Thinking of you

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My dear Teukie Angel,


If you read this letter it means that the roles have been reversed and I am now your angel. After all you have done for me it seems only fair that it is my time to watch over you like you have always watched over me as the true angel you are.

I wanted to marry you. I wanted to buy a small house somewhere on the country side with you. I wanted to have kids with you. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. But you reading this letter means that it is no longer a possibility. That I am no longer.  

I know this will come as a shock to you. Yeobo, please don’t cry. You cannot let this ruin your life, Teukie-ah. You have to find love again. You have to live your dreams and be happy. Be happy for me, my angel.

Please know that I love you far more than words can describe. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. No matter how I died or when I died my last thoughts have been you. You were always on my mind.


Watching you from above,

Your Racoon, Youngwoon.


I was talking to my lovely dongsaeng, Mikomi (who made the absolutely wonderful poster, by the way), the other night about what other music we liked apart from K-pop and I said that I really liked the song "Thinking of you" with Katy Perry. As I said it, the idea to this story started to develop in my mind. I am not yet sure whether this will be a oneshot, twoshot or chaptered. Depends on how the flow of writing this goes. With the ideas I have currently this can end up being everything from a drabble to a chaptered fic. 


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