Echoes of Us

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In the busy world of K-pop, where fame and fortune reign supreme, two hearts found comfort in the midst of all the noise.

He was a trainee with big dreams, never guessing love could stick around for so long. She, his muse from the past, stayed in his heart even as he became a big idol.

Ten years flew by, showing how different their lives had become.

He got famous, rich, and had tons of fans, but her memory still lingered, a constant ache.

Meanwhile, she built a life outside of the spotlight, cultivating a career of her own and nurturing deep friendships. But her heart never let go of their past.


In this story, we'll maintain the integrity of DBSK as OT5, omitting their disbandment into TVXQ and JYJ. (We have the right to dream) 

This story takes place in the past => In 2013 (When Jaejoong was 27 years old) 


Choi Yoon Ji | 26 years old (in 2013) :  A former SM trainee turned production designer / Conceptual Designer (Commercial and Musci video sets). She is Kim Jaejoong's ex girlfriend. 

Kim Jaejoong | 27 years old (in 2013) :  Idol and member od DBSK. 

I have 4 chapters ready
But unfortunately I will stop publishing this story


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connietorres11 #1
Symbol of Love:
I feel sorry for both of them sorry for both of them,they're both having a hard time after their break-up.Their love for each other is so pure.Jae is even doing what he can just to see her. For me,her tattoo is a great Symbol of their love for each other. I was hoping she goes to the concert to show her love and support to Jaejae. It will also serve as an inspiration to Jaejae.Thanks for your update.Keep them coming my friend. 😊😊😊😊😊😊🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Jaesongjoong #2
Chapter 2: Poor her
Why did they breakup?
connietorres11 #3
Chapter 2: A Heartache Called Reality:
I feel sorry for Yoon Ji and I realty hope she'll find the fulfillment of her dream whether in her studies or being an idol outside of SM.I'm hoping for her and Jae to get back together. Please, update soon, your story have a nice start.Wonder what will happen next.Thanks for the update. 😊😊😊😊😊