Chapter 13





Chanyeol plans to catch the last bus of the night as he gets set to leave Baekhyun’s apartment. Baekhyun, who is still wallowing in his own misery, can’t even spare a glance to his friend as he not so subtly tries to get Baekhyun to pay attention to him. Chanyeol lingers by the door and takes extra time putting his jacket and shoes on. Baekhyun can tell that he wants to say something, but he’s not entirely sure he wants to hear it. After the less than wonderful experience and then his mental breakdown promptly after, Baekhyun can only imagine some of the things Chanyeol might say.

“Baek—“ Chanyeol tries finally, but Baekhyun just can’t let him get any further.

“Thanks for helping me with this,” Baekhyun says quickly, already retreating back to his room. He says this because really, he is thankful. Not many people would just agree to have with someone out of the blue. Sure, he just royally ed himself over, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t thankful. But then he starts thinking too much and he’s about to start crying again so he just walks away and leaves Chanyeol to show himself out.

He does a lot of thinking that night and it doesn’t help that about an hour after Chanyeol leaves, he sends Baekhyun a text saying ‘are you okay??’.  It’s a little past midnight but Baekhyun stares at the words until his vision starts to blur.

Maybe… he thinks.Chanyeol isn’t going to go running and screaming in the opposite direction. If he wanted to end his friendship with Baekhyun over terrible , he definitely wouldn’t be sending him an ‘are you okay??’ text, right?

Just to be sure, Baekhyun warily texts back, even though it’s been nearly half an hour and Chanyeol’s probably asleep now anyways.

‘We’re okay, right?’

Baekhyun sets his phone aside, not expecting a reply for several hours at least. But then he jumps slightly when his phone buzzes not even thirty seconds later.

of course we are :P <3

That stupid little heart sends Baekhyun’s thoughts reeling once again. On one hand, he’s sort of glad that Chanyeol isn’t freaking out as much as he is. On the hand, why the hell isn’t Chanyeol freaking out as much as he is? Wasn’t it just a few hours ago that Chanyeol was falling over himself trying to apologize? Is he writing everything off already? But isn’t that what Baekhyun wanted?

Baekhyun tosses his phone somewhere in the corner and decides that he needs to get his together, right here and now. This whole having business has turned out to be a bigger headache than he originally thought.

Jonghyun is set to come back in five days. That’s five days he gets to spend with Chanyeol before he signs himself over to be Kim Jonghyun’s boyfriend. He’s not sure if that’s the best way to put it, since it sounds like he’s being forced to do it against his will, when really he’s not. He wants to go out with Kim Jonghyun. Jonghyun is literally the dictionary definition of a perfect boyfriend, not to mention Baekhyun has worked way too damn hard to even get to this point. Baekhyun is clingy, he admits to it. He likes guys that will take him out and buy him , the sappy kind that will write songs for him. He knows Jonghyun will do that for him, and he knows his best friend won’t. He knows Chanyeol’s idea of a “date” would be what they already do: staying in and playing video games and watching ninja movies. He thinks… if that’s how Chanyeol would be as a boyfriend… it’s sort of like he’s his boyfriend already. Minus the kissing and stuff…. but he supposes they’ve already done that, too.

It’s a selfish thought and he knows it. But until Jonghyun does come back, he can pretend to himself that Chanyeol’s his almost sort of boyfriend, right? He just wants to see what it’s like… and Chanyeol likes skinship and stuff so it won’t be any different from how they normally are…


Baekhyun knows his plan is risky and he knows that having the best of both worlds is really just a myth found on the Disney Channel but it’s only five days and he thinks he can get away with it if it’s such a short amount of time.

But of course… Baekhyun doesn’t get away with it.

At school, Baekhyun doesn’t leave Chanyeol’s side. Chanyeol is always affectionate with him, but when they’re at school, he usually keeps to himself. Ever since Baekhyun snapped at him First Year for embarrassing him in front of his then crush, he’s held back. Now Baekhyun’s not pushing him away, so Chanyeol is taking full advantage. He’s smiling so wide, like someone told him Christmas has come early, as he grips Baekhyun’s thin hand in his own. Baekhyun doesn’t miss the way that the taller’s hand sweats, since Chanyeol’s hands are normally ice cold. They meet in between each and every class, but every time, Chanyeol’s face lights up the same way as he gathers the shorter boy into his arms like he’s been away for years.

Baekhyun decides he’s better off not knowing what Chanyeol’s true thoughts about their little… experience are. He’s never really been in the midst of an unrequited love before, but if it’s anything like the dramas, he knows someday he’ll recover and move on. He also figures that having someone like Kim Jonghyun as your boyfriend will speed up the recovery process quite a bit.

It’s not like he wants go give up on Chanyeol or anything. He’s only been (knowingly) in love with the kid for less than 24 hours, but he figures he needs to quit while he’s ahead, just to save himself anymore heartbreak. Coming to this realization sort of makes him feel like he did all those years ago, when Chanyeol was on the basketball team. He feels like his best friend… just isn’t his, anymore.

He sees the way that Kim Minhee looks at him. Kim Minjee is a year younger than they are, and apparently she is a genius. She is short and thin and wears cute glasses and brightly colored socks that clash with her uniform. A fluffy bunny keychain hangs from her bright pink backpack. Kim Minjee is the perfect person for Chanyeol. He should’ve lost his ity to someone like her, not Baekhyun. He can picture Kim Minjee actually enjoying doing science homework in Chanyeol’s room, not secretly wishing she were somewhere else.

After Jonghyun comes back, Baekhyun will mention Kim Minjee to Chanyeol and see what he thinks of her. This is really cliché, but… he loves Chanyeol. And he doesn’t ever see himself being a good boyfriend to him. He knows that Chanyeol will still embarrass him in public and force him to do his dreaded Physics homework. And Baekhyun will still get mad and throw a fit… and Chanyeol doesn’t deserve that. Chanyeol needs someone that deserves him. 

But he’s got a few days to make the best of everything, so with that thought in mind, he squeezes Chanyeol’s hand harder and they walk to lunch. A really small part of him wants to just drag Chanyeol back into that utility closet and kiss him senseless for the entire lunch period but that would only complicate things further. Overall, not the best choice.

I deserve a ing medal. He grumbles to himself as they enter the cafeteria. He’s never been one to put other’s needs before his own. He blames it on his being an only child. The fact that he’s doing this for Chanyeol… I must be really ing in love with this kid. As it just so happens, Kim Minjee is only a few steps in front of them, and Baekhyun sure as hell doesn’t miss the look she shoots the taller boy by his side.

Chanyeol is too busy concentrating on that day’s menu, puffing out his cheeks as he contemplates his choices.

As they move through the line, Baekhyun studies Kim Minjee closely. Her hair is really shiny. He wonders how long it took her to get it that way.

Chanyeol offers to pay for his lunch. Baekhyun looks at him warily. Having him do that will only increase his guilt, but the look on Chanyeol’s face insists that he really wants to, so Baekhyun doesn’t deny him. Chanyeol’s smile looks almost proud as he hands over the crumpled notes to the cashier.

Everyone is already at the table, save for Kai. Three pairs of eyes shoot towards them and Baekhyun can’t help but think that they know. He remembers reading that people can tell when you’ve lost your ity. But he also remembers that he read that in a girl’s magazine (he was bored waiting in line at the store, okay?), so he’s not sure if it’s the same for guys.

Chanyeol doesn’t greet them as he falls into his seat and starts devouring his food. He never does though, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. As Baekhyun slides into his seat, it’s only then that he notices Sehun, Minseok, and Jongdae aren’t looking at them.

They’re looking at him, only.

Chanyeol wraps an arm around his shoulder as he continues to shovel food in his mouth and this only makes the three’s eyebrows raise. Baekhyun avoids their eyes as he tries to eat as demure as possible. He won’t give them the satisfaction of making him crack.

Kai shows up a few minutes later. He stops short as he approaches the table and immediately his eyes shirt towards Baekhyun, and then Chanyeol.

He doesn’t look angry or upset, which is quite a change from the past few days. He actually looks sort of surprised as he takes the empty seat next to Baekhyun. He’s glad that Sehun is finally talking (about his dog again, and how it keeps on burying all his sister’s favorite shoes in the backyard), therefore taking the awkward tension from the air and the attention off of him.

“So,” Kai says casually, softly as to not be heard by the others. “Did you—?”

He leaves the question hanging in the air. Baekhyun’s eyes go wide when he realizes what Kai’s actually asking. Did you and Chanyeol sleep together? He wonders how Kai even found it. Did Chanyeol tell him? If that’s the case, he can’t really lie his way out of this one. So he just nods slowly, and waits for Kai to unleash his wrath.

Except it never comes. A small smile actually overtakes his face and Baekhyun thinks it might actually be scarier than what he was expecting. “It’s about time,” Kai mutters before shoving a giant handful of kimbap into his mouth.

“Uhm,” Baekhyun says.

Baekhyun wants to ask Kai what the he’s talking about but now he’s immersed (or at least, pretending to be) in the dog conversation so Baekhyun is just left there, gaping like a fish.

Baekhyun goes through the rest of the day very, very confused. He’s constantly looking for Kai in the hallway between classes but the little has picked the most opportune time to make himself scarce. He finally finds him, already on his way out the doors after the final bell rings. Running through the narrow hallway as school’s letting out is no easy tasking, especially since Baekhyun hates running in general, but he manages to catch up to Kai as he stops to fiddle with his phone.

“Oh, hey,” Kai says when he see Baekhyun, gasping and panting with his hands on his knees. “Good thing I found you.”

“W-what?” Baekhyun sputters out. “I’ve been looking for you all day!”

“Really?” Kai raises his eyebrow, uninterested and Baekhyun thinks ‘There’s the Kai I know.’ “Well… I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.”

“What did you mea—wait. What?” Kai is batting a thousand today when it comes to knocking him back for a loop. Baekhyun just stares at him, completely dumbfounded.


“Yeah, sure…” Kai rubs the back of his neck and he looks down at his phone. “About all that stuff I said about you and Yeol. I mean… I’m glad it worked but…”

Worked? What worked? And Kai is sorry? Because he had with Chanyeol? What the actual is going on here?

No sooner than Baekhyun opens up his mouth to ask just that, does Chanyeol come bounding out of the school, his seemingly permanent smile painted right onto his face. He’s taking long strides towards Baekhyun and Kai just stands there and watches as the boy makes his way over to them.

But something else manages to peel his eyes away from the hyper Chanyeol coming at him at an increasing speed. At an even faster speed, zipping up the path that leads right to the front steps where they’re all currently standing is a car. A shiny black car that Baekhyun’s ridden in before.

Jonghyun’s car comes to a stop right in front of them, the exact same moment that he feels Chanyeol throw his arms around him from behind. Baekhyun is too shocked to move or even breathe. It’s only been four days! He wasn’t due back until next Monday!

Chanyeol is talking to Kai animatedly with his arms still securely around his friend. Baekhyun feels trapped. By Chanyeol, by the air suddenly pressing down on him. By everything.

“Hey, Baekhyun!” Jonghyun calls as he comes around the side of his car to greet him. He’s in his street clothes and if the situation were any different at all, Baekhyun would take the time to appreciate how nice he looks in that cardigan.  “Everything was fine, so we came back early. I came by to see if you wanted to come over? I wanted to talk to you.”

Finally… finally, Chanyeol releases his grip. Jonghyun just stands there patiently, waiting for his answer and waving to some of the seniors as they pass.

Only one day. That’s all he had. In one day, he managed single handedly to everything up. He can’t even bring himself to turn around, because he doesn’t want to see Chanyeol’s face or Kai’s or anyone else who might be back there. But he doesn’t have much of a choice, because he feels a forceful hand grip his shoulder and turn him around.

“Baekhyun,” Kai’s happy demeanor is gone now and he’s wearing that angry expression that he’s sadly gotten used to.

“Hey!” He hears Jonghyun shout from behind them. “Don’t touch him like that.”

No, no, no. Baekhyun pleads. Stop it. You’re making it worse.

“Back off,” Kai sneers, and gets right into Baekhyun’s face. “What the hell is going on here?”

Baekhyun’s not scared of Kai. Not really. The only thing he’s terrified of right now is the look on Chanyeol’s face. He figures he must have masochistic tendencies buried somewhere deep inside him because he looks. He looks at Chanyeol only to see the worst expression he’s ever seen on anyone. Ever.

Chanyeol starts stalking towards him. And not in the way he used to, where he’s smiling and happy and about to scoop Baekhyun up into his arms. He doesn’t even look angry. He just looks… disappointed. Well, he looks something worse than disappointed but Baekhyun's not even really sure what that is. He closes his eyes in preparation for whatever Chanyeol is about to dish out at him, but he’s absolutely dumbstruck as Chanyeol marches right past him and Kai, only to land a punch right into Kim Jonghyun’s perfect face.  


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