deep inside your heart... Do you want it to come true?

You do?? then you came to the right place

Welcome to....

♦♦♦The Pool Of Dreams♦♦♦

We can grant your wish but at a price.  Don't worry the price is no more and no less then how much power we contributed to make it come true.  When you are ready please fill out this form please. After that go to that table and pick a piece of orgami paper then fold it into a crane with the form inside.

  1. Pink(Love)
  2. Red (Glore/ Violence)
  3. Black (Tragedy)
  4. White (Fluff)
  5. Blue (Sad/Tear Jerker)
  6. Purple (If the coupling is an OTP)
  7. Silver or Gold (Surprise Me)

When you are done just drop the crane in the box over there.  Your wish will come true when one of the puppeteers picks up your crane and drops it into the wishing well.  We will come find you when your dream comes true so until then Take Care you.

Disclaimer:  I don't own any of the idols.  Like most fangirls out there, I wish i do but come one the world can only give us so much.  and the whole paying up thing was taken from xxxholic!! I love that manga!!

© TheLaughableOne 2011.  All Rights Reserved to the author.  Please don't redistribute without permission.  Feel free to link others to this.


Background: Taken From  DemonOfThorns [link]

Cover Picture: Taken From newromantic.net [link]


General Information:

HAI HAI, this is Amanda, I am to be in 93 line with Taemin Oppa, Sungjongie, L. Joe, and Chunji.  This is not my first FF but like my 7th one.  The other ones one is completed, 2 are applied and the others are just long chapter ones.  I have no time to write chaptered ones with the stress of Uni weighting me down so i decided to open a one shot request instead.  I can still write stories but i don't have to make each chapter make sense to one another.  I'm going to write requests and some for my own wishes.  So I hope you will request using the form below.


  1. No Bashing... Like really this is the 21st Century, Can't we live in a world where we don't have to hear others putting us down...
  2. Please make your personality and plot outline relate...I don't want to read about stories that won't happen in real life... Like a strong willed girl pretending to be weak infront of the guy she likes... In real life these types of girls won't let a guy make her change at all that is why they are strong willed...
  3. Please don't be vague if you are expecting a particular outcome in the story.  It's hard for an author to write stories if they only get half the picture.  Either make it so general that I can play with it however i want or give me enough details that i can work with it...
  4. Unless you have a specific personality for your partner, I can only to write them according to how i see them in varieties and interviews.
  5. I don't do at all.  I love reading them but i can't write them even to save my life.  I don't do Yuri or ... I can write but male OTPs...but those only apply to my favorite groups (which will be displayed in the bottom)
  6. PM to this account.  Don't Forget to Subscribe and Comment so I know I have a request. [Title it: Wish Request: Character Name(Username)]
  7. Since you can't C&P anymore i linked the form to my AFF blog!! you don't have to send it VIA email if you want!! just send Paste it in the Comment Box
  8. I am a well rounded person but i don't know ALL kpop groups... well male ones i almost do but females are a bit more iffy so don't be mad just cause i don't know how to write it with your bias.  I will try my best but if i really can't I'll pm you about it.
  9. Lastly don't rush me...I'm a university student, I have a life.  I don't sit by the computer all day and wait for stories to appear

Kpop Groups I Know

  • Infinite
  • Block B
  • SHINee
  • B2ST
  • B1A4
  • Boyfriend
  • Teen Top
  • Dalmatian
  • T-ara
  • SS501
  • U-Kiss (including Kibum and Xander)
  • AA
  • Jay Park
  • FT Island
  • HITT
  • X-5
  • IU
  • G.NA
  • BEG

(I'm not going to write them all... I'm going to write out my favorites... then some groups that are not as popular that ppl like.  I'm going to exclude the artists from the Big 3 or 4 since I'm going to assume you know i know them)

[For those who don't know the Big 4... It's SM, JYP, YG and newly added Cube]


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Annyeong eonnie! I applied -^^- good luck with school~ Hwaiting!