S(hr)imp on the barbie!?! / JMJ

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Chock full of a bogan mouth, Minjeong tries all her best to look cool in front of her all time crush, Yu Jimin, however she thinks she looks more like a boofhead.


Yu Jimin falls for Minjeong's clumsy charm.


(Luvie's Aussie edition)








Absolute headache to write, almost died (jkjk)... ANYWAY, said I was gonna post this if I got tickets to the Sydney concert and guess who did😏 Thank u to user minminda/@yjhnmj on twitter -> for the ticket, U DA GOAT. minda has slay works, check them out too <333

Jus to be nice, i wrote out definitions for y'all who do not get aussie slang (neither do I, my parents r immigrants...). Didn't want to make u guys suffer eheh <33



>> also how perfect is the cover !! jmj at an art gallery in my city 😌






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Chapter 2: that was fuuuuun
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Chapter 2: Woah this was mad good just like everything you do author-nim, btw congrats on getting the tickets. I hope you enjoy their show happily and ik you’ll get blessed with their beauty. I’m really happy for u hehe
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Chapter 2: I enjoyed reading this thank you authorrr
Taitai84 1238 streak #4
Chapter 2: I appreciate the dictionary…. But I was too lazy to switch back and forth between the chapters.
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Chapter 2: 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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Chapter 2: I loved it!
Sakunako08 #7
Chapter 2: This is sooo cuuuute
Chapter 2: this is sooooooo cuteee I was smilling the whole time💗💗