Collecting the Sunshine


f(Luna) story collection.

There are 5 chaptered stories (Pt ##), 2 shots (P##), and 1 shot (##).  Most are Luna & Idol couples with the occasion Luna Only 1 Shot.


Luna Monologue: 01

Male Radar:

B.A.P.: Bang YongGuk:HimChan:

Block B: UKwon: Pt 01, 02, 03 /

B.T.S.: Suga: 01

EXO: LuHan: 01 / | Suho: 01 /  | Kris: 01 | Chen: 01

Infinite: SungGyu: | Woohyun: | Hoya:

Teen Top: Chunji: | L.Joe: Pt. 01020304, 05/



DisClaimers: I do not own the characters but I do own the plots.  All the storylines are based on my perspective on Luna's relationship with these males.  By no means are any of these plots the reflection of reality.

No CopyRight Infringement Intended

I need ideas :( who should i ship with luna or what kind of situation should i put her in? maybe a happy ending one?

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Chapter 6: luna and L.joe interaction is so cute....^^
wonder if you will continue to write this story again...
Chapter 3: Nooo no more angst!! I can't stand angst >_< it was really kinda sad and unsatisfying to read that there was never any clearance between them. I do believe Ukwon liked her, but why he acted that way...I dunno
Chapter 6: That was cute but a bit sad since there was so many uncertainties...I do think they're both in love, but since it's all Luna's side I don't know if Ukwon would admit his love for her...I would love to see a sequel where she gets back and things happen and in the end they do end up together :)
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 5: looking forward for ur update ^^
Chapter 5: Do continue the Lulu fic!!^^ Your way of writing is really good, i will wait for your update :D
0501aholic #6
Chapter 5: Wow my mature baby made a great story. I love this Lulu fic. I already told you I liked it
(Even though I miss the pink umbrella)
Please keep writing fics like this
I-will gladly read them first ya know?.;)
And one happy XiuLu fic for me please? maybe?
TeukNa #7
Chapter 5: poor luhan. but i kinda like the plot. anyway, can i ask you something? i heard that luna and suho were dating. is it true?
Chapter 5: aww that was angsty ;~; Poor Luhan...he's in a tough situation.
Chapter 5: cute but sad also poor luhan
I hope you write more exo \luna
TeukNa #10
Chapter 4: so cute XD can't wait for the next update :D