Running Man EP 93: EXO Special




Just another Running Man episode.

Our translaters are now subbing it!

Please be patient and wait 'til they finish. 


>> Episode 93: Part 1 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 2 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 3 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 4 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 5 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 6 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 7 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 8 <<

>> Episode 93: Part 9  [FINAL] <<



I’m sure the majority of you readers out there have watched at least one episode of the hilarious variety show Running Man.

If not, then I recommend you to put that on your ‘must watch’ list.

Anyways, as you guise might know, in most episodes, there would be one guest, multiple guests, or sometimes none at all!

There’s the intro, the chase, and the many challenging games near the end such as Tea Time, hardcore rock-paper-scissors, jumping rope etc. Oh right, throw in Sparta Kook too.

So what would happen when SM’s rookie group appear on the show?

Would they fall under the almighty Ace Jihyo? Chased into a corner by Commander Kook? Or maybe would the tables turn and they’ll fight back?

Who would be victorious in the end?

"Don't walk, run!"



Not all the members of EXO K and M will be present. That's 12 members against 7 members in Running Man. Not very fair eh? 

Also remember that everything here is purely fictional! 

EXO will not be on Running Man in the 93rd episode......though I do wish they would be.

Thanks to [Sunny-Side] Poster Shop! The posters made there are awesome. ^0^

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KangInwoo #1
Chapter 2: dafuq why is running man member so weak and why is jongkook is so damn weaker than sukjin
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 5: Well.. its nice and interesting, but why Running man so weak here? You know running man is pros at their missions... anyway nice story ^.^
sofya_fya #3
Chapter 10: where is my lay? pity my bias :(
Chapter 10: running man look weak :'( it's so unfair :'( please make it more interesting
Chapter 9: What about D.O., Baekhyun & Lay? ):
Chapter 6: Where Baekhyun and Kyungsoo ?? T^T
Chapter 9: HAHAHA i like it ! >:D
*want moarrrr*
Chapter 10: wooow, it was really good; love runningmann & exo 8D i hope youll do a btob one ^~^
[deactivated] #9
daebakkkk xDDD
i wish the the PDs will invite EXO to RM. but maybe impossible as they're still rookies. RM rarely invite the rookies to RM ;AA;
if EXO really join RM, im pretty sure the rating will explodes x'D
hoshi_starkwon #10
Chapter 9: omg this is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
awsomeness for authornim! *throws confetti*