Catching a Star


Evie runs away from the complications of fame. Now, with bills to pay, Avery decides to take her sister's place as one of the most famous K-pop singers, not knowing she would come up close with two unreachable stars. One is a sweet soul trying to find his place in the world, while the other hates her, but now, he doesn't seem to want to get away from her.


Main characters:

Kim Jonghyun: "In your eyes it is, the goodbye that we must say, so
hurry up and catch the wishes of our nights together before they hide."

Park Avery: "When the long night is colored by the moonlight,
I know an unachievable love is still love."

Lee Jinki: "Rest at my side for just a little,
and when the sun rises, fly away until you find your place in this world."


Hello everyone! Well, first of all I would like to say that I have thought for a long time if I should write this story again. My brother repaired my computer but he formatted it and I lost the chapters I had written about this story. I was so frustrated with it that I deleted the story, but then I realized it was very impulsive and I calmly wrote it again. I thought about it carefully because I didn't want to disrespect Jonghyun's memory in any way. He always seemed to me the sweetest boy in the world who unfortunately carried a great sadness inside. But despite that, his smile was beautiful just like him, in every sense of the word. This is a story dedicated to him, that's why I want to portray him as I imagine he was despite the pain. I will always love him even though I didn't know him. I hope you like this story that I wrote for a friend who has been a fan of his since Replay.

Hope you like it too. Thank u so much. - V.


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Chapter 1: The first chapter is very beautiful and well written. That kind of a chapter which makes me want to read more and sets right into the story.

Avery is about to enter a new life, something she is not prepared for, something different than her dream but she will make it because her sister's fate lays in her hands. And Shin's.

Shin thinks he can find her sister that easily? If she really got tired from idol life then it will be very hard to locate her. Or maybe there is some hidden truth, maybe Shin is lying or the sister dissapeared because she found out some secret or was caught in an unreleased scandal. But that is just my inner detective coming put after reading a thriller before this story.

Your writing is so good. I like your metaphors. You have a creativity which I hopes never stops flowing. I am very happy you didn’t give up on this story. It can be frustrating if all the chapters of a beloved story disapear. But you got this!