The royal man's kindness

The suffering of being an omega
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He woke up the next day hearing birds singing sound, remembered yesterday, and smiled sadly.

He went into mental trauma, he got up and looked at his mother cooking breakfast, and limped there.

" U-umma I-i want new c-clothes." He said there and the woman was placing the plate of omelet.

" Do you think we have money for it ?! Your father barely bought ingredients so I can make something to eat ."

Jeonghan listened there as he nodded, heart aching.

He smiled sadly.

He eats with his parents 

Wish to have simple things but he can't.




It was raining heavily and he was taking shelter with his father under a market.

" What a ing weather, we can't even sell now ."

He signed annoyingly throwing a wet newspaper.

Jeonghan trembling in coldness, looked at a guy eating in the market cup of noodles.

" App-appa I want to eat too." He said and the man looked there at the guy eating.

" Screw this life, what kind of situation is this ?! If you weren't born I wouldn't have been this unluckily in my life ." The man yelled at his son annoyingly not paying attention to anyone.

Jeonghan's eyes widened, and while he was being yelled at the same you from yesterday happened to hear everything since he was on his way out of this market.

He was opening his umbrella.

Looked at the old man and his son.

Jeonghan noticed him.

Tears rolled down.

He run away again.

" Yah~that stupid omega."

The alpha looked at the old man who got nervous under his glances.

But he didn't say anything and walked away.

" ing nobles."



After running away in such weather Jeonghan hid in a slide maze, at a playground, was a crying mess and his sobbing could be heard from out the slide.

He might be right, no he's right, it's better if he wasn't born.

Jeonghan held his head while sobbing.

He wants to live in better investments.

What is wrong with that ?!




Seeing the old man coming back alone, the woman frowned.

" Huh?! Where is Jeonghan?!"

The old man sighed annoyingly.

" That brat ran away."

The woman frowned.

"You yelled at him again haven't you?"

She sighed.

"It's raining heavily go bring him back or he might get lost forever."



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