A peek to Jeonghan’s life 🥲

The suffering of being an omega
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In his bedroom, the twenty-two-year-old frail omega was lying on his bed panting and suffering from intense high fever, his mother went in and looked at the lad's situation.

" A fever again ?! Seriously what's wrong with this boy." She sighed, 

The boy's father entered too and sat up the lad.

" You can't work today either huh?! ."

Jeonghan trembling as his eyes teary.

" I-I can work." 

He helped his father sell newspapers and milk around for a fine price a day to pay the rent and make a living, since ever this man lost his job due to Company bankruptcy he became another person, he got so harsh to his family even his wife.

" If I brought a healthy alpha he would have helped us, unlike a useless weak brat like you."

He said harshly not caring about the lad's feelings or anything as they left his room and he kept lying suffering, " I-I'm sorry ap-appa u-umma."



He got weak both in body and personality, being blamed for something he didn't want and was born with, he lived all those twenty years suffering from their treatment, but before knowing he was an omega they used to treat him well.

Despite being a mere omega as they claim, jeonghan suffers from an inactive tumor and stuttering problem, also such a weak brain didn't make him finish his studies.

The boy has been living an unfair life since their condition became so poor.

His father didn't bother to drive him and check up on his illness.

His medicine was almost finished.

And even during meal time they don't count him in or bother to call him.


He kept sleeping and waking, whimpering because of his fever and headaches, and when it was bedtime, Jeonghan limped out of his room feeling so hungry.

" U-u-umma j-Jeonghan hungry." He murmured there, walking in darkness as his parents seemed sleeping by now so the boy made his way to the small kitchen and looked around for anything he could eat.



He was all better the next day and he woke

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