A pressure

The suffering of being an omega
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He dropped Jeonghan back home with the leftover Japanese food, stood by him, and his hair.  
" I'll get going now, I'm coming tomorrow to take you for a matching check-up." He said gently and the boy nodded shyly with a cute blush.

Since ever he was born, no one treated him this kindly except for this mysterious alpha.

He came in and found his parents sitting and watching TV while his mom knitting some clothes with wool.

" U-umma..a-appa Jeonghan b-brought food."

He said putting the food on the table and the two were surprised, " Aww good job sweetie, you went out with him again?!" His mother left what was in her hands and hugged her son, Jeonghan was surprised by her act but he hugged her back innocently.

" H-Hyung said h-he will marry Jeonghanie."

" Oh my god really ?!"

They were so happy hugging him and cheering, jeonghan wasn't used to seeing them so different but he felt like this is going to be a big change, and while he was having dinner with the alpha earlier, he mentioned the check-up matching test for omega and alpha.

" What else happened, sweetie?! Did something happen between you two?!."

What does she mean?!

" H-Hyung said Jeonghan sm-smell good."

His father kind of felt, that the man was attracted to his son's smell, Jeonghan's , and he wasn't touched before or marked, so his smell must be good for alpha like Seungcheol, a dominant alpha.

" Let him impregnate you Hannie,." His mother said holding the lad's hand.

Jeonghan blushing, he shook his head and stood up, run to his room and laid on his futon bed ignoring his parents.

" Hey brat come here and listen." His dad yelled there, Jeonghan covered himself with the blanket.

" Don't yell honey, I'm sure something will happen between them if we keep letting him go with the man" His wife said sipping on her tea.

" Mhh okay"




The boy was sleeping tightly there, dreaming about the man, to whom he got married and became pregnant, he woke up surprised, sat up, and hugged his teddy plush.

His parents's words might have affected him.

He looked at both sleeping and their snoring loudly.

The boy went out the room, stepped out of the house, and sat by the stairs, still wearing his pajama and hugging the plush.

Sun slowly rose and he was l

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