Divorce Petition?

In The Fall (Winrina Version)
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Hello, here the first chapter of Book II

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‘Jimin leave the babies with the nanny and come with me for a second.’

Minjeong's tone is cold and stern, which Jimin has never heard for a very long time.

Hearing it again after years makes the hair at the back of her neck raise. And Minjeong called her by her name… not baby.


‘Jagi, what is it?’ Jimin asked, genuinely worried about Minjeong's abrupt mood change. The shorter one stayed silent as she approached her.

Jimin followed Minjeong's gaze, and that rounded eye was fixed on a piece of paper that was on her desk. Minjeong didn't even look at her.

‘Jimin…’ Minjeong speaks; she sounds so tired. ‘Did I make mistake? Did I hurt you again?’ With a dejected expression on her face, she looked up to see Jimin.

‘what…?’ Jimin takes another step closer, and this time she's trying to hold Minjeong's hand, but the latter shoves that paper into her hand.

Jimin doesn’t really want to take her eyes away from Minjeong when the younger one is shaking and tears all well up behind those rounded eye.

However, she wasn’t given much choice but to take a look at the paper; this must be the sole reason why Minjeong is behaving unlike herself right now.

‘I'm sorry… if I ever make a mistake again b-but I’ Minjeong swallowed back her tears, she didn’t want to cry and look pathetic once again in front of Jimin.

Jimin's heart almost shuts down when she discovers that piece of paper is a divorce petition requested by her????

Her signature at the bottom?? Just when – Jimin didn’t even remember the last time she ever signed any formal or legal paper.

And she never requested anything, nor did she talk to her lawyer recently, so how?!

Jimin puts the paper away and wants to explain herself, but Minjeong doesn’t give her a chance.

‘I promise I'll be better; I’ll treat you better, hmm? baby’ Minjeong pleaded, and it broke Jimin's heart when Minjeong almost went down on her knees, begging.

She held Minjeong in place, ‘jagi, jagi listen to –

‘I know, I know I made a lot of mistakes in the past but I – I never repeat any of those and’ Minjeong took a deep breath. ‘I am trying every day’ she pressed her tone, desperately wanting Jimin to see her sincere heart about changing into a better person.

Minjeong knows she still cannot fully get rid of her short temper, but she tried; she listened and solved things more calmly than before.

She's no longer hiding anything from Jimin, so she's crying her heart out right now.

She can't handle getting divorced again. Killing her now would be preferable.

They have a twin now, a babies together and Minjeong couldn’t even fathom the pain of being away from them.

She cannot be separated from her family; it would give her more pain than death.

‘I promise I’ll be better, I –

Jimin had enough of Minjeong's constant pleading and refused to let her talk.

She grabs the shorter one shoulder and shakes the woman. ‘Minjeong we didn’t register our second marriage yet!!’

Finally, the shorter one stopped with her rambling about treating Jimin better; she just stood there. Eye wide staring back at Jimin.

‘You didn’t submit our marriage registration letter yet, right?’ Jimin calmly asked the rounded eye woman this time. Hands still holding Minjeong's shoulders.

‘I… yes I did… not…’ Minjeong can feel her face heating up, so she breaks free from Jimin's grasp and bends over to open the bottom drawer of her desk.

Face flushed, feeling awkward as she takes out their marriage registration letter that is still in place.

Technically, she and Jimin are not married yet by law, so how can….wait did Jimin –

She is turning and facing Jimin. ‘How can you prank me like this??’

Jimin was flabbergasted by that accusation. Who in the right mine pranks their partner with a divorce letter?!

‘What?!!’ She shrieked and still didn’t believe what she just heard. ‘I didn’t send this!’ crossing her arms over her chest, irritated.

Eyes on one another, Jimin can see the redness travel up, starting from Minjeong neck and spreading it all over the rounded eye face. The redness ended it travel to Minjeong ears.

‘Oh my god…’ Ashamed. Minjeong rubbed her face and walked around the table to throw her body on the couch. ‘I'm sorry, and please leave. I need to face my moment of embarrassment. Alone’ she emphasised that alone word.

‘jagi’ Jimin called while stifling her laugh. She is no longer upset with how red Minjeong's ears are right now.

‘No, don’t’ closing her eyes and covering both of her ears.

‘jagi…’ Jimin sits down on the couch; her laughing kekeke can be heard now. ‘Jagi, look at me... jagiyaaa’ she leaning down, both hands palming Minjeong's chest.

‘I know you're gonna make fun of me’ She refused to open her eyes, turning her body to lie on her left side.

She feels like her face will explode out of embarrassment any minute from now. More ever when she can feel Jimin's body pressing against her, shaking because of laughter.

But soon a soft slap land on her shoulder. It doesn’t hurt, but Minjeong knows Jimin must feel upset with how she called her fiancée to her study.

‘You unbelievable jagi’

Minjeong sighed, finally having the courage to face Jimin. ‘I'm sorry baby’ she muttered while securing Jimin in her arms.

‘Oh, wow baby’ Jimin rolled her eyes. ‘I thought it would be I'm sorry, Jimin.’ And another slap—no,  this time Jimin threw a punch on Minjeong's stomach.

It's not a hard punch, but it does make Minjeong's body recoil, and the poor rounded eye woman ended up coughing because of the impact.

‘Baby…’ this time, its Minjeong turn to laugh. She herself finds the situation hilarious now that everything has been cleared up.

So much of her for calling Jimin in a serious manner, while the truth is she can simply ask her fiancée nicely.

‘I'm sorry, hmm? I lost my cool and my rationality the second I saw it was a divorce petition.’

Jimin tsked, throwing another weak punch at Minjeong's chest. ‘I'm gonna tease you about this for the rest of the month’

Minjeong can’t really argue with that; Jimin has the right.

‘I don’t understand why he sent that letter, though.’

Jimin quirked her eyebrow. ‘Who are you referring to?’

‘Jeno’ Minjeong got up to fetch that letter, and she reread it once again. Half amused and half annoyed with how detailed it is.

‘It’s not like he can’t find out whether we're already married or not, so I wonder why he sent this’ Minjeong continued, deep in her thought.

‘jagi’ Jimin get up. ‘We promise not to feel bother with him anymore’ she reminds Minjeong of their promise, a week after they had their twin.

‘I also promise to keep our family safe, to keep you safe, and to keep our Jiyoo and Minji safe.’

‘jagi don’t mind this letter. He is probably doing this to mess around with you. We both know what kind of sick psycho he is.’

‘no’ Minjeong disagreed. ‘He might be fooling around, but I won’t sit quiet like before. This needs to be look up properly.’

‘It will be a waste of time, jagi… this is exactly how he wants you to respond—to look after the reason behind it. So, there is no need for you to take it seriously… It's just a fake divorce letter’

Minjeong shook her head, expressing her disagreement with Jimin once more. ‘Last time I took things lightly, he took you away from me’ Minjeong stated firmly. ‘I will never let that happen again.’

Jimin didn’t say anything anymore; she knew she wouldn’t be able to make Minjeong change her mind.

The rounded eye woman had already made her decision.

‘I won’t do anything that makes you worry’ Minjeong reassured her fiancée when the woman remained silent now. ‘I just want to figure out what he is trying to do. That’s it, and I’ll let you know everything, okay?’

Minjeong takes Jimin's hand and squeezes it. ‘I promised to keep our family safe, baby, and I will keep my word.’

‘fine…’ Jimin gave in, ‘but promise me, you wouldn’t do anything dangerous, hmm?’

‘I promise, baby’

‘and don’t stare at the letter all the time’ Jimin warned the shorter one.

‘I won’t stare at it all the time’ Minjeong protested.

Just as Jimin turns to dispute back, their twin's cries can be heard from the baby monitor placed on Minjeong's desk.




‘Do you like it?’ Minjeong babied talked with Jiyoo. ‘Mama made this by herself, you know’ Minjeong is proudly wearing Jiyoo a woollen sweater knitted by Jimin.

‘Mama is good at everything’

The baby is now smiling more often and reacts to almost everything whenever Minjeong does something or talks to her.

Jiyoo is lying calmly on the change table; that pair of eyes didn’t leave her mommy face at all, and Minjeong knows she will remember this for the rest of her life.

How Jiyoo is looking at her with so much love; the baby didn’t even understand a thing yet her eyes are filled with so much love.

Their babies are already 10 weeks old, so Minjeong, who used to detest it when parents counted their child in weeks, now understands the reason.

Every week, there is a huge and significant change in their babies growth, so to count it using the month is quite unfair.

Plus, using the week makes it feel longer. Minjeong just wishes her babies didn’t grow up fast, but these two little humans grew chubbier as the day passed.

She and Jimi

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